"I'll outlive you all and shit where I please!"


<agent_orange> I'd like to see a shakycam/verite town meeting
<agent_orange> just strap the camera to some epileptic magnet school student, stick a strobe light in front of his face and shove him in the meeting room
<tieboy> or a doddering old guy, maybe
<TMR> What's Katharine Hepburn doing these days?
<Leth> decomposing, isn't she?
<agent_orange> no
<agent_orange> dick
<TMR> jeeb, is Katharine Hepburn decomposing?
<CrazyClimber> no, we all are
<spinn> you are one sadistic fuck, agto
<CrazyClimber> complete turnover of all of our cells every seven years or so
<spinn> not nerve cells?
<Leth> hey, I didn't say she was *dead*
<CrazyClimber> i'll see if i can find one to ask
<agent_orange> she has parkinsons, so she's all like "buh buh buh buh butter toe toe toe toast puh puh puh puhlezze" and knocking over the vase and spazzing out and shit
<spinn> bahahahah
<spinn> god!
<spinn> I think you've just damned me to Hell by association, you dick
<Leth> jesus h you asshole
<agent_orange> fuckin' coots, man
<agent_orange> heh heh heee
<Leth> I just got everyone's attention by laughing in the lab
<Leth> dick
<agent_orange> dick
<agent_orange> goose!
<TMR> BIRT: Agto is a dick
<spinn> bahahaha
<spinn> leth, yeah, half of them are annoyed you distracted them and half want to know what's funny
<spinn> and nothing you can do for any of them
* agent_orange imagines leth acting out the katie hepburn impression to the slack-jawed amazement of others
*** spinn has changed the topic on channel #spinnwebe to she has parkinsons, so she's all like "buh buh buh buh butter toe toe toe toast puh puh puh puhlezze" and knocking over the vase and spazzing out and shit
<spinn> "the vase"
<spinn> excellent
<agent_orange> the waiter quietly cleaning it up
<agent_orange> "Would madame like-- oh, dear. Well, we'll just get you another one..."
<CrazyClimber> "And do try to stay away from the walls, and anything near them."
<agent_orange> "I wah wah was ah ah ah on Gol gol golden pah pah pah--" "Yes, and you did a *fine* job. Let's just get that chin, alright ... there!"
<tieboy> toilet time must be an adventure
<agent_orange> like machine gun fire
<TMR> only shitty.
<agent_orange> especially after the spanish omelet
<agent_orange> buh buh buh burns!
<agent_orange> anyway
<agent_orange> I'll be old one day
<agent_orange> and I'll shit where ever I please
<TMR> "Grampa shit in the sink again!"
<spinn> aw come on, I'm allowed.
<CrazyClimber> agt will post his christmas pictures for us to caption
<agent_orange> the eagerly awaited sequel to "When I am an old woman I shall wear purple": "I'll outlive you all and shit where I please!"
<agent_orange> an Oprah's Book Club selection
<TMR> Chapter Seven: Corn And Stringy Bits
<CrazyClimber> Chapter Eight: Places On the Way to Where I Pleased
<agent_orange> Fecal Incontinence The Autumn of Life: If Not Now, When?
<TMR> A Treatise On Defecating On Poodle-Dogs
<CrazyClimber> The Piddle Years
<spinn> oh look
<spinn> a poodle
<spinn> yap
<spinn> goddamn.
<spinn> you people are my reason to keep my website going and the reason I'm convinced it's crap
<Leth> I don't know whether to be touched or insulted
<Leth> well, depends on who's doing the touching, I suppose
<spinn> the former
* CrazyClimber wanders off before the group hug gains any momentum
<spinn> sometimes I feel like I'm doing standup for frank black and steven wright around here
<Leth> ok, good. That's what my instincts were telling me
<Leth> but one small part of my mind was saying "maybe spinn's changed. Maybe he'd actually say something positive..." How silly of me...
<spinn> oh by the way, dodge said that one of the reasons he started getting on my case was something like I had become "too cocky"
<spinn> I had become "too confident in my abilities"
<Leth> heh
<Leth> there's a case of pot & kettle
<spinn> this was the point where I knew he was just making shit up
<Leth> well, yeah, but leaving that aside, it was funny that he'd bitch about ANYONE being too cocky
<TMR> Where's Dodge been?
<Leth> Germany
<Kyol> Decomposing.

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