I'm NEVER gonna get my Mr. Pibb


<tieboy> HOUSTON (Reuters) - A Canadian family has complained to Continental Airlines that they sat next to a critically ill passenger who frothed at the mouth and died during their flight, but the airline said it was only performing a humanitarian mission.
<agent_orange> yeeeeeeeeeeeeeipe
<tieboy> The NERVE
<tieboy> ah, I'd probably complain about it too, who am I kidding
<CrazyClimber> "By letting you absorb his germs, we saved all the Americans"
<SeanQ> i heard this Am the guy died nid-flight, and they propped him up with pillows so the food cart could get by
<agent_orange> did they divvy up his peanuts?
<SeanQ> if this is the same story.. it was a flight from Bali to Hawaii
<agent_orange> I thought that they put the stiffs in the overhead compartment
<tieboy> http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20010425/od/death_dc.html
<agent_orange> ``We looked at each other and said 'This guy isn't going to make it," said Ms. Beaulieu, going through the dead man's pockets.
<tieboy> "Please make sure your corpses are in an upright and locked position during landing."
<SeanQ> "She said he stopped breathing several times, but was roused by flight attendants"
<agent_orange> "Note that the captian has turned on the 'No Voiding' sign."
<SeanQ> that must be a hoax, there's not a flight attendand alive who answers the call button in less than ten minutes
<tieboy> "Damn, that dude stopped breathing again. I'm NEVER gonna get my Mr. Pibb"
<agent_orange> "Sir. SIR. SIR!. Would you like some peanuts? Pillow? SIR. dammit."
<SeanQ> "Peanuts, crackers, or pretzels? Oh, hold on." *thwap* thwap* "So, ice in that Coke, sir?"
<agent_orange> They should jettison the dead body out the back of the plane, like on star trek
<Elkman> "Would you like a hot towel? How about a sheet? Or a toe tag?"
<agent_orange> put him in a big black pill, then whoosh! nice to know ya!
<SeanQ> i wonder if they had to fly the corpse back to Bali
<tieboy> "Our inflight magazine has an article on frothing, sir."
<agent_orange> "You'll need to turn that heart-lung machine off during take-offs and landings."
<tieboy> "For our first class passengers, we will provide champagne before take-off, and no dead guys in your row."
<SeanQ> i thought people traveling with oxygen tanks were restricted to ValuJet flights
<CrazyClimber> this family shoulda used him as a battering ram to get into the cockpit, then left him there
<CrazyClimber> "see how you guys like it!"
<tieboy> "You'll need to store that ruptured kidney under your seat, sir."
<tieboy> Eh, it'd just be like another navigator
<CrazyClimber> "We'd like to announce this rare opportunity for necrophiliacs to join the Mile-High Club."
<tieboy> "In the event of a water landing, expanding gasses inside the corpse may make the body boyant."
<agent_orange> "Your liver may be used as a flotation device."
<tieboy> "If you're seated in an exit row and cannot perform the duties listed, or are a wheezing dying disease-infested carcas, please ask the flight attendant to reseat you."
<Elkman> "There is no smoking or gaseous decomposition permitted on this flight."
<SeanQ> wow, that conversation died faster than a Continental Airlines passenger

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