James Jeffrey Dinglehauser Smythe


<spinn> shawn: right about now, funk soul brother
<spinn> shawn: check it out now, funk soul brother
<SoiledGreen> god damn spinn..
<JarJarBinks> This is the song that never ends.
* SoiledGreen gets a .45 and blows his head off.
<spinn> hey, it coulda been worse
<SoiledGreen> ARGH! it WILL NOT STOP!!!
<tieboy> could be a BeeGees song
<Samwise> SG: need an emergency copy of "dancing queen"?
<SoiledGreen> noooooo!
<mdxi> tieboy: TRAGEDY!
<spinn> shawn: yabbadabba deebadooba abbadabba macarena
<spinn> shawn: laddadada yeddadada ladadada macarena
<spinn> shawn: leebadooba deebadobba wubbadubba macarena
<spinn> shawn: heyyyyyy, macarena
<JarJarBinks> ma na ma na!
<JarJarBinks> doot doo do doo doo
<mdxi> not working. i don't know the music to that one.
<CrazyClimber> sha
<CrazyClimber> na na na
<CrazyClimber> hey hey hey
<CrazyClimber> good bye
<spinn> ow!
<Kyol> Oh. I was going to say "get a job".
<spinn> good one, bob
<spinn> in that it's a horribly bad one
<SeanQ> ./kick #spinnwebe CrazyClimber goodbye
<[15>52 Kyol: save that till Elk gets here.
<mdxi> da deedee daa deedee daa deedee daa
*** JarJarBinks is now known as MaryPoppins
<MaryPoppins> Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
<SeanQ> oblidee! oblida! life goes onnnnnNNNNNNN
<SeanQ> la la la la life goes on!
<mdxi> happy traaaaaaaaaaaaaaail to yooooooooouuuu
<mdxi> untiiiil we meeeeet agaaaaaaain
<SeanQ> Stan was the best at this game... *sniff*
<mdxi> stan!
* mdxi chokes back tears
<SoiledGreen> The Man!
<Samwise> oh, what a niiiight...
<raven> 99 BOTTLES OF BEER
<mdxi> *final jeopardy music*
<mdxi> *final jeopardy music*
<mdxi> *final jeopardy music*
<mdxi> DAAAH
<mdxi> *final jeopardy music*
* Samwise laughs at mdxi, imagining some guy on the show, lookin up and blurting out "DAAAH" during final jeopardy
<daria> I'm crowded. Roll over!
<Samwise> daria: soooo, they allrolledoverandonefelloutandthelittleone saaaaaid...
<daria> 3 bears in the bed and the little one said
<Samwise> *smak* right, right.
<daria> Iiiiiiiii m crowded
<daria> roooooooool over
<KemloCaesar> Matthew Mark Luke And John
<KemloCaesar> Went To Bed With THeir Britches ON
<daria> the ants go marching one by one
<KemloCaesar> John Got Up in the middle of the night
<Samwise> heh, that segment is coming back like a drug flashback.
<daria> father abraham had seven sons
<mdxi> and DOOOOWN came the GOOD FAIRY
<daria> seven sons had father
<daria> abraham
<mdxi> and SHE SAID
<daria> and they never laughed
<daria> and they never cried
<daria> all they did was go like THIS:
<KemloCaesar> And Said His Britches Were Too Tight
<daria> john jacob jinglemeyer smith
<CrazyClimber> eentsy-weentsy spider went up the water spout
<daria> that's my name too
<Samwise> jingleheimer
<daria> whateva
<Samwise> schmidt
<SeanQ> daria: what kind of fucked-up version of that song did you learn as a kid?
<daria> i don't see you finishing the line, thoguh!
<daria> ring around the rosie
<mdxi> I'll give you THREE MORE CHANCES
<Samwise> do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro; can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow
<SeanQ> s/ears/nevermind
<babich> samwise:ears?
<daria> there was an old lady who swallowed a fly
<wabewalkr> It's the politically correct version; doesn't insult teutonic people.
<tieboy> James Jeffrey Dinglehauser Smythe
<Samwise> bab, yes, ears. What did you learn it as?
<mdxi> "tits"
<daria> boobies
<KemloCaesar> samwise - originally "balls"
<babich> boobs, I think
<SeanQ> i learnt it as "balls"
<mdxi> really? i was guessing
<Samwise> hahahahahah never thought of it that way... learned it in 3rd grade, before discovering boobs.
<KemloCaesar> Can you throw them over your shoulder like a continental soldier?
<SeanQ> with the coda "Can you slign them o'er your shoulder / like a reginmentary soldier? / do your balls / hang / low?"
<tieboy> when did we become afraid of insulting teutonic people?
<Samwise> There was a second verse with hanging high, but I don't remember all of it.
<mdxi> BOOM BOOM
<KemloCaesar> tie - after the Wall came down.
<mdxi> *final jeopardy music*
<daria> swiiiing low
<KemloCaesar> *Super Mario Brothers music*
<mdxi> swwwwt teeeesitclllles
<Samwise> c is for cookie, that's good enough for me...
<daria> snkkkkkkkt
<KemloCaesar> OHHHHHHH...... cookie cookie cookie starts with c!
* SeanQ goes back to side 2 of Led Zep III
<babich> n is for nookie, Haven't had it in a while
<daria> oh heaven i almost spit lollipop at the screen
<mdxi> Testicles was one of the lesser known Roman orators
<CrazyClimber> ah
<CrazyClimber> ah
<CrazyClimber> ah
<CrazyClimber> ah
<CrazyClimber> staylin' alive
<CrazyClimber> staylin' alive
<tieboy> knew we'd get to the BeeGees
<CrazyClimber> shame they misspelled "staylin'" in their version of the lyrics, tho
<Samwise> Bob, how is it you have time to talk?
<tieboy> Na-biiiiiiss-co!
<tieboy> how do you correctly spell "staylin"?
<daria> who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?
<KemloCaesar> Not me!
<jacquilyn> You stole the cookies from the cookie jar?
<CrazyClimber> "Here I come to save the day...
<CrazyClimber> "Mighty Mouse is on the way..."
<KemloCaesar> wasn't me!
<SeanQ> byyyyyyyyyyyyy MEN-nen
<KemloCaesar> then who?
<daria> then who?
<daria> there was a farmer who had a dog
<tieboy> Old Navy draw-strings... doot doot
<daria> and bingo was his NAAAAAAAAAAMo
<KemloCaesar> SCHUMIN stole the cookies from the cookie jar
<mdxi> gi-GAAAAAAN-tor gi-GAAAAAAAN-tor gi-GAAAAA-AAAA-NNNN-toooooor
<Samwise> I feel like chic-ken to-night, like CHIC-KEN TO-NIGHT!
<daria> Old Navy Old Navy Old Navy performance fleece
<babich> Hurcules, hero of song and story , Hurcules, hero of ancient glory
<babich> fighting with his might.
<babich> with the strength of ten
<babich> ordinary men!
<KemloCaesar> HERcules.... da da da DEE da da da, HERcules.... da da da DEE da da da
<daria> Roar of thunder
<daria> under doooog
<mdxi> N-E-S-T-L-E-S / Shove it up your A-S-S / Side-waaaaays / Leeeength-wiiise
<KemloCaesar> five four three two one!
<Samwise> there ya go, dar.
<Samwise> mdxi: what's that from?
<mdxi> daria: i love the Butthole Surfers version of Underdog
<daria> eep opp ork ah ah
<tieboy> My concrete iiiiiiis a street, sweet land of Liiiiiberty
<KemloCaesar> Dance your cares away!
<daria> (which the violent femmes version rocks)
<KemloCaesar> Worries for another day!
<tieboy> (s'way i thought it went)
<daria> I'm just a bill
<KemloCaesar> Let the Fraggles play!
<KemloCaesar> Down at Fraggle Rock!
<mdxi> VERB!
<daria> sittin' here on capitol hill
* babich jumps up and down on courthouse steps "I'm a Law!"
<tieboy> ha, I'm immune to that Bill on Capitol Hill shit. Never seen nor heard them.
<Samwise> anyone remember captain o.g. readmore?
* mdxi pours some of his 40 on the ground in honor of Mister Chips and Scooter Computer
<mdxi> Samwise: of course. what a fag.
<Samwise> *boggle*
<babich> Tie: Conjuction Junction?
<tieboy> nope
<Samwise> mdxi: they got the answers at their fingertiii-iips?
<babich> Bloodhound Gang?
<babich> 3
<babich> 2
<babich> 1
<babich> contact!
<babich> is the reason
<daria> lolly lolly get yer adverbs here
<KemloCaesar> You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals!
<babich> is the moment
<Samwise> when everything happens
<SeanQ> dear GOD that theme song will stick in your head
<babich> when ...every thing...happens......contact!
<KemloCaesar> It's time to raise the curtain!
<mdxi> Fraggle Rock 0wnz
<KemloCaesar> It's time to light the lights!
<daria> Okay you people are just on CRACK
<Samwise> bab: I've watched so many hours of that show.
<mdxi> but not as much as the Muppet Show
<KemloCaesar> It's time to get things started
<KemloCaesar> on the MUPPET SHOW TONIGHT!
<mdxi> i'd give ANYTHING for the complete Muppet Show on DVD
<Samwise> Sean: ever see the CD rom?
<Kyol> Ok, this is just getting silly.
<daria> I am going to get work done now
<mdxi> daria: you jus' cain't hang
*** SeanQ has changed the topic on channel #spinnwebe to #dnd Thursday 10pm CDT / Okay you people are just on CRACK
<Samwise> "It's time to boot the disk up... it's time to turn stuff on! It's time to meet the muppets on the muppets CD Rom!"
<tieboy> wouldn't you have to turn stuff on before you booted the disk?
<tieboy> :|
<KemloCaesar> hey, who was your favourite Fraggle, of the first five?
<wabewalkr> Hm.
<mdxi> :]
<tieboy> unless you're talking about vomiting up the disk
<daria> I liked the doozers
<mdxi> :]-<--|
<babich> A freind of mine looks just like a fraggle...hold on i'll get the URL
* wabewalkr is more of a Teletubbie person.
*** mdxi has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by daria (NO NO NO NO EMOTICON WARS)
<tieboy> I watched the tubbies a bit thins morning
<mdxi> the teletubbies are for stoners who are too far gone to follow Scooby Doo anymore
<mdxi> daria: bitch
<tieboy> I don't know what the big deal was about one being gay. I think it's obvious they're all gay
<daria> mdxi: sorry, you be desrvin' dat
<wabewalkr> Yep, it's like an LSD trip that you can turn off and go to work without feeling like crap.
<CrazyClimber> we only watch the tubbies when they're having custard
<CrazyClimber> but tivo knows to get it for us even though we haven't subscribed
<daria> I actually thought it would have reverse psychlogied, and you all would have started one anyway
<SeanQ> nope, daria, sorry :P
<daria> but you reverse psychologied my reverse psychology
<daria> damn you ALL
<wabewalkr> Mighty Orbots! I was trying to remember how I was accidentally exposed to O.G. Readmore
<tieboy> i'm trying to figure out what mdxi's emotithingy was
<daria> tie: it was a stick figure
<SeanQ> it's a little man
<daria> the < was arms
<SeanQ> with stubby old arms
<tieboy> ah
<SeanQ> ooh, jinx
<wabewalkr> Doin' a split.
<daria> and weird feet
<mdxi> it was a ROBOT
<tieboy> i think he was cute
<SeanQ> it was Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf
<daria> :]-<--|
<tieboy> that's the same as mdxi's
<KemloCaesar> Mighty! Robots! Mighty! Vehicles! Gobots!
<SeanQ> :]->--| <-- robot signalling a touchdown
<wabewalkr> Somebody kick Kemlo for dare mentioning the Gobots.
<daria> <:]-<--| <- dunce robot
<Samwise> o/~ Transformers... more between the thighs... o/~
<SeanQ> ooh, you reverse psycholgised yourself, daria!
<tieboy> :]-|--| robot signalling a safe slide into third
<wabewalkr> Somebody kick Sam for dare despoiling The Transformers.
<daria> seanQ: i know, I'm soooo good that way
<KemloCaesar> Autobots you've never seen
<KemloCaesar> Opposing evil forces of.....
<KemloCaesar> the deCEPticons!
<daria> tie: wouldn't that be :|-|--|
<daria> umps don't smile
<daria> not even robot umps
<tieboy> no, he's a happy robot
<Samwise> Heh. I kept my transformers, thankyouverymuch. You just don't throw out a collection with 5 dinobots.
<CrazyClimber> isn't football done for the year anyway?
<tieboy> who said he was an ump?
<daria> me
<tieboy> he's just signalling. I didn't say he was officiating
<daria> CC: it's just starting bayyyyyyybeyeee
<wabewalkr> I thought the robot was happy he bought a Toyota.
<tieboy> he might not even be at a game. he could be a crazy robot
<daria> well if he knows you I'm sure he is
*** DML (dmlaenker@cx866828-a.nrflk1.va.home.com) has joined #spinnwebe
<tieboy> i have been put in my place
*** daria has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by SeanQ (you started an emoticon war and ruined a great summons on top of it)
<daria> :[-<--|
<mdxi> :]->-O-| <- Chris the Parade Robot (in pink tutu)
<DML> Oh, god
<daria> chris, you wear a pink tutu?!
<wabewalkr> He's applying to Wal-Mart next week.
<daria> and why don't we have pictures?
<mdxi> not that chris.
<Samwise> ![=<==| Evil sentry robot with one rotating eye
* mdxi sends daria to remedial #spinnwebe
<mdxi> Samwise: Cyclons!
<tieboy> :]-&--| <-- robot who got his arms tangled, perhaps by pointing the way to Oz
<wabewalkr> 'Cyclons' or 'Cylons'?
<DML> 8B- - - - *
<DML> Me drooling
<mdxi> wabewalkr: i don't know. the Battlestar Craptacula things
<raven> nice dental work, dan.
<tieboy> drooling on a spider?
<wabewalkr> You have a harelip, Dan?
<DML> Hey, it wasn't a 8#
<SeanQ> tie: that's a nanite
<tieboy> human's drool on 8 spiders every year
<Samwise> buckteeth.
<tieboy> er, humans
<DML> Wabe: It's buckteeth
<CrazyClimber> aw damn, we're not doing songs anymore
<DML> Kind of the "humble/shy" emoticon
<CrazyClimber> back
<Samwise> :B~`
<CrazyClimber> and broken hearted
<Samwise> Bob: we could...
<wabewalkr> Tried to...
*** Samwise has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by Kyol (Don't even think about it.)
<Kyol> Just a friendly-like kick there.
<mdxi> Mike, explain the Pina Colada Song to us
<Samwise> Dammit, that's a good one for getting stuckin the head.
<tieboy> sorry to hear it, shawn
<KemloCaesar> nobody there..... just my nutsak....
<Samwise> Feliz Navidad (bada bum bum... bum bum) Feliz Navidad(bada bum bum... bum bum)
<tieboy> oooh NO!
<wabewalkr> Arg!
<KemloCaesar> *smurf music*
<wabewalkr> "Feliz Navidad" killed a good radio station down here.
<mdxi> ooh, ooh, you know what i like to get stuck in my head? my own Latin-beat version of I Dream Of Genie
<SeanQ> o/` it ain't heaaaavvvvy / it's my nutsaaaaaack1 o/`
<mdxi> with steel drums
<mdxi> it rocks
<mdxi> too bad i can't do MIDI senquencing or i could inflict it on the whole world
<tieboy> Zestfully clean. ZESTfully Cleeeeean. You're not fully clean until you're ZESTFULLY CLEEEEEEEAN
<KemloCaesar> This Song is just Six Words Long!
<daria> butter
<Samwise> Was wondering if that was well known enough, tie.
<daria> butter
<Samwise> Parkay
<Samwise> Parkay
<tieboy> She's Camay.... alll OVAH...
<daria> Keri
<wabewalkr> is so very
<tieboy> that's 7 words
<daria> do you ever have that not so fresh feeling?
<SeanQ> dar: every time I log in
<mdxi> N-E-S-T-L-E-S
<mdxi> shove it up your A-S-S
<wabewalkr> Don't squeeze the Charmin!
<mdxi> siiiiide-waaaays
<mdxi> leeeeengh-wiiiise
<tieboy> Chips on the china... never matted before.... who cares.....
<tieboy> mattered
<Samwise> good, cause if it was matted, they'd have to shave it bald.
<daria> and then grease it up and chase it around the room
<mdxi> shavedbaldchina.com
<KemloCaesar> *Liberty Bell March*
<tieboy> Never grow up, never grow up, never grow uuuu-UUUP! Not me!
<SeanQ> o/` Hey hey mama, said the way you mooooove / gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groooooove! o/`
<Samwise> suuuuuuuny day; sweepin' the - cloouuuuds away!
<wabewalkr> The ABSOLUTE worst song to get stuck in your head is "Hooray for Santy Claus" from the Pia Zadora vehicle "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians."
<daria> la la la to where the air is clean!
<daria> Who is that in our neighborhood
<daria> oh yeah
<jacquilyn> I don't think I know that song, wabe, wh dont' you sing it for us?
<Samwise> oh, useless trivia: the original oscar was orange.
<Samwise> As in grouch, not award.
* KemloCaesar blinkblinks. Oh, the muppet, not the academy award....
<SeanQ> i thought you meant the bologna
<wabewalkr> Can't. I need to download the virus into my brain via a friend who calls me up at odd times and sings it.
<mdxi> wabewalkr: how could Pia Zadora have been in that movie?
<mdxi> it was made in like 1958
<KemloCaesar> as a fetus
<wabewalkr> But basically, it's a 1970's disco-era kids song with one lyric "Hooray for Santy Claus!"
<Samwise> wabe: that's hilarious... does he just start singing when you pick up the phone?
<wabewalkr> Yes.
<Samwise> hehehehehehe
<wabewalkr> Then I scream in agony.
<Samwise> I need to find someone/some song I can do that with.
<CrazyClimber> we could suggest some here
* SeanQ humbly suggests leth & "Dancing Queen"
<Samwise> *ringring* "Hello?" "Orange barrels, orange barrels, ev'ry where I see.." "AAAAUUUGGHHH!"
<tieboy> call Lots, so we can see which corporate conspiracy to ruin his life he attributes it to

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