<Maus> I think I'm too cynical for the job I really want.
<Leth> sexual abuse counselor?
<agent_orange> I'm still looking for a job kicking deserving people in the ass
<Maus> I WISH! Heh. No. This is my pie-in-the-sky dream job. I wanna be a Senator.
<agent_orange> or masturbating
<agent_orange> or both
<Drusilla> simultaneously?
<agent_orange> sure
<Maus> I think Senators are allowed to do that.
<raven> the kicking is foreplay
<agent_orange> "What are you looking at, jasper?!" <boot>
<Maus> "Would the honorable gentleman from Montana please explain SR 321?" "Gimme 15 seconds... *fap* *fap* *fap* *fap*"
<Leth> "Oh, new intern? Ok, let's move on"
<agent_orange> "I yield the kleenex to the gentleman from Idaho!"
* Drusilla tries once again to gouge her eyes out
<Maus> "Would Senator Thurmond please hurry up?"
<Leth> "Son, you don't hurry a wet piece of rope when it's trying to freeze."
<agent_orange> jesus, leth
<agent_orange> grandad have any other words of wisdom?
<Maus> "The floor recognizes Senator Kennedy." "I, uh, need my aide, uh, to, uh, help me reach"
<Drusilla> No.
<Drusilla> He does not.
<Drusilla> lalalalala.
<Drusilla> La.
<Leth> well, it was either the wet rope line or the rigor mortis line. The coin came up tails.
<agent_orange> "The floor recognizes the gentleman from florida, as he is lying upon it with his mouth open and a look of blissful expectation on his sallow, puffy face."
<Drusilla> GAAAAAAH
<agent_orange> "Mr. Speaker, I move that the gentleman from Missouri is a goober, and BACON! and that Doctor Octopus is a neat villan, and that aI have stickied myself and require a spnge bath."
<Maus> Ooh, I fold.
<Drusilla> agto and leth are tormenting us
<MisterQ> whats exactly goin on?
<MisterQ> dru, how so?
<MisterQ> and whats with the senate transcripties?
<agent_orange> we are the keepers of the BMIs
<agent_orange> and the BOSS IS OUTTA TOWN!
<Drusilla> damn.
<Leth> "Um, the Chair requests that the gentleman from Florida remove my gavel from that orifice and- OK, will the gentleman from MINNESOTA remove my gavel from THAT orifice!"
<Leth> thus, neatly tying all the threads together
<Drusilla> i hate you.

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