Often, cocksucking decisions are made within and outside of the cocksucking organization


<keith> But I think it's probably a lot harder to sell ads nowadays.
<Lore> Huh.
<keith> At the time it was really really easy to sell ads in general, and even easier with slashdot and freshmeat since they were basically the only big geek/linux sites at the time
<Lore> I think if I had spent more time sucking cock I could have made a tidy living off it.
<Lore> But it's all about who you know in the cocksucking business.
<Lore> Anyhow, I couldn't really get into the networking part of cocksucking. I would go to these parties and listen to someone go on about loads being up 5% over last year or whatever, and I'm nodding and being polite, but I'm thinking "What is this? I just want to suck cock and get paid for it."
<tieboy> heh heh
<agent_orange> what you need is some real-time cocksuck decision management software
<tieboy> or "Who Moved My Cock?"
<spinn> yeah, because often, cocksucking decisions are made within and outside of the cocksucking organization
<Lore> You see, I remember the days when it was all about the cock, and, to a nearly equal extent, the sucking.
<agent_orange> plus, as an added bonus, this absorband event fabric
<ristoril> cocksucking cocksucking, cocksuck cocksucker's cocksucked.
<agent_orange> shit shit shitshitshitshitshit
<Lore> Back then, you didn't assemble focus groups or hire consultants. You went out, found yourself a cock to suck, and sucked it.
* agent_orange goes off to look for a warez copy of Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
<spinn> but today--oy! don't get me started
<Lore> Then you went and sucked another. You did it because you had to, because you had a family to feed and an almighty love of cock.
<spinn> you need a bs in sucking cock before they'll even look at you for cocksucking
<tieboy> an bukkake is just closing the door on the independent cocksuckers
<spinn> I mean that only gets you in the door
<agent_orange> now, it's all these young punks with the e-cocks and the suck.nets and the digibonerati
<Lore> Nowadays kids are coming out of college with their fancy degrees and their MBAs and they feel as if the world owes them fifty-thousand cocks a year, minimum.
<ristoril> master of boner administration?
<CrazyClimber> i was an optimist. i just went for cock options.
<CrazyClimber> now i have NOTHING
<spinn> you know, I'm a little concerned how readily this group takes on a conversation about cocksucking
<spinn> next you'll be bringing in candles
<agent_orange> cocksucking? where?
<Lore> And when you hire them, do they pull out the kneepads and get to work? No! They have to schedule meetings, make Powerpoint presentations, and hire their pansy-ass friends for college to "add value."
<ristoril> maybe you just need to suck a good cock to calm down, spin
<agent_orange> hualghualghualghuahlgh
<Lore> It's as if there were some contest to see how much a cocksucker can spend in a year without sucking cock one.
<tieboy> the candles was a joke. let it go, man
<agent_orange> "We can suck cocks for years without showing a profit and still make a killing on the Initial Public Ejeculation
<Lore> What's the deal with the candles?
<spinn> they're the faggiest faggy things that ever fagged in God's great faggy Earth
<agent_orange> some fag ritual tieboy used to revel in
<tieboy> i was the same age and i needed the money
<Lore> Spill.
<spinn> he did
<spinn> frequently
<tieboy> i was in a call of cthulululu group for a while, and someone mentioned we'd be playing a game by candlelight. turns out he was kidding
<spinn> "oh, that. I was just...testing you."
<Lore> Was it a LARP?
<tieboy> i think there was a log from that day
<spinn> it may have been recorded somewhere
<tieboy> no. one dude did an accent, but no costumes or anything
<Lore> Oh, I'm remembering that.
<tieboy> yeh
<Lore> Your mention of it, that is.
<Lore> Sheez, I thought you used to be in a coven or something.
<tieboy> well, NAMBLA, but that was only because I liked to abduct, drug, and fondle young boys

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