#spinnwebe Logs : DML's Career


<DMLaenker> Unfortunately, no work pays living wages except for programming.
<Kyol> Oh, I dunno, I slack for decent dough.
* Da_Raven doesn't program.
* Leth^ either
<dpk> what do you consider living wages? heh
<DMLaenker> Raven, Leth: What do YOU do?
<Leth^> QA, baybeee....the career of tekkie wannabes!
<DMLaenker> QA?
<Leth^> Quality Assurance. We test the software before release
<DMLaenker> How do you do that?
<dpk> they're internal alpha testers, basically
<Leth^> basically we beat the shit out of a piece of software, then yell at people when it breaks
<Kyol> With baseball bats.
<DMLaenker> Raven: If I could become a sysadmin, that would mean I would know something about how to run a computer.
<spinn> and by GOD he's not gonna know anything about a computer
<DMLaenker> Fine, how do I learn?
<DMLaenker> I'm a junior in high school. It's too late.
<spinn> you don't, dan
<spinn> you have a beer with k8_fan in a bar and gripe about the world today needs tech skills
<spinn> you sit in a chair, and when the guy asks, "have you had any experience with anything...high tech?" you look down, embarrassed, and shake your head
<spinn> look, at least one guy got a job doing that--that actor
<spinn> so there's hope!
<dpk> that ad is so funny
<spinn> you're right, dan, YOU'RE FUCKED
<spinn> the guy who installed my dsl line yesterday is 40 years old, he'd been a phone tech all his life, and now they have him installing dsl lines where he has to hook up a laptop to a dsl line and ping a router
<spinn> and HE'S FUCKED TOO
<dpk> the chiq who installed my dsl line was really cute
<dpk> i'm gonna have to order a phone line every few weeks or so
<spinn> bet she could get screwed on demand
<spinn> installing dsl lines
<spinn> lonely shut-in geeks
<dpk> prolly, yeah
<dpk> heh
<dpk> yeah.
<dpk> she wasnt interested, tho. but that's ok. i'm now stalking her.
<spinn> and ironically, you can research her history with the dsl line she installed
<spinn> how's that for karma
<DMLaenker> So is there any sort of way I can possibly learn any of this?
<spinn> no, dan
<Raven> You're screwed. You're irrevokably channelled into a dead-end, minimum wage part-time job.
<DMLaenker> Yay. I assumed as much.
<CrzyClmbr> But at least you have time to practice saying, "Would you like fries with that?"
<spinn> yeah. I hear there'll be some kinda rug-weaving jobs open avter everybody else does computer jobs
<Raven> If only things like textbooks and classes existed! Damn our society!
<spinn> eh, until someone writes a program to put you out of a job
<SeanQ> DML: can you snake a toilet?
<SeanQ> they'll never find a computer to do /that/
<DMLaenker> Well, people will laugh at me for taking this shit at a class!
<StanXhiao> I never took a software course in my life, yet I write instructions on how to use apps
<DMLaenker> Stan: Dear God, how did you do that?
<spinn> you're right, dan, it's too hard
<spinn> stay in bed, it's comfy
<Raven> ANd I'd rather be living in a rathole than be laughed at and living in a roomy house.
<StanXhiao> Opportunity, luck, being in the right place at the right time sort of thing
<SeanQ> it's not what you know, it's who you blow
<Raven> Actually, rug-weaving software already exists.
<StanXhiao> yeah, thanks, that's it, Sean
* hockeyfag never graduated from college (hell, only went to tech school) and is pulling down more than what most grads are making, and loving the high tech career path
<spinn> yeah, you can stay in your studio flat on the east side comfortable in your knowledge that your pride is intact
<CrzyClmbr> Dan - I do this -- hang out in chat rooms -- for a living, and an absurdly good one
<hockeyfag> I used to read tons of magazines,and books when I was younger,, that's where I gleened alot of info from..
* StanXhiao almost graduated but bolted six credits shy
<spinn> hm
<spinn> and the key here is, you have to want to learn
<spinn> good luck with that
<DMLaenker> But I want to graduate from college, be an urban planner, never have to deal with debugging anything, and live decently!
<StanXhiao> well, you have to learn to survive
<hockeyfag> well, with the new GPS and computer based systems coming out. too late
<DMLaenker> hockers: You know, you're just convincing me ever further that it's far too late for me.
<Raven> Then quitcher fuckin' whining and be an urban planner.
<TMR> You may join me in my happy happy computer dance if you wish.
<DMLaenker> But the only way to make a living wage is to work in computing. I'll hate my job to hell, but at least I'll have $100 million like every single fucking one of them do.
<DMLaenker> I hate the New Economy.
<spinn> possibly your problem originated with excess fecal matter in your aural channel
<hockeyfag> dml: if you really want to get into something technical, and are willing to sit down and work at it, go to college for it. it may take an extra year so you can take more of the basic classes, but there are others who are in your spot
<spinn> he doesn't want to, tho.
<DMLaenker> Can I just take classes and minor in it?
<spinn> he's feeling pressured by The Future
<Raven> Dan : I barely touched a computer until I was a freshman at uni. I got a degree in biochemistry and in my "copious" free time learned enough about computers to get a job as a UNIX sysadmin. I don't want to hear It's too laaaaate.
<hockeyfag> you could probably minor it in.
<CrzyClmbr> DML: I don't know why you have this stupid self-defeating antifantasy. It's completely wrong. Snap out of it.
<StanXhiao> <flutter>
<DMLaenker> So, what do you do as a living?
<spinn> yeah, don't life suck?
<CrzyClmbr> Me? Like I say - I hang out in chat rooms and on message boards.
<Raven> Yeah, grow the fuck up, Dan.
<spinn> you know, 95% of the public is on the internet
<DMLaenker> And what's your job description?
<StanXhiao> spinn
<CrzyClmbr> That's it. I hang out in chat rooms and message boards.
<spinn> and it's growing by 8% every month!
<CrzyClmbr> No technical knowledge needed at all.
<hockeyfag> dan: get a job at aol. work in their chat room s and message areas.. they're even near you..
<StanXhiao> hmm... there's a thought
<spinn> wonder if I could get a part-time job doing that
<spinn> for like a month
<hockeyfag> (if you want something techie that's not too difficult to learn)
<StanXhiao> Dan the Moderator of keyword Orc
<DMLaenker> But what would be the title description?
<SeanQ> you can always move to California and pick lettuce
<DMLaenker> Stan: My Life Does Not Revolve Around Orcs.
<hockeyfag> "moderator"
<CrzyClmbr> Well, my title now is Account Manager, but when I started, we were Online Community Producers
<StanXhiao> Package design's a hot field...
<spinn> or find a rich lady and be a kept boy
<SeanQ> or a rich guy, for thta matter
<Raven> Get summer jobs doing grunt work for technology depts. Learn one new thing every day.
<DMLaenker> My Life Revolves Around Buildings And Highways.
<LJ-atwork> we're telling dan to grow up?
<LJ-atwork> why didn't someone let me know?
<SeanQ> then grab a shovel
<spinn> good thing there are no computers in it, then
<CrzyClmbr> well, there you go, send your resume to The Palace
<hockeyfag> DML: does the metro hire interns for summer work?
<DMLaenker> For what?
<spinn> I hear Buildings And Highways have nothing to do with computers
<Raven> J : Sorry, didn't your pager go off? :)
<spinn> everything's shovels and pickaxes there
<spinn> the occasional rake, maybe
<StanXhiao> Have ye ever spanned a firth wi cold iton, laddie?
<StanXhiao> ach, Iron, I ken
<hockeyfag> well, you'd get to see alot of design work.. mabey work with some planners on new lines, or check out areas for new stations..
<DMLaenker> Nevermind.
<DMLaenker> Augh...
<CrzyClmbr> Get tossed in the slammer and you can end up doing road work -- spinn knows
<spinn> j, all the lines were busy
<DMLaenker> So if I ever did take a class in anything, what would it be of?
<hockeyfag> they have to have a huge ass layout area.
<CrzyClmbr> painting.
<spinn> um, Buildings And Highways
<spinn> 101
<spinn> through 104
<SeanQ> you can make license plates, that's tangentially related to roads and maps
<LJ-atwork> I never took any classes that were useful.
<Raven> If Dan just went and did what he liked to do, and made a decent wage at it, what injustice would he have to rail against?
<DMLaenker> Look, I apologize for my very existence.
<LJ-atwork> I just kinda picked this up
<LJ-atwork> of course, i hate my job tho
<CrzyClmbr> yeah, rave, this trolling is more tiring than randy
<spinn> dan, it's very simple. don't learn about computers if you don't want to.
<DMLaenker> But I have to.
<SeanQ> do what you love, the money will follow
<LJ-atwork> DML: that's so fucking infuriating... stop that.
<SeanQ> and if not, starve happily
<DMLaenker> Fine. I'm doing my best to.
<LJ-atwork> don't do that victim crap
<spinn> conversely, don't bitch to us about missing opportunities because you're not interested in doing the learning necessary to get them.
<DMLaenker> spinn: What should I look for, then?
<DMLaenker> I'm interested in rendering and HTML, I guess.
<spinn> dan, something that doesn't involve computers. geez, should I wipe your ass for you too?
<StanXhiao> well, DML, no matter what you do, a PC will be involved
<SeanQ> i see a fry-o-later in your fufure
<spinn> and NANITES
<Raven> There's this thing called a "bookstore", or perhaps a "library". they have things called "books".
<DMLaenker> GHASP!!!
<SeanQ> convert to Quaker
<LJ-atwork> learn to give good head and live on the queer pier
<spinn> you do know they've actually made nanites, right?
<DMLaenker> I know.
<spinn> that's how they generate truly random numbers.
<SeanQ> becoma an Amish barn-raiser
<CrzyClmbr> This is one of the Big Fucking Myths. You DON'T "LEARN COMPUTERS."
<spinn> randomization chip has some number of nanites in them
<StanXhiao> Computers are Your Pals
<CrzyClmbr> You learn the fucking SOFTWARE THEY RUN.
<spinn> as they move, they trip different gates to produce other random numbers
<StanXhiao> um, I like hardware, Bob
<spinn> yeah.
<spinn> "learning the personal computer."
<Raven> Well, at my level, I "learn computers" because they get personalities and hardware and whatnot. :)
<DMLaenker> What would people suggest I learn to survive?
<Raven> Dan : Less of a victim mentality?
<DMLaenker> Yipe!
<spinn> dan, take a guess what percentage of americans are on the net
<SeanQ> learn to stop whining
<DMLaenker> 98%?
<spinn> dan, more like 30, I think
<Raven> Heh. Yeah, *just my parents* aren't on the net. :)
<spinn> you tend to forget this kind of thing
<SeanQ> cabbies all have Palm Pilots
<StanXhiao> about 50% PC saturation, a little more than half of those have Internet access
<spinn> dan, you already have more fucking computer knowledge than many people.
<DMLaenker> Well, it just seems that everyone I've talked to that doesn't use !!!!caps n cretive spelling!!!!! is in a technical career. And it depresses me as a generally untechnical person.
<SeanQ> because you only talk to people ON LINE!!!
<StanXhiao> But count on that number rising in the next 2 years as mergers between service providers and retailers increases
<DMLaenker> I'd certainly be interested in taking some courses, though.
<SeanQ> get out of the damned house
<spinn> either you decide to learn, dan, or stop bitching about not wanting to learn
<DMLaenker> Fine. I will.
<Raven> Good. Fine. Done.
<StanXhiao> Well, I'm off to my interview...
<DMLaenker> Thank God that's finally over.
<StanXhiao> at CompUSA!
<LJ-atwork> interview? [Everyone wishes Stan good luck.]
<StanXhiao> job
<StanXhiao> Thanks
<StanXhiao> yes, it is, actually
<spinn> I'll stop by and ask questions about items that don't exist
<spinn> and insist I saw them there yesterday
<TMR> "You don't have nanites? There was a big fuckin' box of them here yesterday!"

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