don't *start* by mentioning the fellatio contest.


<Kyol> I'm already engaged.
<LJ-atwork> bah
<LJ-atwork> dump her
<LJ-atwork> I give better head ;)
<TMR> Let him be the judge of that, J.
<Kyol> LJ, with the extra work you've had done, I'm sure. :P
<zompist> contest! contest!
<zompist> can you bring her to the pggtg, kyol...?
<Kyol> I dunno. She's a bit jealous of the time that I spend with you guys. I'll approach her with the idea, though.
<LJ-atwork> even better... invite her along so she can be a part of it too
<zompist> ok... don't *start* by mentioning the fellatio contest.
<Raven> Yeah, work your way up to it.
<LJ-atwork> well, maybe shil and I can compete
<zompist> "dear, one of the highlights is the, uh, *fellowship* contest."
<LJ-atwork> or rave?
<LJ-atwork> fellowship
<LJ-atwork> wahahaha
<CrzyClmbr> The PGGTG is going to seem so tame.
<Raven> I like to meet my dick before committing to that. :)
<zompist> didn't you see the sextoys site? you can bring your own...
<LJ-atwork> you've met half the dicks on the channel
<wabewalkr> Just use bananas... the ever classic.
<Raven> Mmm, but how can you judge from that, zomp?
<Raven> It's not about outward cosmetic appearance. :)
<zompist> it isn't? :)
<LJ-atwork> no no no, use beer bottles... if there's clinking, the contestant is disqualified..... waitasec, I'd be out in a sec.
<Raven> If you say so, zomp.
<Kyol> Heh. That'd take _talent_ for you to stay in.
<LJ-atwork> I can do it.
<LJ-atwork> but that would be an awful blowjob in reality
<TMR> Take out the stud.
<zompist> are you suggesting we kill wabe?
<Raven> No, take him home wrapped in tinfoil, like takeout food.
<zompist> how much vodka would we have to pour for the fellatio contest to include ben's mom?
* Da_Raven chokes on her drink.
<LJ-atwork> wahahahaha
<LJ-atwork> hey, mrs mclellan... we need a third for the fellatio contest
<LJ-atwork> er, um
<LJ-atwork> fellowship
<zompist> (ben's mom slushes up from spinn's lap)
<PissedTMR> Hey.
<LJ-atwork> fellowship contest
<LJ-atwork> whahahaa
<Kyol> Or a 4th, if HF is around.
<PissedTMR> Hm.
<LJ-atwork> if hf is competing... I think we'll be short on judges, too.
<PissedTMR> The church I used to go to always talked about fellowship.
<wabewalkr> Bah, lag. I missed my chance to make an acerbic comment.
<PissedTMR> if I knew that, I'd still be going to church.
<Raven> Go ahead and Elk it, wabe.
<LJ-atwork> elklagged jokes can be funny too
* Da_Raven confuses the hell out of Ben by suggesting a fellowship contest on the PGGTG2 board.

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