It ain't no kurl up & dye, I tell you what


<CrazyClimber> the weekly world news calendar doesn't have it on either day.
<agent_orange> CC: when do the saucers land?
<CrazyClimber> with this calendar? daily, except just once on weekends
<CrazyClimber> today's story is pretty lame: "World's youngest hairstylist is a cut above the competition!"
<Elkman> "World's oldest hairstylist curls up and dyes!"
<CrazyClimber> elk: that's the name of a salon here in town.
<Elkman> There's probably one in every town. It's not some original concept or anything.
<CrazyClimber> maybe. this is the first one i saw.
<tieboy> There's a really clever one here called "We Cut Hair"
<agent_orange> hair affair, kurl up & dye, what else?
<agent_orange> hair port
<PyroP> hair events
<agent_orange> "hair events?" what the fuck is hair events?
<agent_orange> it ain't no kurl up & dye, I tell you what
<PyroP> i have no idea, but it was on word of the day for some reason
* agent_orange opens a salon called "I'll Cut Your Fuckin' Hair You Bitch!"
<agent_orange> i'll make millions
<Elkman> Your hair's first date, graduation from high school, graduation from college, marriage, baby, etc.
<agent_orange> I'm having a HAIR EVENT, people! Itt's CRITICAL! My hair is just SASSY!
<Kyol> Your "hair", you mean?
<Elkman> Maybe "downsizing" is the appropriate event here.
<agent_orange> ha ha you young, fit athletic guy who has hair!
<agent_orange> loser
<agent_orange> [sobs]
<Kyol> Dunno about elk, but I'm in the same hair category as you and Lore.
<tieboy> I'm on my way!
<Kyol> More towards you, though - lore's was _thick_ and short, mine's thin and short.
<agent_orange> did you lose yours, or do you shave? or both?
<Kyol> Both.
<agent_orange> me too
<Elkman> Kyol: You've seen me in person. I have hair.
<agent_orange> can't stand the little bunny tail at the front of my head
<Elkman> Of course, it's thinning at the temples. I won't be young forever.
<Kyol> Lost it until it couldn't _supoport_ a good hairstyle without half a bucket of goo in it, then I started the shaving gig.
<Elkman> And I'm not exactly "fit", either.
<tieboy> If I have next week off, maybe I'll shave my head
<Kyol> Oh, right, true, you have hair. Wouldn't say _athletic_, though. I don't think _any_ of us could be described that way. Well, maybe zomp and tie.
<tieboy> uh
<agent_orange> yeah. I decided I looked a lot less like an asshole if I just cut it off
<tieboy> athletic?
<CrazyClimber> zomp?
<tieboy> me?
<Kyol> Well, vs. the rest of us tubby bastards.
<Kyol> (and I mean that in the _best_ of ways, y'all.)
<agent_orange> well, he mountain bikes. I mean, you mountain bike, right elk?
<Elkman> I read tieboy's "Prefont Pain" article. He's not athletic.
<agent_orange> or is that just a dirty lie?
<Leth> well, I'm athletic
<agent_orange> shut up
<Leth> in relation to sumo wrestlers
<tieboy> About all I can do is hit balls at the batting cage
<Elkman> Agt: Yes, I do. But not enough to have a six-pack.
<tieboy> If I had to run bases, I'd be dead
* agent_orange likes a vigorous game of pong
<agent_orange> mmm ... six pack
<Elkman> I don't have a six pack. It's more like a two liter bottle.
* agent_orange has the gallon milk jug
<Leth> I've got a nice lil pony keg
<agent_orange> I am the FATTEST person here and I'll take on ANYONE

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