Logs : a.f.s Haikus


A nutsack is tripped
Into frenzies of dik play
Then, a sudden calm.
-- Horselover Fat / Mark Rosenfelder

Sharing a fine meal
Nourishes mind and body
Unless it's Barfy.
-- Horselover Fat / Mark Rosenfelder

Heads swivel like tops
Or: They look so lifelike, stuffed
A difficult zone.
-- Horselover Fat / Mark Rosenfelder

Rain, bugs, no TV.
Hillbillies buggered Daddy.
Happy camping? No.
-- Horselover Fat / Mark Rosenfelder

Sex and drugs are fine
But why do we never watch
_Un chien andalou_?
-- Horselover Fat / Mark Rosenfelder

Inscrutable hair
Her nose is not connected
And why just one boob?
-- Horselover Fat / Mark Rosenfelder

Another day gone
Still no DFC updates
Editors shitfaced?
-- Horselover Fat / Mark Rosenfelder

There will be swordplay
when a ronin hears insults.
"Spatch job": does it count?
-- Horselover Fat / Mark Rosenfelder

Haiku day red zone
Contains some subtle errors:
A line that is too long.
-- Horselover Fat / Mark Rosenfelder

Although I'd rather
people used my feedback form,
but eh. No biggie.
-- spinn

Special Haiku Zone?
We've seen quite enough haiku.
Screw the monthly fee.
-- Namgubed the Merry Elf

The DFC ed
Posted all the funny ones.
What remains? Red Zone.
-- sean.reynolds

we will need to make
to contain these lines
-- hangtownman

I have a feeling
we just initiated
an eternal thread.
-- kshay

Required haiku
captions during the summer:
Impossible Zone
-- Clayton Colwell

Self-defeating post:
Are not haiku Impossible?
Wherefore, then, use them?
-- E

The chili Dad makes
causes the reaction that
can propel my sled
-- LadyJ

the sled goes quickly
the runners kiss the soft snow
chili propulsion
-- LadyJ

[An Ode to the Impossible Zone]

A quart milk carton,
Big slogan "Moo on you, mate",
Written across top.

Missing children's heads,
Pictured on the carton's back,
Goofus and Gallant.

But not just pictures,
No, their stuffed heads are attached!
Strong, sticky substance.

Hold them wher they are.
It smells like fresh fecal matter,
Green, made of people.
-- kaufman

[Ode to the DFC Home Companion Update]

This haiku may suck,
but it might get me into
the Home Companion.
-- Peter Milan

Heather Garvey / Raven /