What does you all tawk aboat in this here talking thang?


*** Hubie has joined #spinnwebe
<Hubie> Hello.
<Hubie> This is Hubie.
<Hubie> Say Watermelan if you can see me.
*** Mr-Ben is now known as CNN
<CNN> This is CNN!
<maime> watermelan?
<tieboy> watormillan
<Mr-Ben> I see ya, but I'm not going to say it.
<tieboy> waitermuilling
<Draymoor> hydrococanut
<Hubie> Hi. I sees that some of you all see me.
<maime> Hello Hubie
<Hubie> How is you all doing today?
<sol-D> I'm blind. I can't see anything.
<tieboy> oh, cripes
<Hubie> Hello maime.
<wabewalkr> aquacantelope.
<sol-D> I use special assistance software to use the in-ter-net
<spinn> man, three new people in a day
<maime> I think we're all just fine.
<spinn> kiff barely counts, but still
<Lots42> The taliban banned the internet
<tieboy> shoozflootz
<Hubie> What does you all tawk aboat in this here talking thang?
<maime> Where ya from Hubie?
<wabewalkr> antidisestablishmentarianism
<spinn> we related stories and the events of to-day
<spinn> relate
<Mr-Ben> We talk a lot about stuff.
<spinn> we make dumb punchline-ruining typos of to-day too
<tieboy> i'd like to add for the record that I have never once given out the server name
<spinn> fucker
<wabewalkr> It's on the page.
<spinn> 'course I have an irc log up today
<tieboy> is it?
<wabewalkr> So it's ALL RAVEN'S FAULT.
<Hubie> what is the stuff that you is all talking about in the thang?
<spinn> there better be twelve fucking newbies coming in or I'm finding you and cutting the cords on your computer
<sol-D> I've given it out, but we all hang in netset, so it's cool
<Mr-Ben> I've never given it out.
<Lots42> I never give it up
<wabewalkr> Ah, so it's SOL'S FAULT.
<Mr-Ben> Well, except to Lots, but he's the only one I've told about our server.
<Hubie> Is you all from Arkansas to? We is, me and my wife Lo'etta.
<Draymoor> I've never given it out either
<raven> It's always been where it is.
<Lots42> Held by poop
<Mr-Ben> Code holds the server wher it is.
<tieboy> for 17 minutes
<Hubie> we is in Lower Fisterbottom. We like to reed books and fish.
<wabewalkr> http://www.spinnoff.com/swhc/Jargon/S.html#spinnwebe
<Hubie> What does you all like to do?
<sol-D> we does all like to use the english
<maime> I like to smuggle diamonds.
<Mr-Ben> Write, sing karaoke and have fun. And I like to mangle the English language.
<Hubie> Use them for what?
<wabewalkr> Computer programming. Plastics manufacturing. High Treason. Fast-lane stuff.
<Lots42> Hit on tie
* sol-D sits back, gets a weird grin on her face, and wrings her hands happily. Uh, nothin'
<Draymoor> I like to light things on fire, just to watch them burn
<Mr-Ben> I mostly complain a lot.
* -> *sol-D* Bahahahaha. "we does all like to use the english"
<Lots42> search for porn
<Hubie> somebody done burnt up the ruff on our double-wide which is why we ain't got no ruff to speek of.
<maime> you dog died?
<spinn> well at least he hasn't asked "asl" yet
<Draymoor> That must have been me
*** zompist has left IRC
*** zompist has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<sol-D> so where are ye? at the 7-11?
<raven> Well, that's one newbie down.
<Mr-Ben> * Hubie c'n count t' three real good. One...six...four...nine...
<Hubie> it ain't nice to make fun on peeple.
<wabewalkr> Boy, are you in the wrong place.
<raven> Yeah, *really*.
<raven> How in the hell did you get this far with that attitude?
<Lots42> Pure blind luck?
<Hubie> you is post to be nice to peeple who is nice to you. they ain't no cawl for beng no snak in the grass.
<Draymoor> Your name isn't Griggs by any chance, is it?
<sol-D> Huck Finn!
<maime> not me. I don't like snakes.
<wabewalkr> As long as it isn't GuardLion, we're safe.
<maime> unless they're shoes.
<Hubie> This is Hubie. I don't knowed no Griggs.
<Hubie> I knowed Earl Crigs up in Upper Fisterbottom tho. He is alrite.
<spinn> ooh debb got all stripey tights
<spinn> hmuna humuna humuna
<wabewalkr> *** spinn has left #spinnwebe (gonna get some)
<spinn> hehe
<Hubie> so what does you all do in this here tawking thang all day?
*** Lots42 has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<spinn> wonder if this is hubie's way of introducing himself as odd or if this is an ongoing dinner theater
<Mr-Ben> We insult each other, complain about our jobs, and hope we don't get too many newbies.
<wabewalkr> I prefer the dinner theatre option.
<spinn> eh, I don't
<raven> Depends on what they're serving,
<wabewalkr> Eel?
<spinn> it's be like shoozfloot, but in louisiana
<tieboy> and I'm hot and popular somehow. it's a real fantasy-type channel.
<Hubie> is you all deeprested peeple?
<sol-D> I have breasts
<wabewalkr> I'm deeply rested. Woke up at noon.
<maime> no, but we don't get as much sun.
<Mr-Ben> No. Detested, maybe. Definitely NOT deep rested.
* SoiledStore has been arrested.
<Draymoor> 3 PM here
<SoiledStore> once before.
<SoiledStore> back.
*** SoiledStore is now known as SoiledGreen
<maime> hi sg
<maime> hubie is our new friend.
<Hubie> tieboy tode me to come in here and tawk to you peeple but I don't knowed what to say for I is unknowed to thees discushions.
<SoiledGreen> hey hubie.
<Hubie> hello.
* raven wouldn't go that far.
* SoiledGreen coughs.
<raven> tie's fault! tie's fault!
<spinn> yeah, I'd stop after "new"
* Mr-Ben beats tieboy with a stick.
<tieboy> uh, yeah
<spinn> he's our new.
<maime> how do you noed tieboy?
<Draymoor> Hmmm. Where's the rack?
<wabewalkr> Oh great. Another temp.
<spinn> sol said she has it
<Hubie> he was in that other tawking thang and he says I shood tawk at you all for you is good peeple who showed peeple nothing but love and infection.
<sol-D> yeah. it's right here
<wabewalkr> Under the piano?
<sol-D> right. next to the smallpox infested blankets
* Draymoor snicker
<SoiledGreen> Hubie: you must be from South LA.
<Mr-Ben> Hubie, how old are you? Do you have a girlfriend?
<tieboy> Ben is lonely
<Hubie> Me and my wife Lo'etta is from Lower Fisterbottom.
<Draymoor> I think he's married
<spinn> oh yeah! shit!
<wabewalkr> Have you ever seen a grown man naked?
<spinn> I gotta change that woman's pink to my page today
<Hubie> I's 47 and Lo'etta is 22.
<Hubie> we is suspecting with child.
<sol-D> is she your sister?
<SoiledGreen> snkkkkt
<Draymoor> How long ya been marreed?
<Mr-Ben> Were your parents siblings by any chance?
<wabewalkr> We need agt_orange to translate.
<Hubie> No we is not any relashun to one eechother.
<SoiledGreen> dammit, wabe.
<Mr-Ben> Is spelling your weakness?
<Hubie> we has ben merried going on 6 yeers.
<wabewalkr> What did I do?
* SoiledGreen shoots wabe.
<spinn> here's a hint: if your schtick is that you can't spell or talk properly, you probably couldn't properly apostrophe "Lo'etta"
* wabewalkr is shot
<Hubie> I don't got no stick. Lo'etta is how you is post to spell it.
<Hubie> Lo'etta Sheryline Butterman.
<Hubie> And I is Hubert Joe Butterman.
<spinn> yeah, as oppose to how you're supposed to spell all the other words
<sol-D> and what is yer little ole social secu'ite number?
<spinn> oh. what's your url?
<tieboy> him's not gawt ones, be'd mah guesh
<Hubie> I don't knowed it off my hedd. Lo keeps those thangs in a box.
<tieboy> will you go to tribrunchma and do this?
<wabewalkr> Have you ever heard of Mel LeCompte?
<Mr-Ben> #spinnkiddie is where you should be, Hubie. It's happenin'!
<Hubie> you is all tawking to fast.
<spinn> oh, that's another thing
<spinn> you type way too fast to be believable as an idiot
<Hubie> thangs is all moving and I can't evan reed it all.
<tieboy> hee hee
<SoiledGreen> eye 'member tuh las' 'ime i weut doun thare to looeasyaner..
<Hubie> you is not a nice persen!
* wabewalkr for some odd reason is offended by that, greg.
<spinn> that works better as, like, one line every two minutes
<spinn> whuh? how, rob?
<wabewalkr> I dunno.
<wabewalkr> I'm amused, but I feel like I should be offended.
<spinn> well in that case, I found the directions to my universal remote!
<Mr-Ben> He is too, Hubie. He just doesn't like deliberate stupidity.
<spinn> hah, chew on that for a while
<Hubie> than he must not got no self-eksteem for hisself.
<sol-D> SSS
* Draymoor whips out his vorpal peashooter and sends a round flying at Hubie.
<Hubie> if you is nice to peeple they is nice to you. you is not nice and that is why you has no frends or relashuns who care for you. peeple don't like know snake in the grass.
<raven> well, add me to the list, you annoying fuck.
<SoiledGreen> you slept with Hubie????
<SoiledGreen> WHAT!?!?!
* SoiledGreen flees.
* Draymoor cackles
<Hubie> I thank you is all depraved of such thangs as sex and perpose and this is why you is meen to peeple who is nice and don't do nothing to nobody.
* wabewalkr burps.
<wabewalkr> Did someone say "sex"?
* Mr-Ben has fallen to the floor laughing.
<raven> Yeah, he could have at least been an interesting fuck.
<Draymoor> Ben, need a hand? :)
<raven> But nooooo....
<Mr-Ben> No, leave me here!
<spinn> so it's nice to tell people they're deprived of sex and purpose?
<spinn> that doesn't seem very nice to me.
<Mr-Ben> Not at all.
<Mr-Ben> It's not very nice at all.
* raven sniffs. It sucks being deprived of sex.
* raven cries.
<Hubie> iffin you is nice to peeple they is nice to you. you is not nice so they ain't no reesen for me to be nice to you, but I wanted to be.
<sol-D> I'm deprived of sex and purpose. *sob*
<SoiledGreen> that's why they make masturbation.
<Draymoor> Nononono, we're depraved of sex and purpose
<sol-D> I can live without the sex, but being without purpose is terrible
<raven> I think I have porpoise, though.
<Hubie> raven is a fucktard.
<Mr-Ben> Living without purpose rocks!
<sol-D> woah
<wabewalkr> Maybe he means sex with porpoises?
<Mr-Ben> And I think you've overstayed your welcome, Hubie.
<spinn> so he's like, the world champion cajun typist or something
<Hubie> then fuck you.
<sol-D> He really beamed the accent
<wabewalkr> Ah, here we go.
<raven> hey, at least he spelled "raven" right.
<sol-D> I was impressed
<spinn> well how can you missp oh never mind.
<raven> I was expecting "rayvuhn".
<spinn> or revan or rovin or rhubarb or any number of things
<raven> Or possible "ray gun".
<raven> Rogaine!
<Mr-Ben> Or Rogering
<raven> Reagan!
<Hubie> you people don't know how to have a good time. Blah.
*** Hubie has left #spinnwebe
<Draymoor> Hah
<raven> Bahahahah.
<wabewalkr> All in all, I give the performance a 6. Nice beat, but you can't dance to it.
<sol-D> pigfucker
<Draymoor> Mwa! Mwa!
<Mr-Ben> Just as I was gonna kickban the pigfucker.
<raven> ben : Nah, this way is *way* more fun.
<spinn> see, now that's what separates us from people like that
<sol-D> he really DID have the accent down, though
<spinn> because I understand that it's not that we don't know how to have a good time, it's that we aren't required to have the good time they dictate

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