#spinnwebe Logs : Developers of the Corn


<spinn> but it looks like I might have to get a business name to do freelance for newark
<spinn> givent that I don't wanna get stuck with aginostrazumigentocor, any ideas?
<CCsOffToLunch> Back in the Belly of the Beast Inc.
<CCsOffToLunch> I Thought I Was Leaving But I'm Not Inc.
<Elkman> Big Dog Software, Inc?
<SeanQ> Spinnovations Inc.
<rJak> eBFD
<StanXhiao> spinn dot com
<TMR> I like BFD Software
<Elkman> (Because you can't put "fucking" on a business card.)
<TomFish> spinn, what's your streetname?
<TMR> Think of the ad possibilities
<kaufman> elk: there is a precedent (FTP Software)
<StanXhiao> spinnONthestreet
<spinn> oh, yah, sean, give me the name of your media people. I need a commercial.
<kaufman> Newly Freelance Baby
<Elkman> That's what FTP stands for?
<kaufman> elk: fuck the peasants
<spinn> Newark Sucks, Inc.
<SeanQ> they're called The World's Smallest Ad Agency
<StanXhiao> No way, Sean
<StanXhiao> I used to work for the W.S.A.A.
<SeanQ> there's a reason for it, too
<StanXhiao> In my case, too.
<spinn> I Quit From Newark And All I Got Was This Lousy Corporation, Inc.
<TMR> Hire Me Inc.
<StanXhiao> Bayonne, Inc.
<StanXhiao> South of Newark
<CCsOffToLunch> Streetwise -- no, wait, it's taken.
<TomFish> My freelance business name is Three Lonley Kaiju Technologies
<spinn> My Ass Is Yours, Ltd.
<StanXhiao> Ass For Rent
<SeanQ> Spinncer for Hire
<spinn> I wanna avoid one with just letters.
<TomFish> it used to be Pembroke technologies after my street name, but I move around too much
<CCsOffToLunch> Thanks For The Farewell Lunch, See Ya Monday Inc.
<spinn> which is a shame, because I have a cool GMG logo for myself, but I'm sick of company names made out of initials of the owner
<SeanQ> Rasputin Design
<TMR> Hitler Web Design
<CCsOffToLunch> Green and Magenta Swirly Design Inc.
<TomFish> Hands of Wood & Co.
<TMR> Motto: "No, not THAT Hitler"
<spinn> there is a production company called something like Porpaganda Productions
<spinn> they had a cool logo.
<kaufman> It's a Dysfunctional Firm
<spinn> ooh, 9-ball?
<spinn> hm.
<TomFish> ya, that works
<spinn> an even aphabetically ahead of A hundred Monkeys, in most cases
<StanXhiao> Fisting Furiously, Ltd.
<TMR> Tom: Three Lonely Kaiju?
<StanXhiao> One Guy Ad Agency, Inc. And when you hire someone you can change the name.
<spinn> Designers of the Corn
<StanXhiao> Ads Infinitum.
<rJak> Vigoda, Estrada, and Borgnine.
<spinn> Developers In Black
<kaufman> Sarnak
<StanXhiao> The Creative Guy Who Dresses In Black Etc.
<StanXhiao> Merry Maids.
<StanXhiao> Opps.
<kaufman> Redzone Inc.
<spinn> Black-Wearing, Ponytailed Guys who Sip Latte, Ltd.
<rJak> Gothwebe?
<TomFish> Shut the Fuck Up, Ltd
<spinn> greenzone...hm
<CCsOffToLunch> Everyone Ping rJak Inc.
<kaufman> HPSF
<StanXhiao> er umm ah eh inc
<TMR> Pissed Penguin Design
<spinn> Angry Vole
<TomFish> I've got a Flounder in Me Trousers, Inc
<Elkman> "OK Consulting That Could Be Improved"
<TMR> (to avoid a Sanrio lawsuit)
<CCsOffToLunch> Dirtsnake Design Co.
<rJak> Ominous Black Pair Of Pants Inc.
<StanXhiao> Shed & Crew
<TomFish> Rapmusk & Sons
<rJak> Skunkfuckers.
<TMR> Open Mouth
<kaufman> Cecilweeders
<spinn> Ominous Daisy
<TomFish> Shit Fuck Cunt, Inc
<spinn> Pulchritudinous Bat
<StanXhiao> Son Of Sam (or maybe Barfy), Inc
<CCsOffToLunch> Lobay Emay Inc.
<kaufman> Adjective Noun Corp.
<TomFish> seriously, I like 9-Ball and Pissed Penguins
<rJak> Rancid Spam.
<TomFish> i really like Pissed Penguins
<TMR> Or Punched Monkeys
<TomFish> TMR, I'm gonna steal that
<kaufman> Featureless Void & Co.
<StanXhiao> King Cowles Syndicate
<spinn> me too, but I want something that I can compfrtably say on the phone to a business client.
<TomFish> for no other reason than I can just imagine the logo
<StanXhiao> Hello, Inc
<kaufman> POP
<TMR> I GPL all my work that's two words or under.
<StanXhiao> Please leave Your Message Etc
<rJak> Hello Please Inc?
<spinn> I'd be apologizing for Pissed Penguins too much
<TMR> Fuck You, Inc
<spinn> ohh, um
<spinn> something caretaker-based maybe
<kaufman> Happy Happy Post-It Distributors
<TMR> "Fuck You, how may I help you?"
<SeanQ> Nanite Design
<Elkman> SorryWrongNumber.com
<Raven> Ministeri, Inc.
<StanXhiao> Nanite Neener & Nanni, Inc
<Raven> Silent Shivs Corp.
<kaufman> Ring of the Fellowship
<TomFish> Honk Honk Dirtsnake Co.
<spinn> heheh, Ruffiani, Ltd.
<StanXhiao> Orc! Orc! & Al
<TMR> Ancient Chinese Secret Web Design
<rJak> La Cosa Nori
<SeanQ> They Might Be Freelancers
<StanXhiao> Mr Spinn Restaurant
<kaufman> Not Kemlo
<rJak> Hello Kitty Happy Panty Panty Corp.
<StanXhiao> Andy Ihnatko & Aliases, LLP
<TMR> Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers, Inc
<rJak> Rotting Colon Collective.
<spinn> the Pinchin' a Loaf Foundation
<TomFish> rjak, i just left a message on my bosses line and started laughing over that one
<TomFish> (the hello kitty one)
<rJak> Sorry.
<StanXhiao> The second panty convinces....
<StanXhiao> PantiFire
<mdxi> Speckhaarweb-Design GmbH
<TomFish> Prehensile Vagina and Son
<rJak> People's Front of Monrovia
<CCsOffToLunch> Flaming Kittens Corp.
<rJak> Chambraign.
<TMR> Uncle Gerstei's Design
<rJak> Un Chien Spinndalou.
<TomFish> Drive A Dumptruck Full of Money to my Door, Inc
<spinn> okay, what's a shorter way to say Scheming Underground Societies
<TMR> Cabal
<kaufman> IRT
<mdxi> Illuminati
<SeanQ> Freemason Freelance
<TomFish> Government
<Elkman> Microsoft
<CCsOffToLunch> Clever Bunnies
<spinn> tom, "underground"
<rJak> TV's Fish Memorial Fund
<kaufman> The Undead
<TomFish> that's what they want you to think
<mdxi> United Nations
<rJak> TV's Fish Underground Memorial Fund
<spinn> Geeks of the Damned
<kaufman> Cthulhu's Left Tentacle
<TMR> Newly Bathed Design
<rJak> Obey the Toaster Inc.
<rJak> Children of the Corn
<kaufman> No Tin Foil For You
<TomFish> Our Time Will Come, Ltd
<CCsOffToLunch> The Voices In My Head Tell Me To Work For You Ltd.
<spinn> had that already, rjak
<kaufman> Fern
<CCsOffToLunch> J's MPEG Inc.
<kaufman> Oinggg
<spinn> but developers of the corn
<StanXhiao> BlackVan, Inc
<rJak> PsychicFoodProcessor.com
<SeanQ> Helicopters of Color Inc
<TMR> Magic Oatmeal Design
<TomFish> NAMBLA
<rJak> LJdoing laundry.com!
<kaufman> NSA (not that one)
<StanXhiao> Roy Washington Design, Inc.
<StanXhiao> The Chubby Group
<kaufman> Edna
<mdxi> Unterirdische Gesellschaft zum Abbauen alles
<rJak> S and M
<TomFish> Abunai! (japanese for danger)
<kaufman> D & S
<StanXhiao> "Spiney Norman," LOL ROTFLAO
<rJak> The Society of St. Chairman Kaga
<StanXhiao> "Two Guys Named Spinn"
<kaufman> "Whooooooa!"
<mdxi> My Two Dads
<StanXhiao> Yahoo!
<rJak> Spinn Doggie Dogg.
<StanXhiao> Two Mommies, Inc
<mdxi> Pissbot
<kaufman> Daddy's Ponytail is on Backward
<rJak> Not Joopy.org.
<StanXhiao> It's Up And Let Me At 'Em
<kaufman> askgreg.com
<StanXhiao> Grandad's Dead, Ltd
<TomFish> We Don't Suck Design Studio
<kaufman> We Really Don't Suck Design Studio
<CCsOffToLunch> Unnamed Web Design Co. Inc.
<TMR> Drunk Vagrant Design Studio
<rJak> Leisure Suit Nori inc.
<kaufman> Spinnishavingcoffee, Inc.
<spinn> I'm kinda attracted to "ruffiani"
<rJak> Ugly Bastard Corps.
<CCsOffToLunch> Ruffiani Have Ridges Inc.
<kaufman> The Fifth Amendment
<StanXhiao> Kid You Used To Beat Up On The Playground, Inc.
<CCsOffToLunch> The Fifth Dimension
<rJak> The Third Amendment
<mdxi> K-RAD (K-RAD - Recursive Acronymn Design)
<kaufman> Death To The Shah
<rJak> Libertarians
<TMR> Stinky Finger Design
<StanXhiao> TarBaby
<mdxi> Vanadium
<kaufman> Soylent Web
<CCsOffToLunch> Pull My Mouse
<rJak> Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Lance Ito.
<mdxi> Thulium (the 69th Element)
<CCsOffToLunch> Ooooooh, Shiny Web Design
<kaufman> Mouth Wide Open
<rJak> Pocky
<mdxi> Milky
<rJak> I Nailed The First Lady Inc.
<TomFish> All the Other Design Studios Suck Design Studio
<Elkman> Heatiness Relief Inc.
<kaufman> Lastcapt inc.
<TMR> I Choked Linda Lovelace Inc.
<kaufman> d00t
<rJak> Doc Evil's House of Bathed Catgirls.
<StanXhiao> Schaden & Freude, GmBH
<SeanQ> Tourette's WHOOP BING COCKSUCKER! Inc.
<StanXhiao> Doot, Doot, & Lady
<kaufman> "S.N.K.K.T."
<mdxi> Injoke Design
<CCsOffToLunch> hehe, sean
<rJak> Shinra Polytechnic.
<kaufman> Marmadoot
<StanXhiao> Katzasz, Ltd
<TMR> Ass Salve Design
<CCsOffToLunch> Not That House of Screamin' Weasels Inc.
<rJak> SeeD
<kaufman> P-Ner
<CCsOffToLunch> How Bad Do You Want Me Inc.
<rJak> Kentucky Fried Chocobo
<StanXhiao> Peer Group
<TMR> Netsplit Inc
<CCsOffToLunch> The Please Hold While I Ignore You Group
<rJak> LJ Gets Bored.com.
<SeanQ> Internet FreelanceLine
<kaufman> H.A.I.K.U.
<rJak> Armour Canned Octopus
<Samwise> One Hundred and One Monkeys (Let's See The Bastards Top That) Inc.
<kaufman> Left Nipple Exhibitions
<spinn> hm, I'd always have to spell "ruffiani" though.
<rJak> Three Monkeys, Ten Minutes Productions.
<TomFish> 9-ball
<kaufman> Zweblo7
<CCsOffToLunch> PGGTG Webbe Excursions Inc.
<TMR> Two-Finger Prime
<mdxi> Spinnwebe Expeditionary Force
<kaufman> Innovative Innovators, Inc.
<rJak> Saddam Hussein's Back Up Band.
<SeanQ> Spremute Vaginali LLC
<TomFish> If Wishes were Pixels, Inc
<kaufman> Conejito
<mdxi> My Ass Has Powers & Co.
<TMR> We Got Mahir Where He Is, Inc.
<kaufman> Enough I'm Logging Off I'll Read The Rest In Raven's Report, Inc.
<kaufman> Ikissyou
<mdxi> Poop Design (Holding the Web Where It Is Since 1847)
<Elkman> Seeya later, Ken Inc.
<CCsOffToLunch> Bye Ken Corp.
<spinn> "specializing in the expedition of kaufman removal from site-based irc channels since 1999"
<rJak> Nanites Like It Productions.
<CCsOffToLunch> Wasabi Web Design Ltd.
<mdxi> Jamcracker
<TomtheFish_Inc> furiously urinating design
<mdxi> Jellybiscuit
<spinn> heh, A Billion Billion Nanites, Inc.
<rJak> Dancing Baby Jesus Designs.
<mdxi> Strrawberrypreservesscones
<rJak> LJ Returns fro the dead Ltd.!
<Elkman> Elkman's Broken Spam Filter Inc.
<CCsOffToLunch> I Got Yer Design Right Here Pal Inc.
<spinn> Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. NOW DAMNIT Inc. Inc. Inc.
<TMR> whostolemyritalin
<TomtheFish_Inc> And the Horse You Rode In On Technology
<TomtheFish_Inc> my old record label: HeadCheese Productions
<rJak> Javajavajavajavajavajavajava.comcomcomcomcom AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!
<mdxi> Recursive Recursive Recursive Recursive Recursive Recursive Recursive Recursive Recursive Recursive
<TomtheFish_Inc> "...And Your Mother."
<CCsOffToLunch> Hugh G. Rection Productions Corp.
<SeanQ> Dundant Redundant INc.
<rJak> Sir Cumcision Group.
<mdxi> ThreePointOneFourOneFiveNine Studios
<CCsOffToLunch> If You Think Our Designs Are Great Wait Til You See The Bill Corp.
<mdxi> Mallet Upside Your Skull Design
<rJak> Okay...bad thunderstorm. Gotta go.
<StanXhiao> Well, that name sucks
<spinn> heh
<rJak> Oh. Sorry.
<spinn> What The Hell Are You Smokin' Inc.
<mdxi> If You Knew Anything About This You Wouldn't Have Had To Hire Me So Shut Your Fucking Mouth Before I Stick Something In It, Inc.
<mdxi> Penny For My Thoughts
<CCsOffToLunch> Waffle Web Design
<CCsOffToLunch> "Well, it could look like this, or like this..."
<mdxi> I Fucked Your Mom Co.
<mdxi> Progettanti Sotterranee Societa
<TMR> Superfly Design
<StanXhiao> Whobie Callin
<Agent_Orange> "A Hot 12-Year-Old-Lolita", so they have to say it out loud in meetings... "I like A Hot 12-Year-Old-Lolita for this job."
<Agent_Orange> Designs on Yo Momma, Ltd.
<StanXhiao> Whodat
<Agent_Orange> Neener.com
<StanXhiao> Yello
<CCsOffToLunch> You Can't Afford Me But Let's Talk Anyway Ltd.
<CCsOffToLunch> Alpha Male Ape Web Design
<Agent_Orange> WitheringScorn Design
<TMR> Cat's Ass Design
<TMR> "We're the Cat's Ass!"
<Agent_Orange> Sure, I'll Design Your Site, Jethro
<mdxi> Not Afraid To Call You An Idiot To Your Face Studios
<StanXhiao> Ola Senor
<Agent_Orange> 3l33t
<Agent_Orange> Spinn's Flat Rotting Colophon
<SeanQ> Norkharden Industries
<CCsOffToLunch> Nasendouche Designs
<Agent_Orange> Poopenspigot Studios
<SeanQ> or Wimblefaust Web Designs
<StanXhiao> Artwork 'N Such
<CCsOffToLunch> #FFFFFF Design Inc.
<Agent_Orange> Web Designs 'n' things
<spinn> Nothin' But Geeks
<StanXhiao> Rent-A-Wreck
<SeanQ> Juffy Web
<SeanQ> Jiffy
<CCsOffToLunch> Jeffy Web
<mdxi> hIgH AsCiI dEzIgNz
<spinn> Happy Much Fun Programming and Drawing Prefecture
<Agent_Orange> 2:46 Webworks
<StanXhiao> HNIC
<CCsOffToLunch> Actually, #ffcc99 designs
<SeanQ> Spinn3:16
<mdxi> Adobe
<StanXhiao> One From Column A
<SeanQ> Read 'em and Weep
<Agent_Orange> [P-26] f-f-f-f-unt foundry
<spinn> yeah, then I could run 15 second spots with the girl who does the "I wahhht yer bahhhd!" voiceover, just saying "It's 2:46! It's 2:46! It's 2:46! It's 2:46! It's 2:46! It's 2:46!"
<CCsOffToLunch> Names Aren't Important Inc.
<Agent_Orange> ShutUp Co.
<StanXhiao> I bet she is.
<CCsOffToLunch> Stop Calling And Let Me Finish Your Damn Site Inc.
<spinn> yeah, does she wahhht my bahhhhd?
<Agent_Orange> Best Viewed With Mosaic 1.0 co.
<Raven> Lynx Or Die! Studios.
<CCsOffToLunch> Under Construction Websites Ltd.
<spinn> Blinky Zappy Flashy Designs, Co. or at least that's the company that's been organizing all the people who have been sending me their samples for design, anyway.
<Agent_Orange> I Got Yer Plug-In Right Here, Pal Design
<SeanQ> 404 Web Design
<StanXhiao> The Poop Boys: Nanny, Mo, and Crack
<Agent_Orange> bahahaha
<SeanQ> or better yet, Four-oh-four
<spinn> black coat?
<mdxi> God Love All-One Secret Essene Web Scrolls
<Agent_Orange> Geekinblack
<spinn> four-oh-four-no-more designs
<StanXhiao> Spinn On This One Time, Inc.
*** SeanQ is now known as lOO_Monkeys
<spinn> Riches On The Internet Explosion Inc
<lOO_Monkeys> Spinovigodator
<Agent_Orange> Precious Downloads--a dancing baby on every page, guaranteed!
<mdxi> Martha Stuart's a Ho Web Design
<CCsOffToLunch> Agilent Orange
<CCsOffToLunch> Jesus Loves You Web Design
<StanXhiao> One Thousand Animated Angels and Puppy, Inc.
<Agent_Orange> Codesmack
<lOO_Monkeys> eSpinpercalifragilistivaxpialedociousicon
<Agent_Orange> HTMLegant!
<Agent_Orange> Hare Becca Webworks
<lOO_Monkeys> eCrass
<Agent_Orange> MIDI Mall!
<spinn> Sites By The Truckload
<Agent_Orange> Cascading Smile Sheets :)
<CCsOffToLunch> Corporate Haiku / With Animated Backgrounds / Web Design Co. Inc.
<mdxi> Hop To The Page://
<StanXhiao> AgedSexLocation, Ltd
<spinn> Snnkkt, Ltd.
<StanXhiao> Hot Beef Injection 4 U, Plc
<CCsOffToLunch> You've Got Mail Designs for Web Sites
<Agent_Orange> Flaming Kittens Flash Factory
<spinn> Construction Workers on the Information Superhighway, LLC
<lOO_Monkeys> You've Got Male Designs
<lOO_Monkeys> Goldberg Contraptions Inc
<Agent_Orange> Barfy's Dick Animated Gifs
<lOO_Monkeys> Harvey's Taxidermy and HTML
<Agent_Orange> Web Design While-U-Wait
<StanXhiao> Your Company Name Here Specialty Advertising
<Elkman> spinn, having any luck yet?
<mdxi> Nude Chicks On My Desktop
<Agent_Orange> Whackoff
<CCsOffToLunch> Click Here For Web Designs
<Agent_Orange> PageMill Wranglers
<lOO_Monkeys> Abort, Retry, and Fail
<lOO_Monkeys> Blue Screen Design
<CCsOffToLunch> and he doesn't like any of them.
<CCsOffToLunch> keep working!
<spinn> heh
<spinn> actually I was working on a logo.
<Agent_Orange> ( * )
<CCsOffToLunch> Deer In Headlights Web Design.
<StanXhiao> M. Burns & Co.
<ti3b0y> suggestions for what?
<Agent_Orange> SpinnCo uses the Web to unify and extend mission-critical information systems and applications to customers, suppliers, partners and employees, through the implementation of ERP and custom Web applications; developing supply chain managementsolutions; implementing E-commerce strategies; creating corporate portals and outsourcing applications, Ltd.
<Agent_Orange> Name and mision statement in one
<StanXhiao> ManBasket
<StanXhiao> AAA Aadvantage Ad Agency
<Agent_Orange> DDD Disadvangtage Design
<StanXhiao> :"We're First In The Phone Book"
<CCsOffToLunch> Web Implants Inc.
<Agent_Orange> Ye Olde Hand-Worked Webbe Defigns
<Agent_Orange> "All Wood!"
<StanXhiao> Holy Cow! It's An Ad Agency, Inc.
<Agent_Orange> Whatever, Ltd.
<CCsOffToLunch> Camp Yo-Ha-Te-Ma-Na-Wa-Ka Web Designs
<Agent_Orange> Peener Productions
<tieboy> SpinnCo: Spanning Two Centuries of Tradition
<lOO_Monkeys> The Whole Nine Yards
<CCsOffToLunch> I'm Running Out Of Ideas Web Design Unltd.
<Agent_Orange> Darn it to Hex
<Elkman> CC's Excessively Long Lunch, Ltd.
<Agent_Orange> Crackhouse
<tieboy> The Most Host for Boasts, Toasts, and Roasts
<Agent_Orange> Robot-Men Consulting
<CCsOffToLunch> Aiiee! The Bats! Web Design
<rJak> Whoah. We're still discussing?
<CCsOffToLunch> spinn doesn't like any of our 450+ ideas, rJak.
<Agent_Orange> Flying Fuck, a Division of Rolling Donut Co.
<tieboy> TopSpinn
<tieboy> BackSpinn
<CCsOffToLunch> Touch Me Right There Design Concepts ltd.
<rJak> Amalgated Scrotor.
<CCsOffToLunch> Dr. Otto's Evil Web Designs
<Elkman> Tick Neck Internet Consulting, Ltd.
<tieboy> An Abe Vigoda On Every Background
<Agent_Orange> Geocities Backgrounds By The Yard
<spinn> tick neck...baha
<spinn> oh, Sites By The Yard isn't so bad
<tieboy> Carful Webb Proofign
<CCsOffToLunch> and you can diversify into lawn care
<CCsOffToLunch> during the slow season
<lOO_Monkeys> agto: Rolling Donut Co. got me
<Agent_Orange> U-Pack-It Bulk Web Design
<lOO_Monkeys> Seagull management
<CCsOffToLunch> We Mop Up Your Shit Design Group
<Agent_Orange> Wet Works
<lOO_Monkeys> Web Enema Ltd
<CCsOffToLunch> You Need Me More Than I Need You Designs Inc.
<rJak> Jolly Tojo's Webbe Designs and Cafeteria
<Agent_Orange> Generic Services
<lOO_Monkeys> That Web Geek
<Agent_Orange> Clues For Sale
<Samwise> If I Build It, They Will Come
<CCsOffToLunch> Bar Code Design and Waffles Inc.
<lOO_Monkeys> sam: sprcializing in pr0n
<Agent_Orange> Schlockwave
<tieboy> L33t D3sign W3b S40pp3
<rJak> pr0n cocktail
<lOO_Monkeys> Golden Shovel
<tieboy> Will Host for Money
<CCsOffToLunch> I'd Rather Be Fishing Designs Ltd.
<Agent_Orange> hm co.
<tieboy> The Bull & Trumpet
<Leth> eww
<tieboy> oops, wait, I was thinking of a medieval tavern
<rJak> Eva pr0n
<CCsOffToLunch> The Name That Must Not Be Said Web Concepts Corp.
<Agent_Orange> I Should Drive a Bus For Your Revolution? Design
<rJak> Ye old Cock and Shaft.
<Agent_Orange> bahaha--call it "Furplay"
<CCsOffToLunch> You're Too Late, Your Competition's Already Killing You on the Web Designs Co.
<rJak> Agt: We already have Skunkfucker.
<tieboy> Ridiculously Expensive WebDesigns: Just reading this is costing you a ton
<Agent_Orange> Off-The-Cuff design
<CCsOffToLunch> I'm Charging You Just To Make You Listen To Me Answer The Phone Inc.
<rJak> Sex with Stuffed Animals.com
<Agent_Orange> Halfassed, Ltd.
<spinn> hm
<spinn> well, this took more time than it was worth
<spinn> but here, anyway:

<Raven> That is cool, greg.
<Elkman> So that means we can stop suggesting company names now?
<CCsOffToLunch> are those bunny ears on the left?
<spinn> yeah, pity it's not a cooler name
<Samwise> Nice.
<mdxi> is that jeeb over on the right?
<Agent_Orange> "The corn demands more jolt cola!"
<Samwise> It's CORN, dammit!
<Agent_Orange> Developers of the c++orn
<Elkman> (What do I mean "we"? I've been researching taxes all afternoon.)
<mdxi> Samwise: corn has an antenna?
<rJak> When did I eat Korn?
<CCsOffToLunch> how big is that rabbit on the left, if this is corn?
<Samwise> Well, I was responding to CC's questino about the left protuberance.
<Agent_Orange> The geeks have eyes!
<rJak> Okay. Who suggested that?
<spinn> what, developers of the corn? it was mine
<lOO_Monkeys> yeh, it was his own, rjak
<tieboy> I wonder if that guy is husky
<Samwise> tie: thanks for that earful.
<Agent_Orange> hm... kernels...
<lOO_Monkeys> i may bill him anyway for consulting
<rJak> So we just spent over an hour suggesting names you didn't use?
<tieboy> Just buttering you up
<spinn> nono, I probably won't use this, either.
<spinn> I just like the logo concept. but the name itself is too clunky.
<Raven> Aw, I like them both.
<Agent_Orange> You'll Be Hearing From Our Lawyers Co.
<lOO_Monkeys> there's a kernel of an idea there
<rJak> Milagro Beanfield War Ltd.
<Samwise> Developers in the Mist.
<CCsOffToLunch> Oh So Our Names Aren't Good Enough For You Well Then Bite Me Inc.
<Elkman> fuck
<rJak> Scratch the Fuck Corp.
<tieboy> It looks good. Not like it was cob-bled together
<Agent_Orange> Cthulhu Concepts
<lOO_Monkeys> yow, tieboy
<lOO_Monkeys> renick to ken next time you come out with one of those
<Agent_Orange> its simply a-maize-ing
<tieboy> Agt, you're ahead in your field
<spinn> geeks of the corn?
<Agent_Orange> just thought that same thing
<spinn> if there was a two-syllable word to use there
<Samwise> I can't think of one. Shucks.
<lOO_Monkeys> hax0rs
<Agent_Orange> coders
<CCsOffToLunch> bunnies
<mdxi> admins
<rJak> Maize Developers.
<Samwise> Ooo..keeps the "C" too.
<Agent_Orange> *bunnies*?
<mdxi> penis
<CCsOffToLunch> yeah, the bunny ears on the left
<spinn> not coders, though.
<lOO_Monkeys> concepts
<spinn> they're not frickin bunny ears already.
<rJak> You know, if you ain't gonna use some of those names, can I borrow them?
<spinn> yes, except for 9-ball. I'm still pondering that one.
<rJak> Can I get 5-ball then?
<Agent_Orange> Digerati of the Corn?
<mdxi> Bastards
<Elkman> Can I get 18-ball?
* lOO_Monkeys faxes rJak an exclusivity and non-disclosure agreement to sign in triplicate
<Elkman> It's twice as good as the 9-ball.
<rJak> I was thinking the "law of fives" here.
<TomtheFish_Inc> i've got the biggest balls of them all
<lOO_Monkeys> "Designers of the Corn"?
<CCsOffToLunch> Fish don't have balls.
<lOO_Monkeys> nah... "Oooh, put that kernel over there, give me a few more white ones here..."
<Samwise> Fish Don't Have Balls, Inc.
<rJak> Bunnies of the Corn?
<Agent_Orange> Corn Porn
<Samwise> Hackers
<rJak> Pr0n and Cr0n
<Agent_Orange> Children of the CRON
<spinn> actually, bunnies of the corn is kinda amusing.
<CCsOffToLunch> I WIN!!!!!
<lOO_Monkeys> think of yourself answering the phone with that
<spinn> I bet a "children of the porn" movie must already exist
<mdxi> Children of TRON?
* CCsOffToLunch does the Happy Happy There I Was Right All Along Dance
<spinn> about what?
<CCsOffToLunch> the bunny on the side.
<Agent_Orange> *Bunnies*
<Agent_Orange> hmf
<spinn> christ, and when I /want/ ops...

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