Nutrition: None. Fat, starch and artificial crap: Plenty


<Elkman> I had Cheetos for lunch today. Chester Cheetah is on the front cranking the lever up to "Dangerously Cheesy".
<zompist> i wish he'd just go all the way to "fatally cheesy"
<Elkman> I think there should be a setting on there for "Irresponsibly Cheesy".
<Samwise> Irresponsibly cheesy... like, the cheesey that gets orange goo fucking *everywhere*.
<raven> yeah, see, that's just irresponsible of them.
<maime> like spray cheez?
<Samwise> No, just from you *thinking* about touching it after eating the goo.
<wabewalkr> "Today, three people were overwhelmed by cheese fumes when a package of Cheetos were opened in a room with little ventilation. 'The package said that it was Dangerously Cheesy,' remarked one HazMat specialist. 'Why don't they read?'"
<zompist> hmm... what are cheese-its actually made of , besides cheese?
<zompist> styrofoam?
<zompist> meringue?
<tieboy> its
<zompist> is there a plant involved here somewhere?
<zompist> or just petroleum by-products?
<tieboy> cheese-its are crackers
<maime> zomp means cheesy poofs
<tieboy> :D
<wabewalkr> Damn, if only hock showed up *then*.
<Elkman> How about "Recklessly Cheesy"?
<wabewalkr> "Annoyingly Cheesy"?
<Elkman> "OK, Mr. Cheetah. Take your hands off the lever. Do you have any idea how cheesy you're making these snacks?"
<tieboy> Cheese with an Attitude
<zompist> well, i thought i remembered what chester cheetah was selling.
<maime> now Cheese shaped!
<zompist> Cheese That Doesn't Move
<maime> Cheetos?
<zompist> cheetos, that's it
<Samwise> "Criminally Cheesy"
<wabewalkr> "Statically Cheesy"
<zompist> "Geocities Cheesy"
<wabewalkr> There's a Spencer Johnson joke in there somewhere, but I can't find it.
<zompist> already made it, wabe
<wabewalkr> But it wasn't of the form "
<adverb> cheesy"
* raven returns with some "Nacho Cheesier" Doritos. Seriously.
<zompist> inspired by our discussion, i just picked up some cheesy snack things
<zompist> but they're really only "disturbingly cheesy"
<Elkman> How so? Is there a mouse head in the bag?
<zompist> a cow udder
<tieboy> "abdomen-crampingly cheesy"
<zompist> "teeth-stainingly cheesy"
<Samwise> "finger-stainingly cheesy"
<tieboy> wang-hangingly cheesy"
<zompist> with cheesy bits
<Elkman> "Use extreme caution when opening a bag of CHEE.TOS brand Cheese Flavored Snacks."
<Elkman> Thanks for the warning. I'll call HAZMAT next time I want to eat a cheese-flavored snack.
<tieboy> just once, under 'nutritional info' they should put: "What, are you fucking serious?"
<Samwise> Nutrition: None. Fat, starch and artificial crap: Plenty.
<tieboy> artery-hardeningly cheesy
<CrazyClimber> b-movie cheesy.
<CrazyClimber> oops. b-movie-watchingly cheesy.
<Samwise> cow-laughingly cheesy
<Samwise> But they'd need the brand endorsement, I suppose.
<Elkman> Oh, no. Under "Global Brands", they say they have seafood-flavored CHEE-TOS Corn Snacks in China.
<Elkman> "Dangerously Cheesy AND Dangerously Fishy!"
<tieboy> octopus-tastingly cheesy
<spinn> octopusingly?
<tieboy> civil-rights-ignoringly cheesy
<tieboy> daughter-drowningly cheesy
<spinn> It's Irresponsiblicious!
<tieboy> eye-slantingly cheesy
<spinn> ooooo
* raven valiantly tries to refrain from "It's chinklicious!"
<spinn> could see the commercial. guy in supermarket. "honey, get some cheetos, could you?" "oh, we don't really need cheetos." then they morph the guy's eyes so the look chinese and he snaps shrilly, "numbah one wife get cheetos snackees, chop chop!"

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