#spinnwebe Logs : Pimping for Da Man


<DMLaenker> If you got paid $500 immediately and $10 an hour, would you spam people?
<CrazyClimber> no.
<jacquilyn> Hmmm. No.
<Raven> No.
<StanXhiao> DML: No.
* CrazyClimber mailbombs DML for even thinking about it.
<jacquilyn> Of course, for you, $10 an hour might be more attractive than it is to me.
* DMLaenker bounces up and down in furious employment anxiety
<Raven> If you were that needy, try prostitution.
<DMLaenker> I know....
<DMLaenker> God dammit. What the hell am I supposed to do?
<spinn> find another source of money
<spinn> wait a minute. doesn't spamming involve computers?
<jacquilyn> I understand spawning unwanted children to collect welfare can be fairly lucrative.
<spinn> you already can't do it. you'll never have a job involving computers, remember?
<spinn> dilemma solved.
<jacquilyn> And is less morally offensive than spam.
<DMLaenker> Hmm...
<DMLaenker> :^(
<tieboy> ah, go ahead and take the spam job
<DMLaenker> AAAAAIGH!!!!
* DMLaenker stomps repeatedly in angst
<StanXhiao> Do you mean ... telemarketing?
<DMLaenker> AFAIK, most of it.
<StanXhiao> Because you need an extra-thick skin for that
<DMLaenker> I'm trying to stay the hell out of the way of anything that wants me to call THEM rather than me.
<Leth> jacquilyn: actually, finding virgin victims for human sacrifices is less morally objectionable than spam
<StanXhiao> hehehe "...stomps in agnst."
<StanXhiao> sure that's not "petulant frenzy"?
<DMLaenker> That's more appropriate.
<jacquilyn> Leth: being a welfare baby these days is roughly equal human sacrifice anyway.
<Leth> ah, good point. Cynical as hell, but a good point
<StanXhiao> So, is it a telemarketing job, Dan?
<DMLaenker> Not yet. Hopefully I can find something else.
<spinn> heh.
<spinn> so, dan, this job you're talking about, is it a telemarketing job?
<StanXhiao> Thanks, spinn.
<spinn> damn.
<spinn> thought I was gonna win
* DMLaenker needs medication
<spinn> dan, there is some job which is the topic of this conversation. I am curious to know whether or not that job, of which you are speaking, is a telemarketing job.
*** CrazyClimber is now known as BarbaraWalters
<BarbaraWalters> If you were a tree, what kind of job would you have?
<StanXhiao> Dan, if you need medication, does this job provide medical insurance?
<DMLaenker> Oh, yeah. Sorry.
<spinn> so. it's a telemarketing job?
<DMLaenker> Um, I'm jobhunting in the grunt works, and a few I'm looking at are telemarketing.
<spinn> stan: [tag]
<DMLaenker> Eek.
<Raven> That's not quite the same as spamming, though.
<DMLaenker> I'm hoping I don't have to call out.
<Raven> I understand they kinda insist on that in telemarketing.
<Raven> Unless you find a Judy the Time Life Operator gig.
<DMLaenker> Well, for one, GEICO is a call-in position.
<StanXhiao> Yeah, you definitely don't want a cold-call telemarketing job.
<StanXhiao> Constant, non-stop rejection.
<spinn> Of you personally.
<spinn> And all you stand for.
<StanXhiao> You'll be called names even /we/ don't call you.
<Samwise> And they'll sound more sincere.
* Raven wouldn't go *that* far, Stan.
<spinn> "Sir, I might have purchased your company's left-handed vacuum cleaner, but I despise you and all you stand for. Good day to you." [click]
<StanXhiao> I spent a few weeks telemarketing , years ago.
<CrazyClimber> that was YOU?!
<Samwise> Might have been me, Bob.
<StanXhiao> "Hello? Mr. Hughes? I'm _insert_name_here_ and I wanted to interrupt you and your family while you eat. To tell you about an amazing new timeshare resort in Branson, Missouri."
<CrazyClimber> even as a reporter, i hated cold-calling people i had to cover.

[Dan leaves.]

<StanXhiao> Actually, I did it for the American Heart Association, so they didn't abuse me as much as they would... D.M. Laenker.
<spinn> yah, I could see him pouting frenetically on the phone
<StanXhiao> I got a call from a person with a wheezy, high-pitched voice yesterday, about some Gospel mission. Wonder if it was Dan?
<StanXhiao> hehee, spinn... "Oh, well, so are YOU!!!"
<spinn> I wonder if some day the two halves of his brain are just gonna shear apart from the opposing forces
<spinn> "homer, you never listen." "oh, I am, am I?"
<spinn> I don't think we ever actually fought that answer out of him, did we
<StanXhiao> It's as if he refuses to acknowledge it. Denial.
<StanXhiao> God help the job market when he prances into it.
<spinn> heh. prances.
<spinn> "Tra la la l'la l'la AAAIIIIIIIGHHH!!!!"

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