Don't defend me, leper.


<zompist> why is this chick smiling while needle packs are driven into her naked flesh?
<tieboy> "this chick"?
<spinn> "This CHICK GRRREAAWWRRRR" and chris goes all green and muscley and his shirt rips off
<zompist> that would be cute. a tiny little hulk
<spinn> in the middle of an "Oh"
<spinn> heheh
<spinn> awwww. lookit. awwwww.
<GhostCoder> Oh, come on. let tie alone.
<spinn> "Chris SMASH!" and he slams his little fist into the side of a mailbox
<spinn> awwwww
<spinn> er
<spinn> okay, sorry, chris, I didn't know gc had your back
<tieboy> don't defend me, leper
<GhostCoder> He can't help it if he's Tiny Temp.
<Samwise> tie gets all irradiated with gamma rays, turns green & muscular, Lore keeps him at bay with the hand-on-the-forehead
<Samwise> *whiff* *whiff* Grrrr!
<spinn> without spilling the iced tea in his other hand
<tieboy> like the leprauchaun on Simpson's last night
<GhostCoder> Leper? I'm the Handy Man to your tiny avenger!
<tieboy> ick
<spinn> man
<tieboy> get away
<spinn> pretty soon he's gonna offer you a $2K advance for a notmydesk book
<tieboy> well, i need a shower
<me_tew> "I'm the handy man to your tiny avenger"....
<GhostCoder> "wet's ge tis pah-tee stah-ted wight! wet's ge tis pah-tee stah-ted qwick-WEEE!"
<Samwise> Ugh. Goodbye, GC.
<GhostCoder> Oh, come on. 15 year old In Living Color jokes are funny!
<tieboy> vile outcast unclean
<GhostCoder> I'm feeling a lot of negative energy here.
<TMR> I got yer negative energy right here, pal.
<tieboy> i like being a tiny hulk
<tieboy> and bustin' up the joint
<tieboy> well. parts of it. small parts
<GhostCoder> hip joint? You can't reach that far
<zompist> there's lots of hip joints in sf!
<GhostCoder> And most of the sway more than usual.
<spinn> apparently he's taking the kemlo course in "barrelling on through"
<tieboy> KemloCoader
<TMR> I like the rompit reviews.
<GhostCoder> I like the girl in marketing
<GhostCoder> (Nothing unkills a room like me speaking. Gives people a chance to compare me to Kemlo or a leprous log of cat shit)
<spinn> you know, I was just thinking, gc kis kinda like kemlo laying in a leprous log of cat shit.
<GhostCoder> That's the spirit, spinn. Now biuld off that.
<spinn> I would, but, you know. leprous cat shit.
<GhostCoder> Reach inside you for a humerous situation and apply it to this instance.
<spinn> I remember this one time where I made a comment about gc being kinda like kemlo laying in a leprous log of cat shit
<spinn> that was something
<tieboy> i 'member that
<Leth^MTG> hehehe... leprous log of cat shit...
<Leth^MTG> hey, I think I still have that in the logs
<zompist> raven, you here?
<Leth^MTG> yup, here it is: you know, I was just thinking, gc kis kinda like kemlo laying in a leprous log of cat shit.
<tieboy> and then i thought he was like Kemlo's cat's log of leperous shit
<zompist> leprous log of cat shit
<zompist> leprous log of cat shit
<zompist> leprous log of cat shit
<Leth^MTG> that's a shitty haiku, zomp
<GhostCoder> zomp: It fits the 5-7-5 scheme. Alhtouhg you have to reshap it.
<GhostCoder> leprous log of cat
<bisti> like william shatner-ize it
<GhostCoder> shit leprous log of cat shit lep
<Kyol> o/` white liiiiiiines o/`
<raven> zomp : yeah
<GhostCoder> rous log of cat shit
<zompist> don't forget to create what we might call a leprous log of cat shit
<spinn> monday, somewhat new
<Leth^MTG> wow, and here I thought Kemlo had taken self-deprecation to a new low
<spinn> tuesday, microsoft is good
<spinn> wednesday, leprous shit
<CrazyClimber> leth - what deprecation? leprous log of cat shit is self-flattery.
<mdxiLunch> thursday friday, happy days
<GhostCoder> the weekend come, my cycles hums, ready to race to you!!!
<zompist> no! not the fonz!
<TMR> saturday: The only day with a turd in it.
<spinn> hey, no stepping on my haiku
<tieboy> Remember when the fonz used to say "I'm a leperous log of cat shit"? Oh, wait, he said "Ayyyyyy." Never mind.
<CrazyClimber> you could break spinn's mother's back if you step right on the line

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