Your mom called. She doesn't love you anymore.


* jacquilyn has a nervous breakdown.
<jacquilyn> The project on which I'm the backup for someone else is missing a thrid of the specs we supposedly provided last week.
<jacquilyn> The project on which I'm the lead has just massively increased in scope and has a new architecture to contend with.
<jacquilyn> A project that awsn't supposed to involve any resource from us just became 6 change requests.
<jacquilyn> Another project has just shown up from the middle of nowhere and involves a line of business asking us to report on information that isn't in any application and that no one knows the meaning of - but a $900 million customer account hangs in the balance.
<agent_orange> kill yourself
<Leth> Jump!
<Leth> Go for it!
<jacquilyn> My billing reports fell apart this week.
<Leth> It's just water!
<agent_orange> snnkkt
<jacquilyn> I can't get ahold of UHaul to confirm my reservation.
<agent_orange> Your mom called. She doesn't love you anymore.
<Leth> Oh, your Grandmother climbed up on the roof.
<spinn> plus there aren't any more pringles
<jacquilyn> I have no idea whne I'm supposed to pick up my car tomorrow.
<agent_orange> It won't matter after tonight
<Leth> and that mole looks a little different today
<jacquilyn> People want me to favours for them tomorrow and want to have emergency meetings with me and I didn't even want to be here.
<jacquilyn> Because I'm not packed.
<jacquilyn> I'm supposed to go to a concert tonight and haven't been able to reach my date to tell him I'm not coming.
<agent_orange> you haven't eaten in days, the camp has been shelled again, the doctor isn't due for a week and the baby's diptheria is raging
<jacquilyn> I'm sitting here crying in my cubicle because I'm so stressed out and I CAN'T EVEN WRITE THIS FUCKING RANT TO CHANNEL WITHOUT SOMEONE ASKING ME AN IDITIOTIC QUESTIONS.
<agent_orange> "Does white out come in different shades?"
* raven offers jacqui a mug of hot cocoa. With little marshmallows.
<agent_orange> "Why do all these post it notes have the sticky stuff on the bottom?"
<jacquilyn> Plus it's that time of the month and I have cramps and diarhea.
<agent_orange> Jacq IS the Hellmouth
<daria> mmmmmm mini marshmallows
* daria swipes a few from the hot chocolate
<agent_orange> "Say, Jacquilyn, we need you to fill out these timesheets for the past two weeks in fifteen minute increments before you leave today. Thanks loads."
<daria> well, fiiiiine.
* daria takes the marshmallows in their chocolatey gooeyness, and sticks them on jacq's monitor in a snoman type smiley
* agent_orange does that trick with his colostomy bag that always cheers jacq up

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