and I hope you haven't used the salad tongs....


<AliasN> I can't believe it. My neighbour just called me asking to borrow a cup of...wait for gel.
<AliasN> It's an emergency, apparently.
<Samwise> I hope you provided some.
<AliasN> How could I not?
<SeanQ> "Give me a few minutes..." *fapfapfapfapfap* "Here ya go, Sparky."
<Samwise> "It's my own herbal blend - strawberry, mango, guava, and turkey drippings."
<SoiledGreen> should have gave him Crazy Glue.
<Samwise> It's also not "Can I use your hair gel?" but "Can I borrow a cup of hair gel?"
<Samwise> Which is somehow reeeeally weird.
<AliasN> You don't know this guy. He's got a tattoo of Tommy Lee on his arm...
<AliasN> weird doesn't even cover it.
<Samwise> Saving up for a Pamela Anderson tattoo on the other side of the elbow, so when he does curls, Tommy fucks her in the ass.
<SeanQ> didja tell him you want it all back?
<AliasN> Ewww, no.
<AliasN> It's not actually my hair gel, anyway, it's a roommate's.
<Samwise> Oh, so you've already laced it with silver nitrate.
<AliasN> No, I have not. I actually like my roommates and do not want them to explode.
<Samwise> But you'll give their hair gel to creepyguy?
<Samwise> You know he's just learning their scent.
<AliasN> Strangely enough he's one of my roommate's ex-boyfriends. He is well acquainted with her scent (yuuughhgh!)
<Samwise> Oh, is her scent unpleasant?
<Leth> so many directions to go with that, so little time
<SeanQ> funny, that's the same thing her ex said about her
<AliasN> D'oh! No, it's just that he is unpleasant. Well, not unpleasant...just, kinda...he's got a tattoo of Tommy Lee!
<Kyol> Back to the tattoo.
<Samwise> Ah. Wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that they might have scrogged on your kitchen table, would it?
<AliasN> Eww, ewww, ewww!
* AliasN bangs head against wall in effort to dislodge the image
<Samwise> Oh, nononono
<Samwise> Try the brain brillo. It hurts a little less.
* AliasN tries new extra strength Brain Brillo(tm)
<AliasN> Nope, doesn't seem to be working.
<SeanQ> try picturing it with 'Girls Girls Girls' blaring on your stereo, see if that helps
<AliasN> Why you wanna hurt me, SeanQ?
<Leth> No, no Culture Club, he said "Girls Girls Girls"
<Leth> besides, maybe it wasn't the table. Maybe it was that counter area near the sink
* AliasN plugs her ears "I'm not listening, I'm not listening"
<Kyol> That stain on the wall? It isn't sour cream.
<CrazyClimber> would you like a nice tangy dill pickle?
<SeanQ> all those stains they blamed onthe cat? nuh-unh-unh
<Samwise> Oh... and I hope you haven't used the salad tongs...
<AliasN> hehehehe
<AliasN> You people are disgusting. I knew there was a reason I was hanging out here.
<Leth> please....this is laid back
<AliasN> Oh.
<Samwise> When we're hot, we can make *ourselves* ill.
<SeanQ> and we're less disturbing than what goes on n the rest of that apartment
<CrazyClimber> yeah, i'm just working up my appetite for lunch.
* AliasN rethinks the whole "hanging out here" thing.
<Leth> We didn't even start in on those odd spots and smells on the sofa
<Leth> or the duvet
<Leth> or why the soda bottles
<Samwise> Or why the ottoman is always in a different position
<AliasN> You think I live in a frat house, I take it.
<raven> "I thought you said we were out of milk!"
<Leth> not necessarily, but if it skeeves, we run with it
<Leth> "Hey, great leftover chicken alfredo!" "Alfredo? We don't have any alfre- er, GEE THANKS"
<Samwise> Bah. If it were a frat house, you wouldn't be able to enter the kitchen.
* raven has a summer housing flashback - luckily, it was a guy-friend stuck staying there. Literally, in some spots of the kitchen.
<Samwise> Strategically placed filth would create a Testosterzone, which you'd be physically unable to approach.
<AliasN> I have a theory that males simply cannot see dirt and filth. It seems to be supported by your hypothesis.

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