Yeah, but I mean, a good one.


<Drusilla> church people know me. they think i'm a vampire.
<MacHaggis> Drusilla, do they keep following you with stakes and the such?
<Drusilla> I've been splattered with holy water before.
<MacHaggis> Drusilla, despite what the upper crust thinks, Evian is NOT holy.
<Drusilla> Heh.
<Down10> Maybe you should stop dressing up like a vampire, Dru
<MacHaggis> And stop sucking the blood of innocent virgins too
<Drusilla> Vampires wear New Tek shirts?
<MacHaggis> It's bad for PR
<hiway> aww, but that'd take all the fun out of life.
<hiway> there's nothin' better than the blood of the innocent. oh no.
<Down10> Sure. And have cool sunglasses
<Drusilla> innocent virgins
<hiway> what you should do is carry around holy water to throw back.
<hiway> ... mmm. holy water balloons!
<Drusilla> after i test it for holiness
<MacHaggis> Drusilla, and why would they think you are a vampire?
<MacHaggis> Your odd tendency to burst into flame in sunlight?
<MacHaggis> Your lack of a shadow?
<Drusilla> The biting, the paleness, the fact that I avoid sunlight and burn easily...
<MacHaggis> or a reflection for that matter
<Drusilla> i have a reflection. i just avoid mirrors
<MacHaggis> That fact that your business card says "Vampire" in big letters...
<Drusilla> I don't have business cards
<spinn> I think it's more the bursting into flames in sunlight
* MacHaggis stops trying to play along and pouts
<MacHaggis> spinn, it's common out here in AZ
<Drusilla> That only happened once, spinn...
<Down10> That burning, itching, and painful thirst for human blood
<MacHaggis> but I think that is just due to the fact that the whole damn state is god's little Easy Bake Oven
<Drusilla> I think it's the fact the last time I walked into a church, I actually swooned and cried "NOOO! I cannot face Him!"
<spinn> that's a hint
<MacHaggis> could have been a one time thing
<Drusilla> And then I kicked all the guys ASS at the watergun fight.
<Drusilla> so they threw me into a wall.
<spinn> ___ _____, ___ _____ jerod ____ _____ ____.
* MacHaggis sits staring at spinn's last statement, confused
<Drusilla> it's an injoke.
<Down10> I think it's a Dru ref
<MacHaggis> Figured as much
<spinn> yeah, she's engaged to a devout pentecostal
<MacHaggis> you're shitting me
<raven> nope
<Drusilla> he played Pontius Pilate in his church play today
<spinn> makes you think organizing a coffin in front of the church to protect her during the ceremony will be a bit problematical
<Drusilla> I was thinking an outdoor ceremony, around dusk
<MacHaggis> ... In the cemetary
<spinn> that makes sense. after it's over you can feed on the lifeblood of the unsuspecting flower girl
<Drusilla> No, cemetaries are consecrated ground.
<MacHaggis> Ah, off limits too then?
<spinn> then jer-od can try killing you
<Drusilla> there will be no killing
<Drusilla> i will overpower him, and tickle him to death.
<spinn> hrm, there's a short story possibility for you
* MacHaggis sends Drusilla silver stakes for an wedding gift
<Drusilla> done it, spinn.
<spinn> yeah, but I mean, a good one
<spinn> heh heh heh

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