And when I say "anally accepting", I mean, I will place their penises into my rectum.


*** K-Man^ has changed the topic on channel #spinnwebe to <spinn> I hope to place my penis into whatever orifice you make available to me
<K-Man^> You're a fucking topic gold mine!
<Leth> now you're just not making it fun, spinn
<CrzyClmbr> yeah, these aren't double entendres. play along, spinn.
<spinn> sorry, leth, perhaps fun would be bearing my ass and placing a dildo into my anus
<spinn> thus enhancing my stimulation while anally violating my person
<Elkman> Are you guys trying to summon anyone in particular?
<agt_orang> not "placing," that wouldn't be fun at all.
<spinn> after, or perhaps during, I will also be accepting a penis into my mouth
<Leth> nah, Elk, I think we just finally made him snap
<agt_orang> he's channeling Mahir!
<K-Man^> hehehehe... I'm hearing you type that with a conehead voice, Greg.
<spinn> anyone else want to play starcraft? I want a dick.
<agt_orang> I'm hearing Apu
<Leth> I want a dick that tastes like a Zerg
<Leth> and thus, kill the thread
<agt_orang> "Aiie! You have bested my in Video-battle zap-zap bug ment sport! Now i am sucking your penis-monster with bad consequences!"
<spinn> guy's connecting with a modem here that is making some sounds I've never heard. plus, I like the taste of uncut foreskin.
<CrzyClmbr> i like waffles with smegma.
<Elkman> I'm going to cut and paste this entire conversation and send it to either hockeyfag or DML.
<Elkman> Or furplay.
<K-Man^> You do that, Elk. I'm going to lubricate my penis with Crisco.
<StanXhiao> This is getting to be just like #teenchat
* Kyol checks back into the channel, shudders, and goes back to programming.
<spinn> If you send it to either of them, please remid them that I plan to be very anally accepting.
<agt_orang> Delightfully agreeable
<spinn> And when I say "anally accepting", I mean, I will place their penises into my rectum.
<StanXhiao> Pliant, too?
<CrzyClmbr> AC's gotten kinda mixed reviews on the Mac platform, but I may still be tempted.
<CrzyClmbr> Of course, my hard drive has one percent of the space that one freakin' game requires.
<spinn> I like freakin' games. I like to freak.
<spinn> You know, like, getting freaky. With my dick. And other guy's dicks.
* Samwise watches Spinn supahfreakin'
<spinn> guys', I meant to say. And I like dick.
<Leth> I dunno...I'm sensing a little sarcasm here....
<agt_orang> Gives a whole new meanig to "Quake skins"
<K-Man^> I'm getting a woody, I dunno about you, Leth.
<raven> I'm actually suffering from sarcasm overload.
<CrzyClmbr> Would you kindly install my dick, spinn?
<Samwise> and "DOOM wads"
<StanXhiao> I'm fond of a large stack, myself
<spinn> What sarcasm? I'm merely pointing out my delight with other men's sexual members.
<StanXhiao> Member? Club?
<K-Man^> Cock?
<Leth> turgid penii?
<raven> BEcause there is no conversational topic other than large gay dicks up the ass.
<StanXhiao> So spinn, when did you prance over to the other side?
<CrzyClmbr> More like minced, it looked like from here.
<StanXhiao> Guess I missed a lot while I was away
<K-Man^> It all started when Greg tried on that goalie uniform...
<StanXhiao> Was the goalie still in it?
<spinn> oh, that's true, I have had a gay bent here. um. I also enjoy the female genitalia.
<agt_orang> Give me a short fat pecker any day.
<K-Man^> Ohh, he's swinging wildly today.
<K-Man^> I meant his penis.
<spinn> I plan to play my member into many vaginas as often as possible.
* Samwise hands agt a small overfet chicken
<spinn> I meant to say "place", but I suppose I also intend to play with my member as often as possible.
<Samwise> spinn's channeling Mahir...
<spinn> You know, I mean, masturbation.
<CrzyClmbr> oh, for the days of CU-SeeMe.
<spinn> In case it isn't clear. Clear, like my lovespew is not.
<Samwise> ghaa, keep that passion plasma over there.
<agt_orang> I'm Spinn! Do you have a hole and a heartbeat? E-mail me1
<StanXhiao> Whatever happened to CUSeeme?
<K-Man^> MWM, looking for a place to spooge, I run call me!!!!!
<Elkman> age/sex/testosterone level check
<K-Man^> 18/M/quart low
<spinn> any. and Yes! and lots. I like to use my member.
<CrzyClmbr> maybe i'll write another letter to the reader, he'll be drowning in all the people who write back to hit on him this time
<spinn> or actually, I would hope I would drown in all the cum that would wash over me from all the men who would want to masturbate onto my skin.
* agt_orang prepares the tranquilizer gun
<Leth> "Yes ma'am. It appears that semen blocked all apertures in his body."
<Kyol> We've been summinging hf for what now, 20 minutes?
<spinn> Go ahead, tell me the joke's getting old. I dare you.
<Leth> joke?
<StanXhiao> This channel used to be so nice and clean.
<Leth> There's a joke?
<spinn> of course, first you have to call it a "joke", which comes with its own problems.
<spinn> sorry. Cums.
<spinn> because, while we're discussing cum, I like to cum.
<Elkman> This is quite a sticky situation here.
<Elkman> Rave, I hope you're logging this.
<K-Man^> I'm up for a good cummin' myself
<Leth> Semen. Semen talk. Semen talk about cum.
<spinn> I don't know about her, but I know all about logging.
<raven> elk : I am, but I'm not saving it.
<Leth> probably for the best, really
<CrzyClmbr> well, greg isn't saving his cum, either
<Leth> Nope, he's very generous with it
<spinn> there was a story about that woman who would save plaster casts of logs.
<spinn> I mean, men's logs. You know.
<spinn> Dicks.
<spinn> By "log" here I'm making a reference to dicks.
<raven> Well, I should go catch that movie. I hate to miss the fun.
<raven> Fun as in "dicks up the ass".
<CrzyClmbr> Whose dicks, spinn?
<spinn> actually, by "log" I could also mean poop, which, whoahey, that opens a whole new range of humor.
<spinn> sure, Rave. Because, you know, dicks up the ass are fun.

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