The Feast of St. Elmo's Ejaculation


<agent_orange> DML's real name is Leroy Curdle
<agent_orange> (I'm just pulling that out of my ass, by the way)
<Leth^MTG> curdles in your ass....
<Leth^MTG> that's what I want in my mind as I walk down the hall..
<TMR> Exchanging glances...
<CrazyClimber> not in your hands!
<spinn> >spfffft-puhBLLEUUROOOShhhh< "Hi, I'm Leroy Curdle!"
<Samwise> Slightly different effect than the Cement Mixer shot.
<agent_orange> If Elmo says he's gonna get laid on may 25, we can expect hte premature ejaculation on or about May 19th.
<TMR> spinn, master of the written sound effect.
* TMR marks Elmo's Ejaculation on the calendar
<zompist> gives a whole new meaning to "tickle me elmo"
<spinn> Yayyyyy! Ha ha haaaa! Elmo spurt!
<agent_orange> The Feast of St. Elmo's Ejaculation
<SoiledGreen> "moooooooooooom! Elmo left a wet spot on my shiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrt!"
<zompist> "tickle me elmo" is an anagram for "kelmo me clit"
* SoiledGreen goes for the brain brillo after zomp's comment.
<CrazyClimber> i dunno, sg, i've been scrubbing since <agent_orange> The Feast of St. Elmo's Ejaculation
<agent_orange> I like to imagine all of K-elmo's comments being said aloud by Elmo
<Samwise> Did you see the documentary on sesame street a few weeks ago?
<Samwise> Elmo is a six foot tall black man.
<agent_orange> NO!
<spinn> heh
<agent_orange> NO YOU LIE!
<agent_orange> (sobs)
*** SoiledGreen is now known as Elmo
<Elmo> 'sup foo!
<Elmo> YEAH!
<raven> Elmo IS Shaft!
* Elmo pulls out his Glock 9mm.
<agent_orange> E'mo done it all by hissef!
<Elmo> ya daaaaaamn right!
<spinn> that's funny, I kinda picture elmo being operated by a slightly larger fuzzy red muppet
<CrazyClimber> delmomite!
<Elmo> whut i gotta do to get a beeah off up in heah!
<Samwise> I don't know what I expected... but certainly not the danny glover-looking guy who really does the voice.
<agent_orange> I imagine elmo yelling "No daddy, no! Oh, Why Daddy?" for hours and hours, night after night
<raven> Now *that* would be a cool factory defect for talking elmo.
<SoiledGreen> "nooooooooooooo!"
<raven> "Bad Touch! Bad Touch!"
<agent_orange> "Ha ha! Daddy touched me!"
<CrazyClimber> "bad touch! dammit
<Samwise> Dear GOD, the psychological scars on the kid who got that one...
<SoiledGreen> "not *there* daddy!....THERE! hahaha!"
<agent_orange> "Elmo want to lick your winkle! Ha ha ha!"
<CrazyClimber> "Am I bending over enough?"
<agent_orange> Fondle-Me-Elmo
<SoiledGreen> "hit the spot, daddy! the spot! ha ha ha!"
<agent_orange> Rub him the right way, and he talks! Rub him the wrong way, and he talks to the social worker!
<raven> "All our Elmo dolls are equipped with MolestAlert technology! When your child gives Elmo a "bad touch", a signal is transmitted to the nearest Child Services Office!"
<SoiledGreen> "an Elmo doll is being molested on the corner of west and 42nd!"
<SoiledGreen> "go!"
<raven> "hut! hut hut! hut!"
<agent_orange> "Can you point to the place on Elmo where Daddy tuched you?" [inserts elmo six inches up rectum]
<zompist> rectum? i barely knew her!
* Leth^MTG immediately regrets VNCing to his machine during the meeting
<agent_orange> Elmo For Dads(tm): Reinforce your message that Mommy wont Love child if he/she tells about The Games
<SoiledGreen> Elmo the pr0n star.
<agent_orange> "Ha ha! Better keep the secret! Ha ha!"
<SoiledGreen> with frilly lace underwear, fishnets, and a bit 12 inch strap on.
<zompist> a strapon bigger than he is?
<zompist> yeeks
<CrazyClimber> "Officer, daddy said i'm not his only red head!"
<agent_orange> "Uh oh! Elmo fall over! Ha ha!"
<agent_orange> "Elmo's dukey in the fishbowl! Ha ha!"
<SoiledGreen> "so, mr dad tells me you have been a baaaaaad boy. let mr elmo make you baaaaaaaad."
<Samwise> It's the head thrown back in elmolaughter while committing some vile act that is creeping me out.
<zompist> just that?
<agent_orange> "Ha ha! Elmo feel whole fist! Ha ha!"
<zompist> i'm creeped out by the ping pong ball eyes
<zompist> they follow you around the room
<Samwise> Well, I meant exceptionally creep me out, as the elements of this sick little conversation go.
<SoiledGreen> it's cause he wants your BOD.
<Samwise> GHAAAA, thanks SG.
<Samwise> Now I'm picturing the BOD commercial, with Elmo doing teh voiceover.
<agent_orange> Golden Shower Elmo fantasy
<Lore> I once had a stuffed animal with eyes that followed me around the room. And an ass that wouldn't quit.
<Samwise> OK, that's it. I'm going to the happy land of quitting IRC.

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