My poop had slime bubbles about the size of dimes


<TomtheFish> whta kind of palm device would any of you recommend as a birthday present for my wife?
<spinn> forget the palm, get her this
<TomtheFish> ew
<zompist_> now that's a promising url
<zompist_> sounds like a nori for the butt
* jacquilyn decides not to visit that URL.
<SoiledGreen> you colonblower..
<spinn> it's not bad
<tieboy> wasn't that an SNL skit?
<spinn> yeah
<TomtheFish> no, i think i want to stay married to her.
<spinn> I'm tempted to get it just to see what happens
<TomtheFish> Colonblow is powder and capsules that work together for well... explosive results
<SeanQ> tie: it was the name of a cereal that looked like a box of carpet shavings
<zompist_> "This is what Colonblow can help promote the release of. Not simply QUANTITY releases, but QUALITY releases. Not simply waste, but perhaps very long term waste."
<SeanQ> spinn: I'd suggest trying it ona weekend when you do't have plans
<TomtheFish> active ingrediants: Sagrada Bark, Fig, Prune, Senna leaf... Magnesium sulfate.
<tieboy> those pesky internal organs
<spinn> some of the testimonials are entertaining
<SeanQ> "Contact a doctor if you experience a sudden change in bowel habits"
<TomtheFish> You will be surprised, if not mortified, when you see what your body may rid itself of. This is where you have to insert your own humor, laugh a little. I strongly encourage you to examine your own stool, you will have many opportunities, trust me. Most folks have described the final stage waste as 'rope-like'. Yep, that's right. When you see this type of waste, success!
<SeanQ> oh, missed the next line: "... persisting for two weeks" (!!!)
<TomtheFish> and all i wanted was advice on palm pilots
<zompist> "I was very happy (and scared) to see the things which manifested themselves"
<TomtheFish> who needs colonblow? paralegal, truck driver, sales manager, networker, daredevil!
<zompist> gah! look at [RC]'s letter.
* zompist refuses to quote it.
<KemloCaesar> "We tried it, we don't think this is the product for us." ST
<raven> "my poop had slime bubbles about the size of dimes, and I have the pictures to prove it)"
<SeanQ> there's a "happy customer video"?
<spinn> tom: well, this palm V that my wife doesn't want anymore and I could sell you for $175 would make a great gift
<Kyol> spinn's palm V mart. low low prices.
<TomtheFish> nah, i want new. thnaks anyway
<spinn> well then I'm fresh outta ideas
<zompist> ideas?
<zompist> you've come to the right place! what sort of ideas does who want?
<spinn> tom, who wants to know what sort of palm product to get his wife, in lieu of colonblow
<jacquilyn> So the only gift idea you can come up with is a used palm pilot or an ass nori?
<jacquilyn> Your wife must just live for Christmas and Birthdays.
<tieboy> hey, i was a palm pilot
<KemloCaesar> better than the alternative
<zompist> go all out, give her the palm pilot and colonblow.
<TomtheFish> colonblow, it's wonderfully aggreeable

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