brrrr. ptui. ptui.


<zompist> imagine the barely concealed excitement as the guy works on this page... "now for some nice *gray* socks (hyelp!)"
<KemloCaes> Er. I just checked his index page...
<K-Man^> "Yeah, baby, tube socks, TUBE SOCKS!"
* zompist almost longs for the days when, to express your ineffable goofiness, you had to be a shriner.
<KemloCaes> His excitement is NOT concealed.
<KemloCaes> "What do I mean by wet and messy? Well here's are few things I get excited about:- Wearing wet socks (especially gray ones)
<zompist> ooh, those naughty gray ones.
<K-Man^> Over 7 million hits to that page?
<K-Man^> Goddamn.
<KemloCaes> Well, he's part of a WebRing.
<zompist> with a little redefinition of the zero point, sure.
<KemloCaes> Oh, and he's got a chatroom.
<zompist> from the webroom directory, we learn that the male sock ring has 95 sites in it.
<tieboy> he has something titled "Hairy Page" dare I look?
<Samwise> tie: dare, dare!
<KemloCaes> Oh, good LORD. Check out the Story Page.
<zompist> in a word, tie: No.
<Leth> do it do it do it
<kaufman> > I have not found any sites with this sort of material on
<Samwise> tie-boy...tie-boy...
<zompist> "Kweerskin's Homopage - 25 year old skinhead trapped in Missouri. Into socks and boots, piss and rubber."
* tieboy takes a belt of coffee, clicks link
<tieboy> Oh jeez
<zompist> caffeine plus hairy feet-- it's a dangerous combination.
<kaufman> kemlo: ask him why he doesn't have a wet&messy cast page :-)
<KemloCaes> After reading the Story Page, I'm considering having mine amputated.
<agtorang> eeeeeEEEEWWWWWWW
<Leth> and if you do, go visit
<zompist> "Boots, Shoes, Men - Pictures of guy's boots, shoes, Nikes, etc. Stories and links."
<agtorang> "Cum-covered feet"
<kaufman> IADL 512: Wet & Messy Noses
<agtorang> brrrr. ptui. ptui.
<tieboy> slightly smudged elbows
<zompist> on the plus side, this fetish lets you get off whever the l.l. bean catalog comes in.
<KemloCaes> "The Young Foot-Lovers"?
<KemloCaes> Oh, good lord. Pedophiles and Podophiles.
<zompist> "China Feet - For Chinese gay men who love male foot and foreigners who love asian male foot."
<agtorang> I like wet, messy, cold and miserable feet in wet socks in ill fitting snow boots. email me.
<tieboy> "I'm into pencils. Number 2, mechanical, worn erasers, you name it."
<KemloCaes> You ever try.... STYPTIC?
<zompist> Jockboy Chris, 26yr old into feet in LA - Hi.. This is my site with pictures of me, my feet, and pictures of me."
<zompist> also, pictures of him.
<tieboy> any pictures of him?
<KemloCaes> But what about his feet?
<kaufman> hey, pictures of him
<tieboy> good morning everyone
<KemloCaes> Show us your socks!
<tieboy> i need a girl with a useful fetish, like doing my laundry or something

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