<MisterQ> Cyber mods will be popular. Then comes DNA recombemt technology. Then, if we live that long, will come nanotech... that's going to be the kicker eventually
<DMLaenker> In the world according to me, elves are a Martian species, and orcs are a Venusian species, and vampirism is a sexually transmitted disease.
<DMLaenker> I don't want to live long enough for nanotechnology.
<DMLaenker> I don't WANT a perfect world!
<DMLaenker> I'd rather live in a dystopian world with a large middle class which isn't entitled to the nanotech that the rich would get.
* hockeyfag would only want afew things changed by plastic surgery
<DMLaenker> What would you get, then?
<MisterQ> Oh, nanotech isn't going to make a perfect world. People are incapable of living in a perfect world. Nano tech is going to be then next level of evolution...
<DMLaenker> Or, at least, most nanotech would be for the rich and famous, and the regular people gould only get the minor, boob-job-type stuff.
<MisterQ> If we survive the genetics
<DMLaenker> Do you believe that Roswellian aliens are a future evolution of human?
<DMLaenker> Frightening?
<TMR> No.
<DMLaenker> Neither?
<MisterQ> imagine each cell of your brain having it's own life support system/fusion reactor. Synaptic responces i.e. intelligence goes up exponentially. Shapeshifting. Speed off the scale. Having millions of nanites act as little gauss fusion rockets allows for flight. Climate control allows for ability to survive in no atmosphere.. Its in a story I'm writing.
<DMLaenker> But that's so unfair.
<DMLaenker> That's so sickeningly perfect.
<spinn> what's unfair?
<DMLaenker> That should be for the rich.
<spinn> what makes that perfect?
<DMLaenker> I like a little unfairness in my life.
<spinn> dan, technology does not equal perfection
<DMLaenker> But I don't want to fly OR breathe in space.
<spinn> the only way you'd get perfection is if you removed humans and put something perfect in their place
<Shil> like cats
<spinn> at which point you no longer have to be concerned about the question
<DMLaenker> I don't care. If people can do absolutely anything, there's no reason to exist.
<spinn> dan, then stay home and don't order Nani-Breathe(TM) out of your catalog
<spinn> dan, people will never be able to do absolutely everything
<spinn> you're living in entirely the wrong century then
<DMLaenker> I love the turn of the century.
<spinn> in the 1800s they thought that the human lungs would be crushed if you went over 50 miles an hour
<DMLaenker> I think there is no time like the present.
<spinn> you're already doing impossible things, dan.
<spinn> case in point: you're talking to a number of people who are not within the sound of your voice
<spinn> and we're all talking back
<Shil> but you're not actually talking..
<DMLaenker> I guess I wouldn't mind this technology if I could gradually wade into it.
<Shil> unless you talk to your monitor.
<Shil> like me
<spinn> "but then people can do anything!" whine whine whine, says your 1900 counterpart
* Shil grins and quits being silly pain in the ass.
<spinn> what technology, exactly?
<spinn> sorry, they inventing hard-vacuum survival nanites tomorrow and I wasn't told?
<DMLaenker> If I'd have known about the internet going commercial 10 years ago, I would have freaked out.
<spinn> but now you're so calm
<spinn> go figure
<spinn> oy. nevermind.
<DMLaenker> Well, they gave me five or ten years for me to get used to it.
<spinn> I dunno why I got in this conversation
<spinn> oh wait, yeah I do: I just got a coffe and my typing speed's up.
<TMR> Yeah, you're a regular Joel Robinson, Dan.
<DMLaenker> Introduction is the key to anything.
<spinn> well, dan, if we get a chance to wear nanites and live in a vacuum, we won't invite you, 'k?
<DMLaenker> Look, I'm sorry.
<spinn> me too, dan
<spinn> but I just have trouble tolerating such closed-mindedness
<spinn> I mean, you're /worse/ than sheep, sometimes
<spinn> sheep generally don't know they're sheep and don't care
<DMLaenker> And I embrace my sheepness.
<DMLaenker> That makes me an anti-sheep, though.
<spinn> no, you're not a sheep. sheep are mindless
<spinn> you make an active decision not to learn
<MisterQ> I'm sure there will be people who resist change. There always are. And who knows, maybe they'll be right. But the way things work right now, the rich are the beta testers of new technology. The problems of becoming superior to normals should be worked out by the time genetic modifications roll around
<TMR> You're more like Syme in 1984.
<DMLaenker> Hmm...
<DMLaenker> Never thought of it like that.
<MisterQ> I'm only worried that society won't be adjusted enough to deal with people powerful enough to whoop superman's ass
<TMR> When Superman can get his ass whooped, another Superman will come by with an un-whoopable ass.
<hockeyfag> I'm waiting to see the ads.. "have you wanted a 12' dick? come to Dr Bob's clinic to get re-engineered with that schlong you always wanted."
<TMR> 12 foot dick?
<DMLaenker> Oh my God.
<spinn> heheh. an unstoppable boot and an un-whoppable ass cannot exist in the same universe
<hockeyfag> that would whoop supermans ass
<TMR> You'd need a heart the size of a canteloupe, but that'd be no problem.
<spinn> makes it tough to carry on a meeting, doesn't it
<MisterQ> but not in real life.... then there's the problem with selling nanite bodies. Unlike cyber bodies, they will be self repairing. No need for maintenace or buying new ones like cars, just occasional upgrades. Not too markatable.
<spinn> well, the nanites need to repair themselves, don't they?
<hockeyfag> windows was marketed that way, and its sold millinos
<spinn> yeah. nanite support
<spinn> if your arm starts crawling away from you, you have to pay $35 for a call
<MisterQ> windows had bugs galore and you need to buy a new version (95->98->2k...etc..) every so often
<spinn> besides, we could get nanites now. just get wesley to "oops" something in a petri dish
<hockeyfag> right.. lots of upgrades..
<spinn> he's always making frickin new life forms
<MisterQ> That's what he does after looking at nekked Troy holograms
<spinn> his dorm room was full of tentacle things and plants writing sonatas
<spinn> christ I hated that kid
<TMR> Makes me wonder what a plant would write about.
<TMR> "Goddamn, I Wish I Could Move"
<spinn> aphids
<MisterQ> Ode to Chloryphill
<TMR> "Life Is Tough When Your Penis Is A Bee"
<hockeyfag> fly like a butterfly.. sting like a bee
<hockeyfag> er float
<MisterQ> "poop keeps me wher I am"
<DMLaenker> Wait... when did butterflies float?
<DMLaenker> If I saw a butterfly floating against gravity in midair, I'd freak.
<TMR> . . . .
<MisterQ> in outer space
<DMLaenker> Floating implies something dead.
<TMR> No, it doesn't.
<DMLaenker> If it flew, that would make things slightly more living.
<MisterQ> If a butterfly lands on the water, surface effect keeps it floating
<hockeyfag> poop in a space suit?
<TMR> You really should hold it until you get in the ship.
<hockeyfag> if you put a car on a tub of mercury, surface effect keeps it floating, but it just ain't natural
<DMLaenker> A tub of mercury?
<DMLaenker> Well, anyone can walk on a tub of mercury, right?
<hockeyfag> yeah.. well, it would have to be more like a big pool
<TMR> Depends.
<MisterQ> Anyways, if they do make nanite bodies that would make you hyperintelligent, able to survive in outer space, shapeshift, and immortall; it would probably be up to the government to dole them out as an evolutionary public service.
<TMR> What temperature is the mercury at?
<hockeyfag> room temperature
<Mr-Ben> TMR: HOT!!
<Mr-Ben> Let's just say you'll be a pile of ashes if you try to sunbathe on Mercury.
<DMLaenker> Well, shouldn't it be a choice?
<DMLaenker> Was denn?
<Shil> it'd be managed like welfare
<DMLaenker> Either get it yourself or be forced to have it?
<DMLaenker> No, that's mind control.
<DMLaenker> I take comfort in the fact that one day I'll be taking a dirt nap.
<DMLaenker> If I were immortal, I'd have to take a bullet to my head, but then the bullet would bounce off.
<TMR> Good on you, mate.
<Mr-Ben> I like waffles.
<TMR> s/mate/goth
<DMLaenker> So then I have to rely on my programmed emotions to wire me into bliss.
<DMLaenker> Like everyone else in the universe.
<DMLaenker> Methinks: What would happen then? A perfect veil for a totalitarian goverment.
<MisterQ> Actually, probably the electro-megnetic interference from the sun will be more damaging. I doubt lasers can be microsized to fit into nanites. They would be affected by EMPs. A nuclear blast above a city would take out everyone made of nanites.
<DMLaenker> Made?
<DMLaenker> Completely artificial beings?
<DMLaenker> But the MAJORITY?
<DMLaenker> I'd like to know that there was a 10% population of droids, not the 99% running the place.
<spinn> man is already enough of a virus as it is
<MisterQ> Well, your brain would still be organic and in the same neural configuration matrix...
<DMLaenker> Oh, god.
<DMLaenker> Neural configuration matrix? You mean we'd have to be in a collective?
<DMLaenker> Damn it all to hell. WHY WON'T THE FUTURE LET ME THINK FOR MYSELF?!???
<MisterQ> nope. Your brain cells are interconnected. Matrix like
<spinn> yeah, dan, because of these words that are coming across the screen, the future is plotting against you
<hockeyfag> we're not really here anyways... we're in the matrix
<MisterQ> The nanites would only be like suits of armor for them
<DMLaenker> Sonsabitches are trying to force me into perfection.
<DMLaenker> Tell you what: When I grow up, I want to live in a grimy city and be somewhat lower-middle-class.
<spinn> yeah, don't you hate that?
* hockeyfag wouldn't want perfection
<spinn> damn letters on the screen
<spinn> damn them for forcing you
<DMLaenker> I want to put a nail into a brick, make it art, and have somebody pay me for it.
<DMLaenker> In a future where we're all alike I won't be thinking enough for art or creativity. I'll be too busy flying and being self-satisfied.
<spinn> yeah. flying makes you smug
* hockeyfag won't touch the self-satisfied part
<spinn> damn flying bastards
<DMLaenker> Well, it's normalcy that bothers me.
<TMR> Masturbating flying people holding hands...
<DMLaenker> Agreeing without words...
<spinn> dan, even if flying became immediately available for everyone, it would make life perfect much the way the electric telephone communication-device made life perfect
<spinn> i.e., "not"
<DMLaenker> Well, can't people have just ONE personalized superpower?
<spinn> uh
<TMR> If they want to.
<spinn> no, dan.
<spinn> you're bitching about something that has not happened
<spinn> get a hobby
<DMLaenker> Bitching IS my hobby.
<MisterQ> DML, and you can live in the lower middle class. You could also take a leisurly trip to the moon for a picnic without using any vehicles, also.
<spinn> oh yeah
<Mr-Ben> DML, bitchSLAPing is MY hobby, now knock it off!
<DMLaenker> But travel is what makes it so beautiful.
<DMLaenker> What's the point of being lower middle class if you can't scowl at the other people for being so much better than you?
<spinn> the perks?
<MisterQ> Oh there still will be differences in idividuals, probably.
<Mr-Ben> DML, I'm amazed at some of the things that you, a 17 year old kid, can get totally anal about!
<DMLaenker> I'd like the angst of walking and taking taxis while Donald Trump flies over head, splits in two, and starts booming about his flat tax and beautiful women.
<DMLaenker> That way I have something I can oppose.
<spinn> well, if it helps, dan, any popular culture has a counter-culture
<DMLaenker> I consider myself generically countercultural.
<spinn> so there'll be ro-bot super-men whizzing around and being smug, but there'll be ancient-style coffee shops where people can get together, wear little french hats, and gripe about them
<DMLaenker> Although usually my counterculture is against utopia.
<spinn> I consider you generally reactionary
<DMLaenker> Why, yes. Very much so.
<MisterQ> The problem will arise with overpopulation when you're immortal. Ideally, you can't have a nanite body until you are at least 60, maybe 70. When you do get it, you can't have children anymore, but you can make yourself look any age you want...
<spinn> OH GOD NO
<hockeyfag> DML: its much more fun being part of the haves, vs the have nots..
<DMLaenker> Well, at least they're waiting until they're old enough to need it.
* Mr-Ben kills spinn-now.
<spinn> whew. thank you.
<hockeyfag> spinn: whats wrong?
<hockeyfag> what comment preterbed you?
<MisterQ> the future world will be a strange place indeed. But how do you suppose the workd today looks to a person from the 18th century?
<DMLaenker> Me.
<spinn> didn't you see? the're getting nanite bodies at 70!
<spinn> OH FUCKING NO!!!!!!!!
<DMLaenker> It doesn't look understandable. But then I, like everyone else, have had time to get to know these technologies.
<spinn> and why the hell isn't this ignore working?
<DMLaenker> I just don't want to be thrust immediately into the future or the past.
<hockeyfag> with that attitude, don't worry.. you won't
<MisterQ> and until you get a special edition Delorian, you won't be
<TMR> Dan, there's no danger of that.
<DMLaenker> If I could wait 50 years before this happened, I'd probably be comfortable with it, because I'd seen everything that came before it.
<Mr-Ben> Why are you so hot n' bothered about something that probably won't ever happen?
<DMLaenker> I don't know.
<DMLaenker> I just relish my ability to argue about something.
<MisterQ> Con; wveryone over 70 will be given the option of going nanite. Pro: they won't be senile anymore
<DMLaenker> I like feeling unentitled. It's a political masochism.
<Mr-Ben> May your ability get you beaten up someday...
<spinn> in the future, they're gonna have specially programmed flying droids that sniff out laenker's balls and shoot them with tiny, painful darts
<MisterQ> they're called fleshettes
<DMLaenker> Dissenters, more likely.
<spinn> and nanites will be configured to make his skin itch
<MisterQ> heck, why not slowly make him into soylent green
<spinn> oh, wait a minute
<hockeyfag> quite afew showing up.. should be interetsting..
<spinn> wait, I take that back.
<spinn> in the future, they're gonna have specially programmed flying droids that will detect when laenker is thirsty and immediately offer up a refreshing beverage of choice
<spinn> o/~ DUN-DUN-DAHHHHHHH!
<Mr-Ben> In the future, they will have specially programmed flying droids that will detect when DML wants to argue about pointless things and give him someone to argue with!
<MisterQ> Now here's a thought, what do you think will power those fusion recators on nanites. My guess.. heavy water with other rare metals taking the place of vitamins...
<DMLaenker> When I think of things like these, I imagine the scene in The Matrix where the Agent interrogates Neo and then closes his mouth and implants him with that THING.
<Mr-Ben> That "THING"?
<DMLaenker> That's everything I don't like about nanotechnology in a simple two-minute scene. "But, sir: What's the point of a telephone call if you're not able to... speak?"
<hockeyfag> I figured they'd make a fuel that burns super hot, then the waste it gives off turns back into the fuel itself at high temperatures, so it would never run out
<MisterQ> Those things are going to be the fad during the bio-genetic engineereing phase of humanity
<DMLaenker> I'd like to see what happens when it all explodes in front of us.
<spinn> in the future, when dan has the sniffles, nanites will insta-weave a tissue with lotion, JUST FOR HIM
<MisterQ> People turning into werewolves, actual vampires, cats and dogs living together!
<spinn> NO
<spinn> NAD
<spinn> HAND
<DMLaenker> So I'm not allowed to make a mistake and fix it?
<spinn> no
<spinn> the nanites know better.
<DMLaenker> I'm banned, using government mind control, from human error?
<spinn> really, in the final equation, you're an appendix
<DMLaenker> I'm not even allowed the comfort of knowing I make mistakes?
<spinn> the nanites ditch you and go walking on the moon themselves
<spinn> well, see, dan, nanites are so small they can get in your brain
<spinn> so obviously they can move synapses around however they want
<DMLaenker> I'd set myself on fire in this future if I were allowed to die.
<spinn> so not only will you not make mistakes, you will think that's best
<DMLaenker> But I'm not even allowed the liberty of death.
<spinn> and, really, you can't close your door and stop the nanites from coming in. if you can breathe air, they'll find a way
<MisterQ> Of course when you can communicate through radio waves and see 360 degrees in all directions....
<spinn> that's nanites for you
<spinn> 'cos they're perfect and all
<MisterQ> And you can committ suicide whenever you want.
<spinn> yeah
<DMLaenker> The hell I can.
<spinn> except, the nanites don't think that's a good idea
<MisterQ> Sure, if all else fails, fly into the sun
<DMLaenker> If I try to shoot myself, I'd be so goddamned fucking beautiful that they'd bounce right off.
<spinn> and, come to think of it, the nanites thing buying more nanites is a good idea
<spinn> so really it's a government run by nanites
<hockeyfag> dml: you should be able to send a signal to your body to stop working. the parts will just stop
<DMLaenker> If I tried to immolate myself, I'd extinguish it.
<spinn> you won't extinguish it, dan
<DMLaenker> If I ever tried to drown, I'd breathe underwater.
<DMLaenker> What's the point of that?
<Shil> oh my lord
<DMLaenker> I'm writing a novel about a future in which death is impossible!
<DMLaenker> And how shitty that is!
<spinn> why write a novel?
<MisterQ> your brain cells would burn off into bio-sludge and the nanites would reset themselves for the next person
<hockeyfag> put the nanites into hyper drive, causing your flesh to melt off
<DMLaenker> You're right! I can't write a novel because I'd be complacent with my thought processes as it were already!
<DMLaenker> Creativity isn't necessary if you enjoy yourself!
<DMLaenker> Creativity is the ultimate struggle. In a world without struggle, it's meaningless.
<DMLaenker> And, in the end, nonexistent.
<Mr-Ben> Can we change the subject now? ;-)
<MisterQ> That all is going to happen about 70-150 years from now. Who knows what kind of mischief the human race would get in then...
<DMLaenker> 70 years?
<DMLaenker> I have 70 years to prepare for this?
<DMLaenker> Thank God.
<DMLaenker> I was thinking if this were happening in ten, I wouldn't be prepared.
<MisterQ> Well, the cyber tech is going to happen 30-50 years and the gen-geneering is after that..
<MisterQ> Have you ever seen Start Trek II, DML
<DMLaenker> Parts of it.
<MisterQ> When I saw that part when the bug crawls up the guys ear and kills him when I was seven, it scared me like that thing in the Matrix did to you
<DanMLaenk> No, I haven't. Why?
<DanMLaenk> Okay, something like five minutes of it.
* DMLaenker lurks
* hockeyfag lurks with DML
* MisterQ was already lurking
* Mr-Ben just stands there...lurking.
<DMLaenker> We'll all lurk together when we lurk
<Mr-Ben> We lurk whenever we lurk whenever we lurk...
<spinn> in the future, NANITES LURK FOR YOU
<DMLaenker> Heh.
<MisterQ> Actually, they'll be symbiotic. You'll both lurk, but the nanites will make you lurk much much better.
<DMLaenker> No disentanglement or self-determination. My god, you've finally got it right!
<MisterQ> self-disentanglement?
<DMLaenker> I imagine that when we get our brains wired, there's going to be a big "CHOOSE TO IGNORE" counterculture movement.
<Mr-Ben> ?, is that a real word?
<DMLaenker> Well, if we're constantly connected to everyone, how will we have time to sit by and decide WHO we won't talk to or if we don't want to talk to anyone?
<MisterQ> I'm not sure, DML is throwing out SAT words faster than a major league pitcher throws fastballs.
<spinn> I dunno, dan, maybe NANITES WILL DO IT FOR YOU
<Mr-Ben> Someone should look it up, then add it to the Jargon pages.
<DMLaenker> Oh, on a lighter note: http://www.nycsubway.org/lines/eastside/28th-73.jpg
<MisterQ> Nanites would learn JAVA for you! oh.. whoops, that's for K8_fan...
<DMLaenker> If you look at "During off-hour's" long enough, you'll see an apostrophe.
<DMLaenker> See, in the future, we won't have the pleasure of laughing at other people's stupid mistakes because all the stupid mistakes that we enjoy will be taken away from us.
<spinn> the only mistakes that will be made will be nanite-sanctioned ones
<MisterQ> even the nanites would not be foolproof...
<Mr-Ben> Okay, DML, it's a picture of a subway station, where's the gag?
<DMLaenker> The sign.
<DMLaenker> The yellow one.
<DMLaenker> "During off-hour's trains stop here"
<Mr-Ben> Man, I couldn't even read the damn sign.
<DMLaenker> Well, your nanites will eventually FORCE YOU TO READ IT
<Mr-Ben> My nanites will eventuually FORCE ME TO BEAT YOU WITH A SHOVEL, TOO!
<DMLaenker> The nanite debate is running out of steam, anyway.
<MisterQ> that's not nanites
<DMLaenker> It's something ELSE
<MisterQ> microscopid demons!
<spinn> it's only running out of steam because THAT'S THE WAY THE NANITES LIKE IT

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