DML big frets what, spelled different, butts out balls


<Drusilla> they'll pay $5,000 for a short story.
<DML> Who is this?
<Drusilla> Playboy.
<DML> Enh
<tieboy> me?
<spinn> oy.
<Drusilla> yes, it is very hard to realize to whom I was referring.
<spinn> what with the reference immediately preceeding, sure
<tieboy> who?
<spinn> playboy
<Drusilla> i have two options with them: i could pose nude for 25 thou or write a story for 2 to 5 thou.
<spinn> who?
<Drusilla> evil leprechauns
<spinn> yeah, leprechauns are well-funded
<Drusilla> what with the pots of gold and all
<spinn> they work with the dwarves
<Leth> wait a sec, I missed a bunch while I was eating dinner. Who's Dru, and why does she work for dwarf bunnies?
<tieboy> me?
<spinn> no, tie, playboy
<Leth> whoa, tie's in playboy?
<spinn> no, dru is
<Leth> damn, I need more caffiene
<tieboy> thanks, morwen
<spinn> me?
<tieboy> eCaffeine? Is that new?
<Drusilla> Dru is not in playboy
<Drusilla> yet
<Leth> yeah, it's what you drink to try and make any fucking sense out of what Dan says
<spinn> who?
<Drusilla> damn, i want some.
<Leth> actually I take that back
<Leth> Dan makes perfect sense
<tieboy> let's please never use the word 'deskie' again, please, please, ever, never, again, plase
<Drusilla> okay.
<tieboy> please
<DML> I hate you all, now
<Drusilla> instead of deskie we'll use nubile love slave.
<Leth> yay!
<spinn> what about like, "notmydeskie"
<Leth> what about Desky
<spinn> notmydeskalian
<DML> Okay, so spinn can say "notmydeskie". Wow! How coherent.
<tieboy> i don't even want him looking at my site, or talking about it, or pawing through the archives, his eyes all beady
<spinn> me?
<DML> I ask, "what are people talking about?"
<Leth> coh-what?
<DML> Everyone's confused all to hell!
* Leth chalks up a troll point, blatant though it was
<Leth> yahoo! almost caught up to Agt, but still a hundred behind Stan
<spinn> dan, for you, it's more about the direct adjacency of the explanation to your question
<tieboy> hi
<Leth> oh, hey tie. When'd you get here
<tieboy> me?
<spinn> "I'm reading playboy, they'll pay $5K for a short story" "who?"
<DML> Oh
<tieboy> when did who get where?
<Drusilla> Who's on first
<Leth> Why ask?
<Drusilla> What's on second.
<Drusilla> I don't know's on third.
<DML> Okay, so is there an "independent clause" toggle I need to try?
<DML> Maybe they're switched off
<Drusilla> either i'm stoned, or dan is still not making sense.
<spinn> who?
<tieboy> hi
<Drusilla> i can't write a coherent sentence now
<spinn> okay
<tieboy> Lore: no
<spinn> me?
<Drusilla> yes
*** Humbreto has joined #spinnwebe
<Drusilla> hi
<Humbreto> howdy.
*** jacquilynne has joined #spinnwebe
<Drusilla> hi
<tieboy> hi Dru
<Drusilla> evil leprechauns
<Humbreto> from Mars!
<spinn> where?
<Drusilla> who?
<DML> Okay, so are the questions I'm asking irrelevant
<Drusilla> yea
<tieboy> no, they're right on topic, actually
<DML> What I would have wanted to know is, "why are you talking about evil leprechauns from mars?"
<tieboy> in fact, dead on topic
<DML> So, I ask, "where?" or "who?"
<Drusilla> we're not.
<Drusilla> we're mocking you.
<tieboy> usually immediately following topic
<Drusilla> you have the attention span of a house fly.
<Drusilla> we're using this to annoy you
<Leth> who does
<Drusilla> it's working.
<spinn> me?
<tieboy> i keep getting a red line on my screen for some reason
<Drusilla> yea
<DML> Oh, yeah, and Drusilla: An independent clause is part of a sentence upon which the rest of the sentence is based.
<tieboy> anyone else seeing that?
<Leth> I wasn't paying attention, what are you saying?
<DML> Usually I feel like all I get is "the rest of the sentence is based upon that."
<Drusilla> I said i was at the playboy site.
<DML> And then when I ask: "That?" you treat me like a dumbass
<Drusilla> no one said anything.
<Leth> who does?
<Drusilla> i said they pay five grand for a story
<Drusilla> you said "who?"
<spinn> leth: playboy
<Leth> oh ok
<Drusilla> we spontaneously decided to mock you.
<Leth> pretty harsh of them to treat Dan like Dru's ass
<DML> I didn't see "I went to Playboy."
<tieboy> where?
<spinn> tie: mars
<DML> Okay, do you want me to kill myself?
<Leth> how?
<Drusilla> no.
<DML> If not, what are you trying to prove?
<Drusilla> i'm not.
<spinn> not without taking schumin with you
<Drusilla> I'm not trying to prove anything
<spinn> it was in an action immediately preceeding
<Drusilla> i'm bored and offended.
<Leth> we'll chip in for the Kool-Aid if you promise to take Benny with you
<DML> So that's a yes, in principle, you want me to kill myself, spinn?
<spinn> * Drusilla goes back to surfing playboy's site.
<spinn> they'll pay $5,000 for a short story.
<spinn> Who is this?
<DML> Uh, I don't want to kill myself
<Leth> well, if you do, let us know
<spinn> well I'm more thinking about maximum benefit
<Leth> we're really only interested in the collateral Butterball damage
<spinn> I don't want you to kill yourself, but if you're about to die, you have nothing to lose
<DML> Oh, I didn't think the two thoughts were connected.
<spinn> ahhah!
<spinn> so now we're about at the root of the issue
<DML> Like, I can surf a site - say, eGroups - and talk about the hellishness of my existence
<DML> And eGroups will have nothing to do with what makes my existence hellish
<Leth> sure
<DML> And that puzzles you?
<Drusilla> so you just thought i was surfing some porn and mentioning that I can get five grand for a story.
<Leth> that's where interactivity is KEY
<Drusilla> okay.
<Drusilla> back to being offended now.
<DML> Drusilla: Exactly.
<tieboy> hey Dru
<DML> And everybody treats me like I'm stupid!
<spinn> me?
<Drusilla> no.
<spinn> oh ok
<Humbreto> I wasn't even here at the time!
<Leth> oh please Dru. We know you were browsing some pr0n site, and adding to your self-pleasuring fantasy by pretending they'd pay 5Gs for a stry
<DML> Yes, spinn, of course you!
<spinn> oh, I thought you meant humbreto
<Leth> spinn?
<tieboy> Lore: playboy
* Drusilla falls down laughing
* DML cries falls, playboy spinns humbreto
*** keith has joined #spinnwebe
<tieboy> bye keith
<Leth> oh hey, time to finally remove my privates from Steve Ballmer's backside and go home
* Humbreto gets dizzy.
*** Leth has quit IRC (Quit: That was special, just for you tie)
<tieboy> me?
<Drusilla> who?
<spinn> wait. did that steve ballmer comment connect to anything?
<spinn> I'm kinda off balance now
<Drusilla> no...
<keith> Where am I going?
*** daria has joined #spinnwebe
<spinn> mars
<spinn> I think. I don't quite get that part
<Drusilla> Leth said something about my ass and DML, said my comment was part of my fantasy, then left.
* DML big frets what, spelled different, butts out balls
* DML spins around and shoots through the roof.
<DML> So why is it, exactly, that I'm only archived when I'm confused? I hate that.
<Drusilla> evil leprechauns
<spinn> Robbbbb: me?

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