you know, dan, the group's general expectation was that, as you got older, your head would proceed outwards from your anal cavity


<Lots42> Australia has declared war on Canada
<DMLaenker> Lots: Australia? What, over production values?
<Lots42> Well, I'm not sure. They decided that Canada was considered even less of a country then they were and figured no one would notice if they took it over. 'Sides, the French contingent would surrender, plus, they needed the space for their criminals.
<DMLaenker> Oh, fuck all of you. Since when did you Northerners think you were the god of all nations?
<Lots42> Damn Canadians
<Lots42> Ranch Doritos is what comes out of the devil's ass when the devil has food poisoning
<Lots42> Doritos: Assier!
<maime> Quelle dommage. I believe Ranch is the one truely american thing I am proud to be an american for.
<maime> or because of.
<maime> Our democracy isn't real.
<maime> We don't have state health care
<wabewalkr> No democracy can be real.
<Lots42> I'm proud of that.
<Lots42> It'd take two weeks to get an asprin
<maime> That's not the point. Ranch is the one perfect thing that has come from the United States.
<maime> and snickers.
<Lots42> We play some Cadanian motherfuckers on a ball field and call it the world series.
<Lots42> We bitch slap anyone with nukes.
<Lots42> And Sandra Bullock.
<maime> anarcho-communism is pretty damn close to a true democracy.
<Lots42> and New Mutants, the comic book
<wabewalkr> Anarcho-communism assumes everyone wants to be nice.
<DMLaenker> Maime: you're an anarchocommunist?
<maime> no.
<maime> That's a problem. i've decided that everyone wants to be a bastard.
<DMLaenker> wabe: That's the entire problem with anarchocommunism.
<maime> that's why I can't be an anarchocommunist.
<Lots42> America: Where you can loot and pillage nike stores while wearing nikes!
<maime> Although in college my romantic self thought it was pretty damn cool idea.
<DMLaenker> They assume everyone doesn't want to be nice only because we're all slaves to something.
<spinn> on a guess, I'd say rob already knew that.
<DMLaenker> Lots: Fuck you.
<Lots42> America: The land of the free and the home of the people beaten silly for protesting.
<maime> we don't bitch slap the french and they are nuke packing ocean blowing up bastards.
<Lots42> DML what did I do to anger you?
<wabewalkr> Until the people manage to make anthrax in their basements.
<Lots42> I didn't realize the french were really a nuclear power.
<maime> doesn't everyone have nukes now that the soviet empire has fallen?
<wabewalkr> Oh, they are. The Free French Nuclear Force... not NATO... not Warsaw Pact... just (brrr) French.
<DMLaenker> You're mocking Canadians for no reason and insulting the United States with your ridiculous hedonistic obsessive isolationism.
<Lots42> But it's not like they are a threat. All it'd take is a nineteen year old reserve gaurdsman with an air rifle and they'd be the fifty first state in no time
<spinn> Canada City Has Own Government, Laws
<DMLaenker> That's what you've done, all right?
<DMLaenker> So fuck you! Go to hell with all your nationalist cronies!
<Lots42> I understand and follow you in all the ways of the world.
* Lots42 cringes and beats self with fists
<wabewalkr> Methinks it's time to pass around the oatmeal.
<DMLaenker> Me? What did *I* do?
<wabewalkr> Hm... where to start?
<Lots42> You exhibited authority with confidence, DML, thus causing me to blindly follow you. After all, I am a product of the American school system
* sol-D scowls
* Lots42 makes air bubbles in oatmeal with straw
<DMLaenker> Um, in that case, Lots, you shouldn't be literate right now.
<wabewalkr> You took a topic that was obviously silly and turned it serious.
<wabewalkr> He's got a point. You should be typing in all caps and hacker-d00d-speak.
<spinn> well, to be fair, though, lots /did/ come in and flaunt his ridiculous hedonistic obsessive isolationism.
<Lots42> It's a moral failure of mine
<wabewalkr> Boobies?
<DMLaenker> According to the American school system, there isn't such thing as a moral failure.
<Lots42> Well...I'm (nearly) literate because of all the time I spent ignoring my homework and reading fiction books
<spinn> except for being canadian.
<DMLaenker> All moral failures are a direct result of something a spaniard did in 1515.
<Lots42> My boobs are a moral failure
<DMLaenker> You're a woman?
<DMLaenker> Since when?
<Lots42> They had time machines in 1515. They caused a hell of a lot of problems
<wabewalkr> You mean those wrist watch thingies?
<Lots42> Since the damn spainards and their time machine did genetic surgery on my parents some 24 and seven months ago
<DMLaenker> Am I the only person in this room who isn't voting Nader?
<maime> Yeah but they had "hands" which are really like sticks.
<Lots42> I'm voting Sergey. He's a regular in who is serving in the millitary in Israel
<DMLaenker> You can't. You're not Israeli.
<maime> I haven't decided who to vote for yet.
<wabewalkr> There's a guy in my ML class who's name is Sergey. I always thought it was spelled "Sergei."
<maime> I guess I should register to vote too.
<DMLaenker> I'm voting Harry Browne.
<tieboy> i'm voting for Bush and Dick, so I can hear bush and dick jokes on SNL for 4 years
<spinn> uh, yes he can, dan, unless you're oppressing his vote to the uberstructured limiting self-serving double-party vote
<spinn> ...system
<spinn> forgot "system"
<wabewalkr> Heh.
<maime> I'd vote for myself except I'm not 35 yet.
<Lots42> Sergey is an American citizen. I am voting for him for president of the united states
<tieboy> plus i like seeing people waving signs that say "Bush is what America Needs"
<maime> was he born here?
<tieboy> and "Texas loves Bush!"
<Lots42> Stop oppresing me Dan
<Lots42> Maime, apparently so
<DMLaenker> spinn: I'm the last person who would suggest the Republicrats are fair. They're both mush-mush centrists who love to extend federal government over every square inch of your skin
<wabewalkr> But will they wave signs reading "Texas loves Dick"?
<Lots42> I want a bumper sticker that says "American Needs Dick!"
<tieboy> we shall see, wabe. we shall see.
<maime> I mean. Unless he was a citizen when the country was formed he can't be president.
<Lots42> Sergey is a paratrooper.
<spinn> dan, I like waffles.
<Lots42> That is enough for me
<DMLaenker> Howzabowt that.
<maime> I made pancakes the other day.
<spinn> figured since your reply had nothing to do with my statement, thought I'd respond in kind
<Lots42> I had pancakes
<maime> I have boysenberry syrup.
<DMLaenker> No doubt?
<Lots42> Syrup is still in the living room
<maime> mine is in the fridge.
* wabewalkr had a bumper sticker that said "I'd rather do Bush than Ducaukis."
<spinn> you know, dan, the group's general expectation was that, as you got older, your head would proceed outwards from your anal cavity
<Lots42> I was a citizen when the country was formed. I'm about two hundred years old.
<spinn> thanks for reminding me that the world is full of wonderful and exciting surprises.
<DMLaenker> So what, exactly, is my head out of my ass? Babbling against "corporate greed" like everybody else?
<spinn> that first sentence didn't even make sense
<Lots42> No, it's because when you shave, your butt cheeks squeak for half the day
<wabewalkr> Ouch.
<tieboy> see? Dan's got political qualities already.
<spinn> and I'm talking about your general disconnectedness from reality as generally understood in a chat room with ongoing discussions
<maime> i had sex tonight.
<spinn> having nothing at all to do with politics
<wabewalkr> With whom?
<Lots42> Dick
<wabewalkr> Cheney?
<Lots42> Johnson
<maime> well let's just say, he couldn't come because batman wasn't on.
<wabewalkr> What?
<Lots42> Batman makes him impotent?
<maime> Yeah. I shouldn't have.
<wabewalkr> He's hot for Adam West?
<maime> But it's not like anyone else was offering.
<spinn> no, batman gets him excited, apparently
<wabewalkr> Animated or 60s camp?
<tieboy> SPURT
<Lots42> If he's that excited, why did he have a problem with coming?
<wabewalkr> SPLOT!
<Lots42> Espicallly the Poison Ivy and Catwoman scenes.
<wabewalkr> SQUUUIRP!
<maime> I hate Uma.
<tieboy> SCHLURMP!
<wabewalkr> PHBBBLIT!
<tieboy> HONK!
<wabewalkr> "Honk"?
<Lots42> Well...I was talking about the Batman Animated Series females
<tieboy> yeah.
<Lots42> TWEE-FRAAP!
<tieboy> ALTER SADDLE!
<Lots42> SPLOTCH!
<Lots42> BAM! PIFF! ZOW!
<maime> They're worse than barbie dolls.
<Lots42> Barbie has no nipples.
<maime> but hey, it was after 8:30
<Lots42> It was an awful accident with Ken's belt sander.
<wabewalkr> Saturday mornings were my roommates' favorite time. I'd be watching cartoons and listening to them make tuba noises in their room.
<maime> barbie also has painted underwear on.
<tieboy> tuba noises?
<maime> I dont even want to know what it takes to make tuba noises.
<wabewalkr> For the longest time, I thought the band practiced on Saturday.
<wabewalkr> Ooot! Ooot! Ooot!

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