"Oh, he makes me laugh!"


<Drusilla> also: WHY THE FUCK WON'T HE ANSWER?
<agent_orange> hm
<agent_orange> possible reasons:
<agent_orange> he's snapped and joined the space brothers
<agent_orange> he's snapped and on a bus t mexico to join a monestary
<raven> agt : WHAT? AND JOIN THE PAPISTS?!
<Drusilla> he could tell me he's snapped
<agent_orange> he's snapped and is lying in his floor in a psycho-religious rapture
<Drusilla> i called ten times today.
<babich> Godboy finally lost it?
<agent_orange> I'm thinking snapping is involved
<raven> yeah, that's a good bet, agt.
<sol-D> maybe he's got the flu and is in bed
<Drusilla> he could still tell me.
<DnaError> who snapped where in the what now?
*** Drusilla has quit IRC (Quit: fuck, i don't need this)
<agent_orange> seems to be the parsimonious explaination
<sol-D> .. I was being helpfull
<babich> He probably was a closet Calvanist and couldn't continue to lead two lives.
<agent_orange> being that he's FUCKING NUTS
<AliasN> Do we know that he's nuts?
<agent_orange> oh yeah
<DnaError> Know who is nuts?
<AliasN> Do tell.
<agent_orange> bull goose looney
<DnaError> I'm out of a loop here
<agent_orange> so is he
<DnaError> I need loopage.
<babich> are we talking about Dru's godboyfiend?
<agent_orange> yeah
<DnaError> ah
<sol-D> I think jerrod is the topic
<DnaError> Maybe he found God
<DnaError> and then hid it away
<DnaError> In a shoebox
<DnaError> God is very small
<agent_orange> livejournal/users/jerodcbatte? is that right?
<DnaError> Kids in the hall says so.
<babich> Maybe he actually read the Bible all the way through. Couldn't stand the inconsistancies
<AliasN> You are blowing my mind. Our minds have been blown
<sol-D> .. why is dml calling tmr?
<raven> for sex?
<agent_orange> some kind of direct fag to fag communication
<sol-D> I imagine.
<agent_orange> Q2Q
<sol-D> they have feelers in their brains,y ou know.
<agent_orange> and in their pants
<sol-D> jobless gay man coming through!
<babich> agto: I may be wrong but I don't think direct fag to fag communication involves a phone.
<babich> Well not necessarily
<agent_orange> depends on how the <cough> training has gone
<agent_orange> some guys can get a phone AND a modem AND a whole pentium in there
<DnaError> Normally fags just use thier amazhing mental powers to commicate
<DnaError> the powerful telepathy required to stick your dick into another man's ass.
<babich> Although, with "Reach out and touch someone" echoing over and over in their heads, I bet that there's lots of gay humping over at the switching station
<DnaError> nothing but
<babich> Fidonet was created by a 19 year old gay skate punk. I can only imagine the colon ringed cocks of those Darpanet engineers
<AliasN> That address seems not to be useful. Perhaps the spelling is not right.
<agent_orange> http://
<agent_orange> stop me if I'm going too fast
<AliasN> wait!
<AliasN> Okay, go.
<agent_orange> www.livejournal.com/users/jerodcbatte
<babich> It was only called 'ma bell' because JudyGarlandissoooooofabulous bell didn't sound right
<babich> Jerrod's page is wider than my monitor. How shall I ever read the...hold on...hmmmmm
<sol-D> if god wanted you to read it, he'd have given you means to purchase a larger monitor
<agent_orange> he's ether about to erupt into godhead or he's really really constipated
<AliasN> Jesus fuck. He *is* a freak.
<Down10> Don't take the Lord's name in vein, AliasN
<babich> Man, Jerrod's a fucking lunatic
<agent_orange> You know, I see crazy guys with cute little girlfriends all the time
<agent_orange> some dude creeping along the sidewalk, barking, shitting himself, helling about hell and jesus and Cygus X-1
<agent_orange> with some total babe smiling at every moo and bark
<agent_orange> how do they do it? there's gals here...
<agent_orange> what do you see in really bugshit guys?
<agent_orange> "Oh, he makes me laugh!"
<tieboy> don't tell him!
<sol-D> aw, but I wanna
<babich> What the fuck is Dru thinking with this dude? I don't usually involve myself in the affairs of people who I've never actually met, but what the fuck is she? Retarded?
<sol-D> there's a fine line between insanity and freethinking.
<agent_orange> the more mentally sick / the more bigger the dick!
<sol-D> mmm.. so sexxy
<sol-D> in every maniac is the potential to be the fast-talking heroe of a kevin smith film
<AliasN> A lot of chicks like the whole "dark and brooding" thing. It takes them a while to figure out the guy's just a dysfunctional freak.
<Freyja> well, it can be appealing a to little girl to have a raving lunatic idolize you, I guess. Teenagers like drama, or so I'm told.
<agent_orange> jerrod's busy trying to decipher what caliber of eucharist the space brothers want him to eat
<tieboy> Maybe his unrelenting passion for the lord and eagerness to die and be brought into heaven and batshit conspiracy theorism is only part of his personality
<agent_orange> he's good to his mom
<babich> fuzzy thinking man / picks nose in mommies cellar / gets the h4wt women
<mdxi> tieboy: from reading this, the rest of it seems to be "watching the matrix over and over and weaving it into his paranoid religious delusions"
<tieboy> well, there you go! I'm horny for him!
<mdxi> i'm confused. is keanu lucifer or the christ child?
<agent_orange> jesus come take me / I want to go with JESU / wanna catch a flick?
<babich> agto: perhaps it will be .45 caliber the brain aliens make him eat
<random> is dru christian?
<babich> She's gothic, shouldn't that freak out the godboy?
<DnaError> I want Jesu too
<babich> "Can't they see I've found something better? Money, sex, being right all the time... it all seems so empty! I've found something better, and I'm holding to it." uh huh.
<babich> holding on to it, more likely
<mdxi> babich: keep going, it gets better. down where all the scifi movie references are.
<babich> Being right all the time? This guy can't possibly believe he's the fusion of tieboy and mdxi, could he?
<tieboy> that's me. I am always right, by gum
<tieboy> much like my pal, Walter Cronkite, who I've done body shots with
<sol-D> what's a body shot?
<mdxi> it's like a jello shot..but...far more sinister...
<mdxi> i can say no morw
<sol-D> aww.
<babich> man, this dude has a fucking massiah complex. He's been purposefully 'confusing' so that only the chosen will find him. What a fucking punk.
<sol-D> how could a jello shot be sinister? I saw those on tv... it's just jello and booze and a lot of sucking
<babich> fucktard
<babich> GOOD GOD! The Matrix has deeper levels that fathom the human need to be special, to be 'the one'! An ingrained belief system resting deep inside a very special few! No, wait, I mean everybody.
<Down10> Man, either this guy has a god complex, or he's just an egotistical bastard
<DnaError> can't he have both?
<Down10> And the metaphysical/religious theory of The Matrix is elementary, at best
<AliasN> Later, she was demonically attacked.
<AliasN> (That being a quote from Jerrod's page. Sorry.)
<Otter> Oh, for god's sake.
<mdxi> Later on, they conspired.
<mdxi> Down10: i think you mean "blatantly stolen from two decades of cyberpunk pulp fiction"
<tieboy> why doesn't he notice that movie sucked donkey pud
<mdxi> because his copy of the dvd was infused with magical jesus juice, apparently
*** Drusilla has joined #spinnwebe
<tieboy> i like my jesus juice in a little box. with a straw.
<Drusilla> so.
<Drusilla> jerod apparently called on sunday. my dad just forgot to tell me.
<sol-D> I don't like metaphysics. I'm more of a dialetical materialist
<DnaError> we were mocking your boyfriend
<Drusilla> i have to spontaneously combust now.
<DnaError> have fun
<Drusilla> someone set me on fire
* tieboy takes off his pants
<Drusilla> thank you.
<mdxi> dielectric? you can hold my charge anytime, swert thing
<Down10> I had a religious relevation by watching a movie, too-- but instead of 'The Matrix', it was 'Men in Black II'

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