sorry, you can't un-blow that schlong


<Lore> Chim chiminey chim chiminey chim chim chiree/A sweep is as lucky as lucky can be/Chim chiminey chim chiminey chim chim chiroo/Good look will rub off if I shake hands with you/Or blow me/And that's lucky too
<Machival> Just a spoon full of vodka makes the semen taste go down, the semen taste go down, the semen taste go down... just a spoonful of vodka makes the semen taste go down... so get down there and suck away...
<mdxi> i can think of better things than vodka to get rid of jizz aftertaste.
<Machival> yeah, that's true.
<mdxi> most girls i know prefer water or coke
<Lore> Or someone else's semen.
<Lore> Someone who eats less meat.
<sol-D> I've found the salty taste of my own tears helps, as I cry in shame
<Lots42> Oh my god
<Machival> binaca?
<Lore> That's what we need, aerosol sol tears.
<Lore> "They're shameriffic!"
<sol-D> "Now with 20% more humility!"
<Gayo> Good for those with no shame.
<Machival> "Now in mint, cinnamon and regret."
<sol-D> No, no.. "Mint, cinnamon, and I'm sorry I crashed the car into the side of your garage."
<sol-D> and for TMR.. "I'm sorry I accidentally smashed my knee into your balls"
<Lore> "Now in Debase-mint!"
<Lore> Or Defile-mint. Either way.
<Gayo> You knee him in the balls and then give him a blowjob? Wow, mixed signals.
<sol-D> not at the same time
<Machival> wtf? I thought sol and TMR were cousins.
<Machival> who was it that said that last night?
<sol-D> I just have no depth perception. and yes, we are cousins
<Machival> and you gave him a blowjob?
<Lore> You're COUSINS?
<sol-D> he looked like he needed it
<Machival> wtf kind of cousin is THAT?
<Lore> Haven't you ever heard the phrase "oral-sex-providin' cousins"?
<Machival> I mean, 'kissing cousins', yeah, but 'blowing cousins' is another story...
<sol-D> we have interesting family reunions
<Machival> how distant of cousins?
<sol-D> his mom is, like, my mom's sister or something
<Lore> Are you identical cousins?
<Machival> first cousins?
<sol-D> Yes, from the same zygote
<Machival> you gave a blowjob to your first cousin?
<Lore> In the womb, apparently?
<sol-D> That's why we look so much alike, and both listen to DEVO
<sol-D> it's genetic
<spinn> and why the doc said the ultrasound showed something a little...lumpy
<sol-D> In the womb? Honey, that boy had to grow up a little before I'd TOUCH him
<Gayo> I wonder if fetuses can get erections.
<Photon> fetus porn?
<spinn> I'd doubt it. can babies?
<sol-D> fetuses are more sensitive
<Photon> can babies on viagra?
<spinn> there's something I never thought about
<spinn> which, you itself makes me feel a little better about me
<Photon> I bet you never thought you'd think about it either
<Lore> But NOW you're thinking about it.
<spinn> well yeah, but due to outside influences
<spinn> I'm fine with that
<spinn> you, on the other hand, I just read a bunch on you expounding on elfin blowjobs
<spinn> pictured you giving a lecture at university
<Lore> That's perfectly legal.
<sol-D> at least he didn't blow his first cousin
<Photon> in the womb
<Machival> pre-natal blowing.
<sol-D> if you can call the back of his car "in the womb"
<Gayo> I can't find any fetus porn on google.
<Lore> In the Yugo, then.
<Gayo> Sigh.
<sol-D> o/` when I was only a zygote, I still remember the time.. when there was nothing to blow or to think about, except the fetus I was behind..o/`
<mdxi> that's sick, sol. keep up the good work.
<mdxi> i guess those lyrics would be from the "Sinsurround" remix
<Lore> This could be an exciting new chapter in the pro-life vs. pro-choice battle.
<sol-D> Yes. Although, remarkably, it was the one that ended up on the MMPR soundtrack.
<Machival> yes.
<sol-D> Right after a track that began with alpha going "AAi yi yi!"
<Lore> If fetuses are people, shouldn't we be protecting from sonographic exploitation?
<Machival> hrmmm... I'm suddenly surprised that sol was sickened by my semen-taste-removing rendition of 'spoonful of sugar'.
<spinn> only if we could blame the internet in some way
<Lore> I'm pretty sure this isn't a fetus, mdxi.
<Machival> and, seeing as they're minors, wouldn't ultrasounds be considered pornography?
<sol-D> the fact remains that TMR is still my cousin, all joking aside
<mdxi> Lore: nope. it's from the artbook i got today.
<sol-D> and he was born a girl, so technically I'm a lesbian
<Lore> That's what I'm saying Mach.
<Machival> ummm...
<Lore> I think we need to protect them.
<spinn> hm
<Lore> When did we stop being a girl?
<Machival> you gave a blowjob to your cousin... FIRST cousin... who was initially a WOMAN?
<Lore> He?
<spinn> that'd be a good spoof site
<Lore> I'm considering it.
<spinn> voyeur ultraspund photography
<sol-D> trying out the new equipment
<sol-D> I liked him better when he had boobies
<Lore> I was thinking of taking the "outraged bluenose" tack.
<spinn> sol, remember you showed us those pics
<spinn> he still has boobies
<Lore> What I'm trying to figure out there is why it's easier for me to come on here and be a goof than just to write something funny for Brunching.
<sol-D> Yeah.. well, his treatments weren't done yet
<sol-D> they're gone now
<Lore> Maybe I'll transcribe the elf thing.
<sol-D> they were sucked up into his now firm and manly chest
<spinn> lore, I'm guessing it's partly the interactivity and the immediate response
<sol-D> *sigh*
<Lore> I'm tired of text. I want to do animation.
<spinn> I know, I'm kinda torn on mining logs for humor myself
<Lore> Why is that?
<spinn> mm, doesn't seem fair, somehow.
<Lore> To whom?
<mdxi> <<<l0rE'z Fl4zH aN1m4tI0n SiT3>>>
<spinn> not sure, it's just the sense I get
<spinn> to my Code of Honor, I guess
<Lore> Fair enough. Humor is a very personal thing.
<Machival> animations, lore?
<Lore> Yeah. Like the Rudolph thing.
<Machival> hehe...
<Lore> I actually have a couple scripts, but I'm SO FUCKING LAZY.
<mdxi> i think taking something you came up with and expounding on it is fine and dandy. or even reworking a group exercise, like i did with the US/China entry in my k5 diary, as long as it's credited in some way.
<mdxi> taking someone else's riffage and ripping it off wholesale would be bad tho
<spinn> oh, well no, shawn, I mean
<spinn> that's pretty clear, and someone else's stuff I'd ask for permission
<spinn> wouldn't have brought it up if it didn't have to do with some goofy brain thing of my own
<Lore> Yeah, I'm strict about keeping my cribs to stuff that I came up with myself and isn't just my riff on someone else's gag.
<spinn> I mean, even things I've written. it just feels like reusing
<spinn> actually, especially because I get reactions from people here
<Machival> yeah.
<spinn> but I should not worry about that so much for standup, for instance
<spinn> but then I could raid brainshots for that first
<sol-D> you guys could use how me an' TMR are cousins. we won't mind
<mdxi> heh, no, i think everyone would be agreeable to being standup fodder. i know i wouldn't mind knowing how some of my lines work IRL.
<mdxi> that's an interesting experiment, to be sure
<mdxi> if you do that some more, you should tape it and post MP3s or something
<spinn> yah, I would like to get myself recorded just for myself
<spinn> just to see how I look
<spinn> so if I'm not a total idiot goober, I might show other people
<sol-D> ooh. breasts
<sol-D> or you could play netset
<spinn> oh go fellate something
<Machival> like your first cousin.
<Machival> hehe
<sol-D> Yeah. that's what I was going to say.
<sol-D> Most of my creative energies are spent trying to figure out what to do. then I'm left with nothing, and have to go blow my cousin
<spinn> man is that "innocent sol-d" cover just so whisked away now
<sol-D> No, no, see, it can come and go at will
<spinn> sorry, you can't un-blow that schlong
<sol-D> sure I can!
<sol-D> just give me a few days
<sol-D> I need to rebuild my innocent mystique
<sol-D> and it's not like anyone is reading this

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