#spinnwebe Logs : Ruffiani Business Cards


<mdxi> what's a good, pretentious yet humorous title to go on business cards?
<agent_orange> mdxi: "Le Fromage Grande"
<Leth> Perl amongst Swine"
<agent_orange> "Exchequer"
<tieboy> "Shirpa"
<mdxi> i was thinking "Lord of the Northern Marches", but that doesn't *say* much, really
<tieboy> "King of Prussia"
<kaufman> nor does "Penisario"
<agent_orange> "Code Monster Zero"
<tieboy> "Organ Donor"
<agent_orange> "Unixario"
<kaufman> "Strawberry"
<Leth> Eunuchsario
<tieboy> "Alergic to Penicillin"
<agent_orange> "Shawn Boyette: Your Better."
<kaufman> "Nori"
<kaufman> "Boyette. Shawn Boyette."
<tieboy> "Academy Award Winner"
<kaufman> "Ruffiano-at-large"
<Leth> "God"
<agent_orange> "Starfleet Academy, Des Moines, Iowa Division"
<Leth> "Personal Assistant to People You Aren't Worthy Of Knowing"
<tieboy> "30% More Free"
<Samwise> "12th Level Ranger with a Cloak of Elvenkind"
<Leth> "Click To Enter"
<tieboy> "Bicycle Repairman"
<kaufman> "Funnier than Rob and Marge Combined"
<kaufman> "Lumberjack"
<tieboy> "My Pimp-Hand is Strong"
<Leth> "Still Cancer-Free!"
<tieboy> "I'll need this card back"
<agent_orange> "Veteran of the Cola Wars"
<Samwise> "Never Been Kicked in the Crotch"
<agent_orange> "Eat this business card"
<tieboy> "Pope"
<Leth> "Like I'd Tell You"
<agent_orange> "Personal Assisstant to Mr. Saget"
<tieboy> "Printed on 100% Recycled Toilet Paper"
<kaufman> "Miss Taylor's Moose"
<Leth> "Still Better Than Anyone At Microsoft"
<tieboy> "You smell"
<agent_orange> "Geeque Extrordinaire"
<kaufman> "You are sitting in the smallest room in the house with this card before you ..."
<Leth> "Put Me Down, I Don't Know Where Those Fingers Have Been"
<Samwise> "Ruffiani at Large"
<kaufman> "I'm too sexy for this card"
<tieboy> "Please Specify Title Here Before Printing"
<kaufman> "Close Cover Before Striking"
<kaufman> "fnord"
<Leth> "Hung. Well Hung."
<agent_orange> "Ding-Dong Daddy from Dumas"
<Elkman> "Your Company Name or Logo Here."
<Samwise> "F-f-f-funt!"
<kaufman> "Rook!
<Kyol> "Toilet Paper Handler for Mr. Saget"
<kaufman> Eez Mdxilla!"
<Leth> "Dirt Herpetologist"
<Samwise> "Amateur Gynecologist"
<kaufman> "Hello Please"
<agent_orange> Mdxi: Cmptr Prgrmr"
<Leth> "Mr. Vigoda's Salve Boy"
<Kyol> "(title left blank for reasons of national security)"
<Samwise> "Recreational Despot"
<Leth> "Running Gag Initiator"
<kaufman> "Doc Evil's Water Tester"
<tieboy> "Spank Muppet"
<agent_orange> "Mdxi: You Have One Change to Pronounce it Right"
<Samwise> "Imperial Tater Tot Turner"
<tieboy> "Teamster"
<Leth> "It's In Japanese, But Best Translation Is 'He Who Spanks It To Cartoons'"
<Elkman> "Ask me how you can get on my web site!"
<kaufman> "Somewhere a Dog Barked"
<agent_orange> "Ask me how I get my nose so clean!"
<tieboy> "Scab"
<kaufman> "Not Related To Rebecca Lynne Eisenberg"
<Leth> "Without Heatiness"
<Samwise> "My Time Will Come..."
<agent_orange> "all that and a bag of chips"
<Leth> "Eat Your Oatmeal"
<kaufman> "Newly Titled Baby"
<agent_orange> "500 Mhz, 16 Cylinders, and 100% Man"
<Samwise> "Computer Programmer - On Fire"
<tieboy> "Professor of Wackiness!!"
<Leth> "Regretting Asking #spinnwebe For Help"
<agent_orange> "(No Relation)"

<SeanQ_seething> what the fuck is going on here?

<Leth> "IRC...IRPerl...IRFortran!"
<tieboy> "haxx0r"
<Samwise> "Your Daddy"
<kaufman> "No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of This card"
<Elkman> "3733t d00d"
<tieboy> "Junkie"
<agent_orange> "The Original Sailor Moon"
<Samwise> "I Know Samwise"
<Leth> "Anal Virgin"
<shil> "Not a Goddess"
<tieboy> "I know all the songs to South Pacific"
<Elkman> "Ask me about hentai!"
<Leth> "I Am The Very Model Of A Modern (turn card over)"
<kaufman> "Will Have Title Here Once 100 Monkeys Gets Back to Me"
<Samwise> "I Bathe In Yoo-Hoo"
<agent_orange> "Bukkake upon request"
<Samwise> "Spare A Quarter Mac"
<Leth> "This Card Has Been To Paradise"
<agent_orange> "Jesus Loves you!"
<shil> "You don't know where this has been"
<Samwise> "D'oh"
<kaufman> "How do you keep an idiot busy? (turn card over)"
<Kyol> "Freshly Honked Snake"

<SeanQ_seething> sheesh, gags just don't run faster than on #spinnwebe, do they?

<Leth> "As Seen In The Post Office"
<tieboy> "Opium Den Manager"

<Mr-Ben> Heh, what are you guys doing?

<Leth> "Rendered For Your Comfort"
<Samwise> "So Far As You Know"
<kaufman> "Shed Warmer:
<Kyol> "Steal This Card"
<agent_orange> "Shawn Boyette, you goddamn animal!"
<tieboy> "Wash Hands after Handling"
<Samwise> "Look Behind You"
<Leth> "Help Me, Shawn's Holding Me Prisoner In His Filing Cabinet!"
<agent_orange> "Cooties!"
<kaufman> "Whooooooooaaaaaaa!"
<SeanQ_seething> "Drug Free Since 7 A.M."
<Mr-Ben> "Got pr0n?"
<agent_orange> "Nutsaks tripped. Call for rates."
<SeanQ_seething> "This Space Available"
<tieboy> "News with an Attitude"
<Samwise> "Electron Wrangler"
<Leth> "Please Hire Me Now / or else I will make many / derisive haikus"
<agent_orange> "Slightly Subversive"
<tieboy> "Please Hold Me"
<kaufman> "Tighter"
<Leth> "Don't Go For The Soap"
<shil> "place Thumb Here"
<tieboy> "Beware of Dog"
<Mr-Ben> "Please Saw My Legs Off"
<Elkman> "There's No Good Sushi Here"
<tieboy> "Not responsible for Papercuts"
<agent_orange> "Pr0n king"
<Mr-Ben> "Help Build God's Dam"
<shil> "we know who you are and we why you're here
<Leth> "I Personally Killed A Rainforest For These Cards"
<tieboy> "Beware of Screeching Monkeys."
<Samwise> "Actually Liked 'Riverdance' "
<Leth> "OK, I was Joking About The 'Riverdance' Thing"
<kaufman> "i TaKe CaRe Of ThIs CaRd WhIlE tHe MaStEr Is AwAy"
<Samwise> "Second Gunman"
<Elkman> "Spinn's Close Personal Friend"
<Mr-Ben> "Tired Clothes and Vintage Eyes"
<agent_orange> "President & CEO, NavilOnviTelegent"
<tieboy> "Formerly Rite-Aid(tm)"
<Leth> "Cecilweed, Mdxi"
<kaufman> "Not associated with isourceline"
<Samwise> " 'Okay' Programmer That Could Be Improved"
<Leth> "Tent Holder"
<tieboy> "I'm the short guy with Kid Rock"
<kaufman> "Holding the Infobot Wher It Is"
<tieboy> "Billions and Billions Served"
<agent_orange> "Using the force since 1977"

<Kyol> 8-ball Has this gotten tired yet?
* jeeb shakes the psychic prismatic sphere...
<jeeb> It says 'When hell freezes over,' Kyol

<tieboy> "Act Natural, They're Watching"
<Samwise> "Finished Every Zork"
<tieboy> "Vice-President, Ally McBeal Fan Club"
<Elkman> "Do I Smell Like Rap Musk?"
<kaufman> "Ask Me About http://revolt.com/tmp/fucking_stop_already.mpeg"
<Samwise> "Sweatin' Ya Wet!"
<tieboy> "That IS a banana in my pocket, and I AM glad to see you"
<kaufman> "Whoops!"
<Mr-Ben> "We Punch That Friggin' Monkey!"
<Kyol> "Super Genuis."
<Leth> "I Can Conjugate!"
<kaufman> "!lastcapt"
<Mr-Ben> "C.E.O., Jim Varney fan club"
<shil> "spinnbot, who am I?"
<Samwise> "I Can Spell Genius"
<agent_orange> "Touch me"
<tieboy> "Associate Snoogie-Wuggums"
<Leth> "Wanna See My Wanker?"
<agent_orange> "Wanna trade Pokeman cards?"
<kaufman> "Bad-touch me"
<kaufman> "Because"
<agent_orange> "Woody!"
<Samwise> "You've Got Male!"
<Mr-Ben> "If you want my body and ya think I'm sexy, come on sugar, let me know"
<tieboy> "I'm Oiled"
<Kyol> "Ribbed for your pleasure."
<kaufman> "My Dog Has No Nose"
<Samwise> "17 Widgets and Counting"
<Samwise> "Sanitized for Your Protection"
<tieboy> "Freshly Squeezed"
<spinn> "hi, welcome to parfum de FUCKUPS."
<Samwise> "Always Gets Ops"
<Leth> "When Just Any Sextoy Won't Do"
<shil> "Top Of The Line"
<tieboy> "Winner, Best Foriegn Documentary"
<kaufman> "Never Misses a /Kick, Unlike That Pathetic Bald Kid"
<Samwise> "Not For Use With Some Cars"
<tieboy> "Not Lagged like SeanQ"
<agent_orange> "Sold by Weight, not by volume"
<tieboy> " :) "
<Leth> "I Can Own Your Network's Ass!"
<tieboy> "(_|_)"
<Samwise> "I Know What PRH Stands For"
<shil> "(_X_)"
<Samwise> "*witty slogan*"
<Leth> "Breasts. And Lots Of Em."
<tieboy> "Everywhere You Want to Be"
<shil> "hockeyfag loves me"
<tieboy> "Dwarf Tosser"
<kaufman> "Here, Hold This Celery for a Moment"
<Leth> "Where Do You Want To Go Tod- ACK!"
<tieboy> "Hereafter Known As The Payee"
<Elkman> "Never Gets Caught Doing IRC at Work"
<Samwise> "What's That On Your Head?"
<agent_orange> "For Deposit Only"
<Leth> [This Slogan Censored Personally By Tipper Gore]"
<Samwise> "Alt-Tab Master"
<tieboy> "Raised by Wolves"
<kaufman> "EBG-13 Ernqre"
<tieboy> "Got Milk?"
<Leth> "Worshipped As A God In The Amazon"
<shil> "Got Milk!"
<Samwise> "You're Soaking In It"
<kaufman> "Varmint"
<agent_orange> "Meddling Kid"
<tieboy> "Do Not Fold or Staple"
<agent_orange> "As seen in BMEzine"
<shil> "this end up"

<spinn> what are these quotes here?

<Leth> "Can Fit A 3-Button Mouse In His Nose"
<shil> "bottom"
<tieboy> "Please Place All Your Money in a Paper Bag."
<kaufman> "Papa Smurf! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
<tieboy> "Crying On The Inside"
<kaufman> "As Seen on SWHC"
<Leth> "Never Listens To Garth Brooks"
<Samwise> "You Wish To Kiss Me"
<agent_orange> "Career denied: (a)bort (r)etry (c)ontinue?"
<kaufman> "See Previous Card"
<tieboy> "Founding Member of Pearl Jam"
<Leth> "I Invitate You! Hire Me!"
<Samwise> "CO-inventor of the Internet"
<Mr-Ben> "Secretly Admires the Shaggs"
<tieboy> "I Came up With the Idea for "Coming To America""
<shil> "Founding Member of Perl Jamme"
<kaufman> "This Card Y2K Compliant Since 19901"
<kaufman> "Come Visitate Me"
<agent_orange> "Byte Me"
<spinn> start a public relations firm for banks, called This Is A Hold Up, Inc
<spinn> all the fun you'd have giving out your cards
<Samwise> "I Was So Kidding About 'Riverdance'"
<agent_orange> "[x] Lover [ ] Fighter"
<Leth> "This Is What It Sounds Like When Doves Cry"
<Samwise> "Walrus"
<shil> "What is the sound of one hand clapping"
<agent_orange> "F-f-f-f-f-u-n-n-t!"
<Leth> "Doesn't Torture Cats"
<kaufman> "IMPORTANT: Do Not Close Mouth"
<shil> "Kittens! On Fire!!"
<Leth> "well, Much"
<tieboy> "D.D.S."
<agent_orange> "Imax, Umax, we all max for Emacs"
<Leth> "Gimp"
<shil> "Domme"
<tieboy> "I Nailed Your Wife"
<Leth> "/dev/huge"
<Samwise> "Fronkuhnshteen"
<Mr-Ben> "Not Addicted to Nori Useage"
<agent_orange> "Ask me about asynchronous transfer mode technology. Or VPNs. +Go ahead."
<tieboy> "Big Kahuna"
<Mr-Ben> "I nailed your momma last night! Ha ha haaa!"
<Leth> "Serial Port, Not Parallel"
<kaufman> "Connection Reset by Peer"
<Samwise> "Designer of 404 websites"
<Leth> "Wanna See My Core Dump?"
<Elkman> "FUCKER"
<shil> "Bad command or filename. sit! Stay!"
<agent_orange> "Internal Stacks Plumbed"
<Samwise> " [Agree] [Decline]"
<tieboy> "Need a Hug?"
<shil> "Kiss Me"
<agent_orange> "Fooled you!"
<Samwise> "Once Ate A Whole Chicken"
<shil> "Not Irish"
<agent_orange> "Shot a man for snoring"
<Leth> "Actually Liked Pac Man Jr"
<agent_orange> "But wait! There's more!"
<Samwise> "Still Plays Atari 2600"
<Samwise> "In 3 Easy Installments"
<Leth> "Personally Responsible For The PRoductivity Drop Of 3/1/2000"
<Mr-Ben> "Killed a Guy in Prison for Asking Questions!"
<DarthElk> "Has a Dodgy Internet Connection".
<DarthElk> Oh wait... that's me
<Samwise> "Used To Rape Kids Like You In Prison"
<tieboy> "Lowenstein. Lowenstein."
<Leth> "I Have To Pee"
<tieboy> "Honk if You're Horny"
<kaufman> "Squeal Like a Pig"
<Samwise> "2:46!"
<agent_orange> "Ask me about my colostomy bag"
<Leth> "Owner Of A Lonely Heart"
<tieboy> "Assistant to Carrot-Top"
<kaufman> "Parade-Dad"
<tieboy> "Drinks? Seven-ish?"
<agent_orange> "Drunk since 1993"
<Elkman> "Inspiration for Famewolf's Poetry"
<tieboy> "Honkey"
<shil> "4:20"
<agent_orange> "The ponytail stays!"
<Mr-Ben> "Shawn 3:16"
<agent_orange> "That's MISTER fucknose to you!"
<SeanQ_seething> "Christ, you people"
<tieboy> "If You Stare At This Long Enough, You Can See A Sailboat"
<shil> "Smoke This!"
<agent_orange> "How Far Can Too Far Go?"
<Leth> "Suitable For Framing"
<shil> "Glad I'm Logging This"
<agent_orange> "Accept christ RIGHT NOW or got to HELL!"
<Elkman> "Relieves Heatiness"
<kaufman> "Next on Fox: When Spinngeeks Hand Out Business Cards"
<SeanQ_seething> "Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Call the Next Day"
<kaufman> "Campus Crusade for Cthulhu"
<spinn> "You Could Do Worse"
<SeanQ_seething> "Wouldn't You Really Rather Have a Boyette?"
<Mr-Ben> "He Thinks Garfield is Actually Funny"
<agent_orange> "Acceptable Performance"
<Leth> "Your Name's Not Reynolds, Is It?
<spinn> "You Are Dumb."
<kaufman> "Some Discharge is Possible"
<tieboy> "Free With $5 Purchase"
<Leth> "If You Are Pregnant, You Should Not Handle This Card"
<agent_orange> "Not of that Class of Worthless Fucks who work WITH the internet, etc., etc."
<kaufman> "72% Goofus, 23% Gallant, 5% Undecided"
<tieboy> "Etc, Etc"
<SeanQ_seething> heh, Leth, "May Cause Greasy Stools, an Urgency to Have Them, and an Inability to Control Them"
<agent_orange> "King of the Fucking World"
<tieboy> "Laura Croft is HOTT"
<shil> "it's Lara, fuckwad"
<agent_orange> "email me!"
<SeanQ_seething> "Candy Heart Slogan Writer"
<kaufman> [picture of Jeffy Keane] "Thanks, Murray!"
<tieboy> "My Heart Will Go On"
<spinn> "Kitchen Sinks (w/addl. fee)"
<spinn> oh, no, wait...that's mine
<agent_orange> "k3wl."
<SeanQ_seething> "Mastero Perfumo"
<spinn> "Kicked M.Bison's Ass"
<tieboy> "Soul Brother"
<kaufman> "Gold *and* Bronze Medalist, 1998 DeKalb County Circle Jerk"
<shil> "On alternate Thursdays, I'm called Shauna."
<agent_orange> "Washed in the Blood of the Lamb since 1986"
<tieboy> "Wow! I've Got A Business Card!"
<SeanQ_seething> heh, shil, "Wearing Male Clothing Exclusively Since August"
<kaufman> "Hare Rama, Hare Rama"
<spinn> "Fuck Me"
<kaufman> "Dude"
<tieboy> "10 Items Or Less"
<shil> "Do Not Feed the Shawn"
<agent_orange> "I am deaf and dumb please help god bless you"
<SeanQ_seething> "My Dad Gave Me This Job, and All I Got Was This Lousy Business Card"
<Mr-Ben> "I feel attacked and my characters have been attacked."
<kaufman> "Will Work for Plaztic Zoldierz"
<tieboy> "Do You, Ya Know, Party?"
<agent_orange> "Are you *kind?*"
<tieboy> "Hamster Dance Choreographer"
<shil> "Mean People Suck, Nice People Swallow"
<tieboy> "WWJD?"
<kaufman> "Jar Jar"
<Mr-Ben> "W.W.J.D? Who wants Jack Daniels?"
<shil> "Be Nice To Me"
<SeanQ_seething> "Got Chocolate Milk?"
<agent_orange> "Anal Warts Removed"
<kaufman> "Lather, Rinse, Repeat"
<agent_orange> "Webbed-Up"
<shil> "Leather, Uhhhhhhhhh...."
<tieboy> "No Baked Potatoes After 4pm"
<kaufman> "Oooooooooh, Shiny"
<spinn> "20 Years of Excellence in Hiding Time-Release Viruses in Employers' Core Systems"
<Mr-Ben> "I Like a Tossed Salad"
<shil> "Gone Fishin'"
<kaufman> "Newark ON Business Card"
<tieboy> "By Accepting This Card, You Have Agreed To Sign Up With AT&T"
<agent_orange> "Some Items Sold Separately"
<kaufman> "XVI: The Tower"
<SeanQ_feeling_better> "Batteries Not Included"
<kaufman> "Babel ... By Way of Portuguese ..."
<tieboy> "Thanks For the Fingerprints, Sucker"
<spinn> "You May Hire My Services If You Can Defeat My Twin Champions In Hand-To-Hand Combat"
<Mr-Ben> "By Accepting This Card, You May Only Use America Online As Your Internet Browser. Any Signs of You Using Another ISP, and You Will Be Crucified Upside Down!"
<agent_orange> "Mdxi: An Obvious Metaphor for Masturbation"
<shilTryingNotToGetFired> "Punch that Frickin' Monkey!"
<kaufman> "Zero Fatalities Since 1996"
<tieboy> "I Am Deaf. I Use These Cards To Make My Living."
<agent_orange> "You are invited to join #shawn"
<shilTryingNotToGetFired> "Award Winning Fellatio Since 1996"
<kaufman> "You're Smart. You Give Me Things. To Make Me Go."
<SeanQ_feeling_better> "Just Take My Word For It, Okay?"
<tieboy> "Are You My Mother?"
<shilTryingNotToGetFired> "take me to your leader"
<kaufman> "Some Usage of the Three/Four Letter Vocabulary"
<spinn> "Penis Envy...Of THAT?"
<spinn> "I Don't Rat Out Employers"
<agent_orange> "Duke of New York. A-#1."
<SeanQ_feeling_better> "Human Tripod"
<kaufman> "I have three speeds -- fast, slow, and never."
<spinn> "Embezzle, Schemezzle, I Just Want A Paycheck"
<Leth> "Klaatu, Veratu, Nikktu!"
<SeanQ_feeling_better> "Guinnes Record Holder - Starter of Longest IRC Thread"
<shilTryingNotToGetFired> "There are 243 tiles on my celing."
<kaufman> "Perv"
<agent_orange> "Just nod your head like you understand"

<TMR> What's the theme?

<kaufman> "Pinball Wizard"
<agent_orange> "Drink Coke Play Again"
<Leth> "I'm Not Your Daddy's Floppy Disk"
<tieboy> "Close Cover Before Firing"
<agent_orange> "Raconteur"
<shilTryingNotToGetFired> "This Carn Entitles you to 10% off a $50 purchase at mdxi's house of pr0n"
<spinn> "Say Hello To My Home-Grown Contact Poison"
<kaufman> "Roll 3d6"
<Leth> "I'm Going Commando Today"
<spinn> "If you Can Read This, You'll Be Dead Within Sixty Seconds"
<tieboy> "Inspected by No. 9"
<SeanQ_feeling_better> "No Current Active Outbreaks"
<agent_orange> "Geekzilla"
<Mr-Ben> "Whoever Receives This Card Has Been Dosed with LSD"
<shilTryingNotToGetFired> "have a nice trip"
<Leth> "NAMBLA Memebr in good standing for 20 years"
<spinn> heh, yeah. printed dancing bears on the card, with the line "Happy trails"
<kaufman> "Dread Pirate Roberts"
<agent_orange> 14" of Throbbing Programmer
<tieboy> "If You Lived Here, You'd be Home By Now"
<TMR> "Lick This Spot ===> O"
<tieboy> "Private Crunch"
<agent_orange> "Drama Queen"
<Leth> #6 in a series: The Larch"
<shilTryingNotToGetFired> "(_/_) (_|_) (_\_)"
<tieboy> "Teetotaler"
<shilTryingNotToGetFired> "Professional Student"
<Leth> "Morty Sent Me"
<kaufman> "No Spamming"
<spinn> "The Owls are Not what they Seem"
<tieboy> "Put the Smack in The Mailbox on 31st"
<agent_orange> "You have the right to remain silent. If you choose to give up that right, anything you say may be used against you in a court of law..."
<SeanQ_feeling_better> " Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of Time Warner"
<TMR> "Zonker Harris, Minus Drugs"
<shilTryingNotToGetFired> "The Truth Is In Here... No, Closer
<Raven> "Hello, Dmitri."
<spinn> "DUCK!"
<agent_orange> "I Farted."
<kaufman> "This Card Will Self-Destruct in 5 Seconds"
<Leth> "So...you single?"
<TMR> "Smile If You Want To Fuck"
<tieboy> "Oh, Let's Not Label Things"
<Elkman> "Fuck If You Want to Smile"
<agent_orange> "Meet me in the park in half an hour. Stall #2."
*** shilTryingNotToGetFired is now known as shil
<K-man> "Wanna Take a Bath?"
<agent_orange> got fired, eh?
<Leth> "Do You Like Movies About Galdiators?"
<Mr-Ben> "I Got Abby Fired"
<tieboy> "Palm Pilot"
<agent_orange> "Avert Your Eyes!"
<shil> "I *almost* got Abby Fired"
<Leth> "My Cable's Rated for Cat-5"
<tieboy> "Beccalist Subscriber"
<agent_orange> "Not Kragen, but an Incredible Simulation!"

<agent_orange> okay, stopping now

<kaufman> "Difficult Zone:
<tieboy> "Grown With Plant-Gro"
<shil> "have you seen my glass dildo?
<kaufman> "It's the Cat's Ass!"
<Leth> "You wouldn't believe what went into making this card"
<tieboy> "I have an Ass, Ass, Or Ass Policy"
<TMR> "As Seen On Paul Harvey"
<spinn> "Programmer. Anime Collector. Denture Wearer."

<spinn> okay, I'm done with that
<spinn> somebody get my attention when we're back to discussion

<Leth> "Can You Scratch Me Right >there<"

<Mr-Ben> We're back to discussion now.

Heather Garvey / Raven / raven@xnet.com