DML: 13, 15, 22, 22, 9, 22, 99.5


<mdxi> the conversation is fuckin' SPARKLING today
<agent_orange> FFX
<agent_orange> LOTR
<agent_orange> Perl
<agent_orange> Tits
<agent_orange> Cocksucking
<agent_orange> Unix command line
<agent_orange> that about cover it?
<mdxi> i can talk to myself if i want that
<agent_orange> horsehockey
<agent_orange> blockbuster
<agent_orange> whoppers
<agent_orange> fear
<agent_orange> heavy meds
<mdxi> GI Joe
<mdxi> louisiana
<mdxi> piss'n'vinegar
<mdxi> tweeeFRAAAAP
<mdxi> pedophilia
<agent_orange> microsoft
<agent_orange> anti-trust
<agent_orange> canada
<agent_orange> bra strap
<agent_orange> whine
<mdxi> temping
<mdxi> lore
<mdxi> lore
<mdxi> lore
<agent_orange> comic books
<agent_orange> snack foods
<agent_orange> masturbation
<mdxi> french comics
<agent_orange> perfume
<mdxi> orcs
<agent_orange> orcs with big red dicks
<agent_orange> monorails
<agent_orange> thrown out of young socialists club on trumped up charges
<mdxi> Muscle & Fitness magazine
<agent_orange> monorails with big red dicks
<mdxi> derision from wannabe scifi writers
<agent_orange> gibbering
<agent_orange> furries
<agent_orange> plushies
<mdxi> verbal masturbation (gothic)
<agent_orange> cosplay
<mdxi> verbal masturbation (suicidal)
<mdxi> verbal masturbation (computing)
<mdxi> verbal masturbation (philosophy)
<mdxi> verbal masturbation (future plans)
<agent_orange> why are you all so interested in my tits (click here to see tits.jpg)
<agent_orange> ***KemloCaesar has joined #spinnwebe
<agent_orange> ***KemloCaesar has left #spinnwebe (Ping Timeout)
<mdxi> this would make an excellent "match" test
<agent_orange> easy categorization of all #spinnwebe tropes
<agent_orange> henceforth, please refer to desired comment by number
<agent_orange> DML: 13, 15, 22, 22, 9, 22, 99.5
<tieboy> those could be his test scores, too, except for the last
<mdxi> curse you, agto
<mdxi> always with the putting ideas in my head
<mdxi> i'm stopping now
<mdxi> but still
<agent_orange> mdxi: 3
<agent_orange> Allow me to add some verbs:
<agent_orange> 0 sux
<agent_orange> 1 r0X0rs
<agent_orange> predicated with \ or v?
<agent_orange> 3 fucks
<agent_orange> 4 fucks in the ass
<agent_orange> 5 makes me sick
<agent_orange> 6 makes me horny
<agent_orange> 7 pisses me right off
<agent_orange> 8 makes me want to come
<agent_orange> 9 refuses to complie
<agent_orange> compile
<agent_orange> etc
<mdxi> yeah, that would be a good idea
<mdxi> if i was going to waste anymore time on it
<mdxi> it'd be pretty useful if there was an IRC Resolver built into clients
<agent_orange> is there anyone geekier than you we can dangle it in front of?
<agent_orange> (c'mon wabe...)

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