two pounds of roast beef SLICED THIN SCHNELL SCHNELLLLL


<Nate-jobhunting> Hmm...On the Monster Board, Target is hiring an "Executive Meat Team Leader" Cumming, GA of all places
<Elkman> x loop de executive meat team leader
<jeeb> Elkman: Executivfleischteamfuehrer
<spinn> I'll go take the job and insist they call me Executivfleischteamfuehrer
<spinn> two pounds of roast beef SLICED THIN SCHNELL SCHNELLLLL
<agent_orange> Ve haff a Zpecial on der salami today. It is ... kosher, how you say, Ja?
<agent_orange> Nein, nein, nein! I vill show you dogs how to stuff a wurst! Giff me der skins!
<Elkman> "No one escapes from Meat Locker 13!"
<agent_orange> All der Sausage Stuffers are strictly ISO 9001 compliant, nicht wahr?
<Elkman> Now I'm picturing the searchlights being turned on, air raid sirens going off, and soldiers scrambling to find the five pounds of lost ground beef.
<kaufman> Nate: Practice this line:
<kaufman> Ve haff vays of making you shtock!
<kaufman> careful, Elk, you're getting into Hoagies' Heroes territory
<agent_orange> "Der usage uff the Blutwurst must be clearly labled along der dorsal edge uf de sausage! Dumkopf!"
<Nate-0> Heh! Ve haff vays of making you schtock!
<spinn> slice all der meat! NOT ALL DER VAY!
<Nate-0> I'm half tempted to apply...with a ruffiani twist
<agent_orange> Der Final solution for all your braised beef tip needs!
<raven> What, apply in a fake German accent?
<raven> With Executivfleischteamfuehrer on your resume?
<agent_orange> Ausgezeishnit for der grill, der broiler, or der 15 x 25' walk in oven!
<Nate-0> You will never find me in the broom closet stroganoff, if you know what I mean.
<agent_orange> I vas a Meat Leader at der Belsen Food Lion in 1939. references? Nein. Zey are all dead.
<Nate-0> Rave: Or write a cover letter explaining that it's been my lifelong dream to be an executive meat team leader in Cumming.
<agent_orange> I'll lead your meat to valhalla!
<Nate-0> The position desription throws a couple lobs up there....need to be flexible...excellent oral skills...
<kaufman> Soylentgruen ist Leute!
*** SoiledGreen has joined #spinnwebe
<MrLuke> [SoiledGreen] Will Work For Food, Fucker.
<Nate-0> Ensure guest satisfaction
<Leth> wow
<kaufman> almost
<Leth> your powers are impressive Ken
<CrazyClimber> f-f-f-f-ffffffunt!
<kaufman> between that and agt the other day, I guess I'm just in tune with the colors
<kaufman> soiled: will you work for executive meat?
<SoiledGreen> um, i don't eat red meat.
<SoiledGreen> but, if it's tofu, you got a deal.
<agent_orange> We see you as a candidate for the executive meat rack! I mean fast track!
<Lore> I like meat.
<agent_orange> I like the clammy feel of a chop between the buttcheeks
<Nate-0> * Soiled, the other executive meat
<Samwise> Better than the choppy feel of a clam between the buttcheeks.
<Elkman> Heh. says that as an executive meat team leader, you'll "lead and direct the meat team to ensure guest satisfaction".
<Nate-0> You also have to control "shrink"
<Elkman> Heh heh. Yeah, I just saw that one.
<agent_orange> Meat team, charge!
* Leth puts down on his resume, and applies
<kaufman> The Meat Team, starring Mr. T-Bone
<CrazyClimber> let them know you're an expert in meat shrinkage, leth
<Nate-0> I guess that's what it takes to lead exeutive meat, these days
<kaufman> If you lose your job, does that make you an executive met team leader?
<Nate-0> And that you've been close to Cumming quite often
<Leth> actually, I currently work in the Cumming Center
<Leth> 'work at the Cumming, in Beverly'
<agent_orange> Soup bone, chopper, I want you to ensure customer satisfaction! Tip roast, you and chub take care of quality control! Angus, you take the flank! Ribeye, you're with me -- we'll handle the shrink!
<Nate-0> Ah...Cumming in Beverly,,,know it well
<kaufman> is that anywhere near Fakingit
<agent_orange> Frank, I need you to take on a new roll.
<spinn> yah, I was wondering if the greet team was hiring too
<spinn> took me a minute to realize I was making a pun
<Lore> I like meat.
<Nate-0> Meat likes you.
<SoiledGreen> Lore: the other white meat.
<Nate-0> Lore: He's what's for dinner
* SoiledGreen shudders.
<spinn> Lore: Beefy!
<Elkman> I dunno about you guys, but I'm not going to eat Lore.
<Elkman> Not on the first date, anyway.
<Samwise> You know, I had an awfully big lunch... think I'll skip dinner.
<Nate-0> Lore: He's what's for brunch
<spinn> <little annoying black&white girl> It's Lore, an ah haylped!
<agent_orange> Sjoburgers!
<agent_orange> you want latkes with that?
<spinn> lore would look good in a yamulke
<agent_orange> with a sprig of persley behind each ear

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