a bloated whale corpse is topologically equivalent to a hand grenade


<CrazyClimber> hey, isn't hydrogen flammable?
<KemloCaesar> #yes
<KemloCaesar> intensely so
<KemloCaesar> why?
<CrazyClimber> http://www2.marketwatch.com/news/story.asp?guid=%7B0FBFC35A%2DF0F6%2D4957%2DABFC%2DC8DCF7FE365E%7D
* Leth helpfully reminds CC about the Hindenburg
<KemloCaesar> which makes it an excellent fuel
<KemloCaesar> if properly-handled.
<Leth> ...it used corporate surveillance experts to uncover the details on the invention.
<Leth> "We did a lot of dumpster diving"
<tieboy> oh, good. more scooters
<CrazyClimber> but exploding plastic scooters, tie.
<Leth> the implications for Schumin are staggering
<tieboy> i guess that could be entertaining
<Kyol> I still have to occasionally fight down the urge to buy a Honda Spree.
<KemloCaesar> wouldn't explode, at that scale
<KemloCaesar> burn, maybe
<Kyol> And there's a lot of work going on to make a hydrogen producing catalyst for on-demand use in vehicles.
<tieboy> I wouldn't mind some teens launched into the air when their scooters explode
<tieboy> as long as they don't mess up traffic
<KemloCaesar> tie, scooters wouldn't explode.
<Leth> flashburn, maybe
<tieboy> see... non-exploding scooters not as fun to talk about as exploding ones
<tieboy> therefore, pretend scooters explode
<tieboy> makes more fun talky
<jacquilyn> tie: what about having Schumin launched into the air when his scooter exploded?
<jacquilyn> Hwo would you feel about that?
<Leth> I say we try the Schumin Launching test to see if Kemlo is right or not
<KemloCaesar> I don't fabricate stuff about temping, you don't fabricate stuff about lab safety.
<Elkman> I'm thinking about the big meaty shower of body parts after the explosion and thinking that this isn't a good idea.
* Leth returns to the imagery of the Hindenburg
<KemloCaesar> anyway, Schumin weighs about five times as much as I do, so it wouldn't be a good test.
<Leth> who's talking about good
<tieboy> plus the scooter wouldn't explode
<Leth> I'm talking FUN
<Samwise> Remember when they blew up that beached whale?
<KemloCaesar> well, that's completely different.
<tieboy> whales don't explode
<jacquilyn> They do when the Oregon Department of Highways gets nvovled.
<KemloCaesar> a bloated whale corpse is topologically equivalent to a hand grenade
<kaufman> Oh, the schuminity!
<SoiledGreen> just add matches!
<Leth> especially when LOADED WITH DYNAMITE
<Leth> x loop jp a bloated whale corpse is topologically equivalent to a hand grenade
<jeeb> Leth: As for A with the corpse to the grenade of the hand the whale which is in equal amount topography study the bloated
<Leth> see? study the bloated. The Japanese want us to blow Schumin up too!
<tieboy> If only his scooter would explode, but it wouldn't.
<Elkman> tieboy: Do you make up stuff about temping?
<Leth> yeah, because hydrogen doesn't blow up. It's not like you could make a bomb using hydrogen
<tieboy> yeah, it's all a big lie.
<tieboy> i'm a park ranger, really
<Leth> I mean, who ever heard of a hydrogen bomb. It's ludicrous
<Kyol> Oooooh, park rangers.
<Elkman> So you go around in one of those colorful spandex outfits and use martial arts to beat up high school bullies? Ooh. Can I have your autograph?
<Samwise> Do you have any bears that say "pic-a-nic basket", or is that just another made-up lie?
<tieboy> bears do not speak, and I will NOT tolerate any implications that they do.
<Samwise> I've been lied to under the guise of comedy!
<Leth> they anally rape you against trees in silence? How rude
<Elkman> But it's funny to pretend that bears speak!
<Leth> therefore pretend bearsa ca- eh, fuggetit

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