Kevin Meany as the wicked witch of the east


<mdxi> i hear Word2001 will come on 6 DVDa
<mdxi> the dancing paperclip will be integrated into the autospellcheck. and you won't be able to turn it off. and it'll have the voice of Jim Nabors.
<TomFish> gilbert godfree
<CrzyClmbr> I thought they were licensing (well, OK, buyingout) the Old Navy lady.
<spinn> now NOW LOOK, you gotta TAKE THE, you TAKE THE POINTER and you CLICK ON THE-- no not THAT ONE, you TOTAL MORON, if you would LOOK at where I'm POINTING it's the--OH I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M EVEN TRYING TO TALK TO YOU
<StanXhiao> The paperclip won't fucking go away in 2000
<spinn> not the paper clip, it's actually gg's head. and the window would be forced to 640x480. and all you could see is his teeth.
<SeanQ> a paperclip stuck between his front incisors
<SeanQ> "...i had to stick this piece of METAL in my mouth, but you know the PAY was SO GOOD..."
<spinn> and occasionally, when he's idle, he'd ask HEY,does it LOOK LIKE I have a little SCHMUTZ in my TEETH? I was eating a SPINACH KNISH for LUNCH
<spinn> completely independent of your system volume
<Raven> and when you try to disconnect the speaker, the system shocks you.
<SeanQ> when you shut down, he should scream like the witch in the Wizard of Oz
<mdxi> then the next time around you get Rhonda Shear's head
<spinn> that would be an excellent wizard of oz variation
<spinn> start with gilbert godfried as the wicked witch of the west, and work outwards looking in the crystal ball
<TomFish> Jean-Paul Sarte as Dorothy?
<spinn> oh OH that's IT. I'm REALLLLY gonna STICK IT TO HER now. OH WHAT would be good? What would be good? Oh I KNOW POPPIES. EVERYBODY loves POPPIES. This is EASILY THE BEST IDEA I've EVER HAD, the poppies.
<mdxi> Kevin Meany as the wicked witch of the east (staying in the "annoyingly voiced comedians" motif)
<spinn> true. with the visceral satisfaction of him getting crushed with a house very early on
<mdxi> plus i'd like to see him under a house
<mdxi> yeah
<spinn> preferably we could get him dead before he says five lines, so we can pay him less
<SeanQ> heh, we still have to try and hire him for a smoker (Kevin Meaney)
<mdxi> Larry King as the wizard
<spinn> "Hey gang, glad you could join us. You must bring me the broom of the witch to get home. I simply will not countenance dirty windows. Yams are fine eating."
<spinn> hey, could get get norm macdonald as larry king?
<TomFish> "But now I'm outta here. Gonna get some Matzo Ball soup at..."
<spinn> could we!
<spinn> fuck!
<TomFish> could we?
<TomFish> fuck?
<spinn> and yet NO TROUBLES when I'm YELLING like a TOTAL GODFRIED MORON.
<mdxi> i'm trying to think of a real unholy trinity to be the tinman, scarecrow and lion
<CrzyClmbr> rebeca, kragen, and stan
<spinn> how about some marfan freak to be scarecrow
<spinn> play it luke lurch
<spinn> and let's get david lynch to write
<spinn> hm, no direct.
<mdxi> bruce willis as the tinman, samuel l. jackson as the scarecrow and kathy najimy as the cowardly lion
<Raven> How about that annoying chick on The Nanny?
<mdxi> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
<spinn> oh god no
<SeanQ> Fran Drescher
<SeanQ> the Anti-Christ
<spinn> but her, we'll get for the paper clip
<mdxi> "Oh my, look dahling, yew spelled this wroang"

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