well, now we know: agt spits, not swallows


* Mr-Ben^ is away: time to dry his hair...
<CrzyClmbr> oh, yeah, he's "drying his hair."
<Samwise> Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays.
<agtorang> giving it a thorough toweling
* zompist doesn't want to know which hair.
<agtorang> "I'll be out as soon as I'm done ... nnnnghAGODDADDY... drying my hair!"
<SeanQ> that's the most obvious euphamism for "cleaning up after masturbation" i've ever read
<CrzyClmbr> he could save himself some time and use a wet-dry vacuum.
<SeanQ> or a Nori
<zompist> more so than "pumping up kleenex stocks"?
<agtorang> Well, time to hoover the goo out of the old boxers!
* Mr-Ben^ has returned....with almost-completely dry hair.
<Mr-Ben^> On my head, of course...Buncha morons, you.
<Leth> ewww...finish the drying for god's sake
<SeanQ> there's that one pesky spot
<zompist> nice trajectory, ben. (snicker)
<agtorang> it does take a hile to "dry" in those "humid" conditions
<SeanQ> always strain the ol' groin trying to get to it
<Leth> get one of those long-handled squeegees to get the hard-to-reach areas
<Mr-Ben^> Sean, we don't need to hear about YOUR hair drying misadventures.
<SeanQ> "Mom, I gotta get ready for my date with Terry... you know, Terry Cloth."
<agtorang> snnnnnktsnnnktsnnnnnnkt
<Mr-Ben^> We just reduced agto to a laughing mess of humanity at his office.
* agtorang nearly chokes from the snnnnkt and needs a nori very badly indeed
<Mr-Ben^> Ewwww! "Chokes from the snnnnkt" provides one bad visual.
<Samwise> Sounds like agt has dry hair, too.
<CrzyClmbr> Sounds like you've gotta honk out a dirt snnnnkkt, agt.
* agtorang spits out the snnnktwad in the unused drawer at the receptionist's desk
<CrzyClmbr> well, now we know: agt spits, not swallows.
<agtorang> that's for sending my calls to voicemail hell
<SeanQ> no spinnoff points for spitting, either
<Samwise> Hu huh...you said "wad"...
<agtorang> brb--gotta go pick all the dried jack jelly out of my merkin. mean dry my hair.
*** Signoff: Mr-Ben^ (Back later.)
<zompist> no, ben, better "dry the back" now! HAHAHAHA
* tieboy motions over the men in white coats, points to zomp
<tieboy> the men in white coats turn out to be dentists, unfortunately
* Samwise notes that the men in white coats now ignore spinnwebe
<Leth> actually, we get a bulk discount now
<agtorang> Signing off is a pretty $%#^&$%#
<hockeyfag> on dentists?
<SeanQ> "polishing the pearly whites" is actually a euphamismfor MMMPHHHHH>>>
<agtorang> Okay, okay, no need for the prod1
<Leth> "Since you ordered more than 40 crates of Thorazine and Prozac, you qualify for our 35% discount rate!"
<tieboy> whoo! free food today!
* Samwise looks sadly at his now-empty pizza box
<Kyol> Scrape up the remaining cheese!
<Kyol> Mmmm-mmm, cheese!
<Samwise> Duh. If I hadn't done that, it wouldn't be empty.
<SeanQ> grease-soaked cardboard makes a fine dessert
<Leth> after the previous conversation, I can't say scraping up cheese sounds at all good
<agtorang> can I lick the little platic table?
<kaufman> kyol, nice euph!
<Samwise> Scraping up cheese is a pretty ob*THUD*
<zompist> you people are sick! sick!
<zompist> but funny.

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