what she'd expect to get from such a position: herpes


<spinn> oh man.
<spinn> From: Laura Smith
<spinn> To: zweblo7@spinnwebe.com
<spinn> Subject: SW: 1-900
<spinn> I was wandering if you are hiring operators for your line. respond to
<spinn> lauramay_67@yahoo.com
<SeanQ> jeezus\
<CrzyClmbr> whoa.
<kaufman> Lauramay didn't realize she'd have to start inside the 9-ball and work her way up.
<SeanQ> she was wandering all right
<Mr-Ben^> Wander on out the door, doofus!
<zompist> let's hope that laura may just has a really dry wit.
<CrzyClmbr> heh - send her to that psychic phone line page from yesterday.
<spinn> but really, a straight response, what do I send her?
<spinn> I don't know how to start
<Mr-Ben^> Seriously, what do you say to her?
<spinn> because I kinda want to know what she actually expects
<zompist> "No."
<spinn> just that there are so many things wrong with that question, I dn't know how to begin
<kaufman> let Stan answer
<SeanQ> "We're not hiring right now, but I can send you a training packet if you give me your address."
<agtorang> ask for a resume
<spinn> but I want to know what she's thinking, so if I come out smartass, she'll not respond
<SeanQ> "The test only comes up every four or five years, so get studying!"
<Leth> "You would have to relocate to the Dominican Republic, as they are the only country that accepts our business policies."
<Mr-Ben^> "Yes, we're hiring, but you need to orally service the staff, and then we'll THINK about a position for you."
<zompist> just ask for her qualifications.
<agtorang> "How do you feel about phone sex? I mean, the really freakish and degrading kind?"
<Leth> "Can you suck the chrome off a trailer hitch?"
<kaufman> test her out -- give her some randomly selected Kemlo questions from Raven's logs
<Leth> oh, that's a pretty harsh test, Ken
<kaufman> pot. kettle. black. :-)
<spinn> well, no
<spinn> I mean, maybe I can just ask what she'd expect to get from such a position and what her qualifications are
<spinn> I mean, does she...um...
<spinn> does she think it's an operator line or something?
<agtorang> what she'd expect to get from such a position: herpes
<Mr-Ben^> I think she thinks so.
<spinn> plus which, you start to be concerned whether someone's trying to pull one on you
<agtorang> and a prolapsed rectum
<SeanQ> and clean nostrils
<Leth> "OK, but you have to name the two little dots over the O"
<kaufman> "Jane and Suzie"
<agtorang> tell her to call the line and leave a message stating her career goals
<zompist> check your logs to see if anyone from her machine has been reading a lot of iadl.
<agtorang> "can you make sheep noises? what about a goat?"
<Mr-Ben^> "Can you pull two empty boxcars with your teeth?"
<kaufman> "have you ever been in a turkish prison?"
<Leth> "Do you like movies about gladiators?
<agtorang> "Can yo make noise, on demand, with any mucus membrane other than your mouth? Explain."
<Leth> "can you think of ways of keeping SeanQ awake?"
<Mr-Ben^> "Can you properly operate a Nori after seven cocktails?"

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