Funny, i always thought kemlo would be the first to snap


<DML> I got this email today containing a very large file.
<DML> --- Michael Lewyn <> wrote:PrPn> Hi! How are you?PrPn> PrPn> I send you this file in order to have your advicePrPn> PrPn> See you later. ThanksPrPn> PrPnPrPn> ATTACHMENT part 2 application/mixed name=G-lewyn.doc.pif
<agent_orange> DML: Open it right away!
<DML> Usually he doesn't talk in Asian Party English syntax, and the ".doc.pif" sounds a tad frightening
<agent_orange> It sounds like fun!
<DML> I kiss you too, agto.
<jacquilyn> Hrmm, yeah, .pif was on the list of things IBM just had us add to our virus scanner profiles.
<Samwise> Bet it has *real* Britney Spears nude pictures!
<agent_orange> "pif" is the sound your hard drive makes as all the files disappear
<Samwise> Oh, and you better send it off to all your friends!
<DML> Um, why would you ask a QUESTION about Britney Spears photos?
<antihero> it's a virus that's going around
<DML> The guy's from an urban planning and design list...
<antihero> it mails random documents from your hard drive to people
<jacquilyn> And if you were going to ask that question, why would you ask DML?
<SeanQ> a couple of mailing lists I subscribe to git hit with it, too
<Samwise> DML: That's so that only the *clever*, *hardworking* people get to see it.
<agent_orange> well, it must be okay then
<DML> What I was going to ask is, is it okay to scan?
<SeanQ> just delete it
<agent_orange> it's a well known fact that urban planners and designers are intimidated my computer technology
<DML> Okay then
<jacquilyn> So your job must be way more interesting than I thought it was, Bob, if you don't seed post too much anymore, what other nefarious things do you do?
<CrazyClimber> like you said, i watch for unnecessary porchmonkey references.
<agent_orange> Jacq: he sends out .pif files all day
<DML> agto: I'm not intimidated by computers. I just have no desire to figure out their internal functionings
<CrazyClimber> software is not an "internal functioning."
<CrazyClimber> viruses even less so.
<SeanQ> DML: so long as you remember to climb out of the pool before you pry off the back of the monitor, you're all set
*** agent_orange is now known as Virus_Scan
<Virus_Scan> neener neener neener neener neener neener neener neener
<Virus_Scan> Nope, looks okay to me!
*** Virus_Scan is now known as agent_orange
<CrazyClimber> dan: check out's news. they've had tons of articles about it in the last few days.
<CrazyClimber> so has the NYT, if i recall.
<agent_orange> DML: that's how I feel about girls and all those internal functionings
<agent_orange> damned icky, I say
<Samwise> hhehehehehe
<Samwise> They're even easier, though... you don't have to climb out of the pool first.
<CrazyClimber> yeah, but prying the back off, sam...
<agent_orange> I know a guy got the clap like that
<agent_orange> pecker looked like a cream-filled slim jim by the time it was all over
<agent_orange> so I avoid pools
<Samwise> Why were you examining his pecker?
<KemloCaesar> I was reading AIR the other day. "Gonorrhea transmission via inflatable doll."
<DML> CrazyClimber: Are you talking about the Britney virus?
<CrazyClimber> do you play the lottery?
<DML> This had the title "G-lewyn"
<CrazyClimber> dml: huh?
<CrazyClimber> go read the wired news articles. it explains this stuff.
<DML> Oh. Is it at
<CrazyClimber> yeah
<DML> Oh! SirCam!
<CrazyClimber> it may be farther down, or on a recent news page, or something... this virus broke out last week
<SeanQ> DML: I think that's what Bob meant when he said <CrazyClimber> dan: check out's news. they've had tons of articles about it in the last few days.
<DML> Yah. It said "I send this in order to have your advice" on the second line.
<DML> Funny, I've never had a virus through Yahoo!Mail before
<CrazyClimber> *seanq scores the assist
<SeanQ> DML: that thingie next to your computer - you can move it around your desk and it makes the pointer move on the screen
<SeanQ> tomorrow I'll explain what 'click' means
<DML> SeanQ: I'm not stupid.
<CrazyClimber> don't get too internal, sean
<SeanQ> right now I gotta go home
<CrazyClimber> gotta watch out for those functionings
<SeanQ> DML: of course not, you're 'special'
<SeanQ> with enough time and patience, you can learn *anything*
* SeanQ gives DML a biscuit
<CrazyClimber> and run in races
<DML> auuu1!
<DML> jokfewajioewa oifa afkanbjlk weai b;va
* DML claps and gets a lot of attention
<KemloCaesar> oh, indubitably
* DML puts on a green tutu
<CrazyClimber> funny, i always thought kemlo would be the first to snap
<CrazyClimber> of course, that might have been wishful thinking
<DML> Aw, shut up.
* KemloCaesar slaps CrazyClimber around a bit with a large fish that resembles a trout in every conceivable way without actually *being* a trout.
<KemloCaesar> ....oh, sNap. oops.
<SeanQ> what is it, RIF Day in here?
<CrazyClimber> have there been more layoffs?
* daria searches the room to find the missing humor.
* Samwise holds up a bag of black bile
<Samwise> Here it is!
* DML loves the bitterness so MUCH!
* DML send you this file in order to have you advice
*** KemloCaesar is now known as TheBitterness
<Samwise> see, 4 basic humours in the body, said the ancients... and that was one of them... and it's funny an... nevermind.
<TheBitterness> yeah, well, fuck you, Kid.
<TheBitterness> Wither and die.
*** TheBitterness is now known as KemloCaesar
*** KemloCaesar is now known as GabrielGarciaMarquez
<GabrielGarciaMarquez> Sam - want to talk about the time of Choler?
*** GabrielGarciaMarquez is now known as KemloCaesar
* KemloCaesar pauses. Damn, there was some potential for humor there, but it collapsed under its own weight.
<KemloCaesar> someone please kick me for the lameness of that remark.

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