If you put a quarter in them, do they start vibrating?


<jacquilynn> Hung over because I spent last night getting drunk enough to have the courage to throw myself at this guy I like.
<tieboy> hm
<tieboy> i guess i know where the depression comes from. sorry.
<jacquilynn> Depressed because despite doing everything but giving him a blow job in the bar, it got me nowhere.
<tieboy> shoulda given the blowjob
<tieboy> ah, he's not good enough for you anyway
<jacquilynn> Aww. That's sweet.
<tieboy> want me to impersonate him and ruin his life?
<jacquilynn> Sure, he hangs out on #hottub on DALnet. But I'm not sure what his nick is.
<spinn> uh
<spinn> he hangs out on #hottub on DALnet?
<jacquilynn> I'll find out and you can ruin his reputation later.
<spinn> when tie says "he's not good enough for you" I thought, tie can't have enough information to know that
<spinn> but now I'm thinking I agree with him
<tieboy> get me his /nick, jac. i'll do the rest
<jacquilynn> Eh, I'm far more interested in the fact that he cooks, makes me laugh outrageously every time I see him, makes about $100,000 US a year and just generally turns my crank in a wide variety of other ways.
<jacquilynn> his taste in IRC can be forgiven.
<tieboy> no, jac. no. it cannot.
<shil> nope
<spinn> that's like...olympic swimmer, juggles, volunteers for big brother, beats his mom
<spinn> but that can be forgiven
<jacquilynn> tie: really, you only say that because you've never tried his key lime pie and lemon tarragon salmon.
<shil> are you sure he's not gay?
<tieboy> no, i say that because he hangs out in #hottub on DALnet
<jacquilynn> Oh, plus he has 4 RS/6000s under his bed. And I like a man with a lot of server power.
<shil> if you put a quarter in them, do they start vibrating?
<tieboy> there's 85 people in there
<jacquilynn> And he ties cherry stems in a knot with his tongue. Or braids them together if he's got three of them.
<tieboy> a sample:
<tieboy> <norwegian35m> any ladies past 40 in here
<tieboy> <norwegian35m> ?????????????
<tieboy> <^Taz^> tks MiSsKaT, mah love
<tieboy> <naturgurl> brb dani and flippy just got back
<tieboy> *** myknobissore is now known as bell
<shil> I can do that, jacq
<tieboy> <^Taz^> naturgurl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<tieboy> <^Taz^> tks bell
<tieboy> <NickeB> hi taz
<tieboy> <MiSsKaT> awwwwww thankies Taz hun *wink*
<jacquilynn> And that's a skill I'm just dying to put to better use than decorative fruit arts.
<spinn> reheated fries suck.
<jacquilynn> Anyway, I'm off to cook. Even though Tie made me feel all better already.
<tieboy> m/28/ca
*** Signoff: jacquilynne (Hello, I'm gone.)
<shil> f/23/tn
<spinn> abs of steel, hangglides, great sense of humor, has leprosy
<tieboy> 180 IQ, speaks six languages, loves his mother, is republican
<shil> <sdafs> :sex Sex SEx SEX ROOM AT #GirlsRoom
<tieboy> wow!
<tieboy> aw, i got kicked from #hottub
<spinn> occasionally visits #GirlsRoom
<spinn> really? how'd they notice you?
<tieboy> man. everyone is so intolerant
<tieboy> i may have mentioned my GIANT DONKEY PEENER MADAM
<spinn> heh
<spinn> in passing
<tieboy> *** You were kicked from #hottub by MrHottub (I asked you nicely now PLEASE turn your caps lock off!)
<tieboy> wow. kicked by da man himself
<tieboy> jeez. i went back in as MrsHottub and got 3 invites for chat

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