I didn't know you studied the Bitch sciences


<TomtheFish> since we're on the subject, i reitirate: Stigmata sucks
<Lethprechaun> heh...after the Catholic conversation last night, I watched "Stigmata"...not a good night for my upbringing
<TMR> I know.
<TMR> You're just typing along and BAM, the keyboard's covered in blood.
<TomtheFish> we both watched stigmata last night?
<Lethprechaun> guess so
<TomtheFish> what were we thinking?
<mdxi> what file format are catholics in these days?
<Kyol> .aiff, I think.
<Lethprechaun> mdxi FAT
<TomtheFish> i watched it on dvd so it's suckiness has unhampered
<TomtheFish> digital suck 5.1
<Lethprechaun> Surrounded by suckness
* Samwise cite's TF for hi's apostrophe
<TomtheFish> huh? that was proper usage of an apostrophe
<Elkman> "It's suckiness"? I don't THINK so.
<TomtheFish> The Movie's Suckiness
<mdxi> no, you said "it is suckiness has unhampered"
<TomtheFish> possesive
<mdxi> "it's" is a contraction, not a possesive
<Elkman> "Its" works backwards.
<TomtheFish> according to who?
<TomtheFish> God?
<raven> Everyone, Tom.
<Lethprechaun> everyone, basically
<mdxi> this is ENGLISH! you think you can rely on the RULES?!
* Raven smacks mdxi. There *are* rules, y'know.
<TomtheFish> first i've (or ive) heard of this
* Samwise hunts down TF's grammar instructor
* Lethprechaun misses and shoots TF's grampa instructor
<mdxi> Yes, there are rules, but after a certain point they serve mostly as a superstructure on which we hang the exceptions.
<mdxi> now diagram that sentence
<jacquilyn> He. When I was in Brazil, one of the questions on one of my english test was as follows:
* TomtheFish mocks your puny langauge
<TomtheFish> you're puny language
<jacquilyn> My _______ married her husband in 1967, their son, my husband was born in 1968. Fill in the blank. :
<jacquilyn> a) grandmother
<jacquilyn> b) mother-in-law
<jacquilyn> c) sister
<jacquilyn> d) bitch
<Samwise> hahahahaa
* mdxi keels over laughing
<jacquilyn> I successfully argued that either b or d was correct.
<mdxi> eh..ehhhhehe. so. why, if i may ask, were you taking an English test in Brazil?
<Lethprechaun> the test at her local school was booked
<jacquilyn> Because I had to take English. Everybody took English.
<raven> Your mother-in-law is your bitch? :)
<jacquilyn> I was an exchange student.
<TomtheFish> Knowing that _______ married her husband in December of 1967, and their son, my husband was born in January of 1968, how long will the bitch spend in purgatory to wash away this sin?
<jacquilyn> Nope, because the average woman thinks her husband is a dumbs son of a bitchtherefor his mother must be a bitch.
<raven> Yeah, but there was a "my" in there. :)
<jacquilyn> Ive never been quite sure if I won that argument on the merits of my logic onr on the merits of the fact that I was dating the head of the English department at the time.
<TomtheFish> I didn't know you studied the Bitch sciences
<jacquilyn> Oh, yeah, Rave, I see what you mean.
<mdxi> you mother-in-law *could* be your bitch
<mdxi> that'd be pretty kinky IMHO though

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