gawd-damn ken-ne-deez


<Elkman> And ask him how his town is pronounced, too.
<CrazyClimber> like it's spelled. geez.
<Leth> Elk: it's a city
<Leth> you hick
<Elkman> I was using "town" in the generic sense.
<SeanQ> i thought it was a village
<Elkman> OK, ask Leth how his local unit of government is pronounced.
<Leth> nah, we rent the neighboring villages
<tieboy> it's takes a village to raise a Leth
<Leth> sit-tee cown-sill
<CrazyClimber> deh-moh-cruh-see
<SeanQ> kah-muhn-wellth
<tieboy> vill-idge id-eee-ott
<Leth> no, he said Leth's local government, not Leth
<CrazyClimber> fuh-kin boe-zoes in bah-stun
<Leth> gawd-damn ken-ne-deez
<tieboy> awl-durr-man
<SeanQ> cha-puh-kwi-dik
<tieboy> pack-eee
<Samwise> jayz-ehm-peg
<CrazyClimber> wait, no, that's a religion, not a government.
<Elkman> J's MPEG is a religion?
<tieboy> fawk-ing-stap-awready
<SeanQ> it's a sign of the apocalypse
<SeanQ> er, s/apocalypse/ah-pok-kuh-lips/
<Elkman> Huh. The city of HAY-ver-ill has two horseback riding "acadamies" and "boating opportunitities".
<Leth> hay-vrill
<Leth> 2 syllables
<CrazyClimber> horseback boating?
<Leth> although the "boating opportunities" consist of a couple of ponds and filthy river
<tieboy> no boats?
<Leth> nah
<Leth> cut down a tree and dig out a canoe if ya want
* Samwise shouts HAA-ver-hil across the plains
<jacquilyn> Shouldn't that be Have - err - Hill?
<Leth> no
<Leth> next question
<jacquilyn> Why not?
<Leth> because
<jacquilyn> Because why?
* Elkman thinks of difficult-to-pronounce Minneapolis suburbs and only comes up with New Hope and Golden Valley
<Samwise> How is Leth pro... never mind.
<Leth> actually, it's how the English town is pronounced, too, I think
<Samwise> "Norfolk"
<Samwise> pronounced NAW-fork. Drives me nuts.
<Leth> huh. They even have a picture of my street on the web
<Leth> those wacky Haverhillites
<jacquilyn> Okay, and since when have you yanks ever bothered to do things just becauset htat's how the English bloody do them?
<jacquilyn> Copying the fucking Brits ir a Canadian thing.
<Leth> Sam: in Boston it's said "Nor-fuck"
<jacquilyn> you guys are supposed to be different, you had a whle bloody war to prove that.
<Leth> you forget that until recently, Massachusetts was one of the most conservative, xenophobic states in the Union
<jacquilyn> And how has that changed?
<Leth> heh
<Leth> you aren't familiar with US politics
<Leth> ken-nuh-deez
<Leth> li-brill

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