"Cooking With Trademarks"


<mdxi> why are they called "trade" paperbacks, anyway? it's not like the small ones are only available to secret societies. and you can't buy land from indians with them or buy them with beaver pelts, so it's not that meaning either.
<mdxi> "This Manhattan Island. It cost 74 first-run copies of 'The Dark Tower'."
<tieboy> and why "mass market" paperbacks? it's not like there's a "mass" of them on the "market"
<Lore> Hrm. Maybe it's because they tend to only be found at bookstores, rather than grocery stores, pharmacies, &c.
<CrazyClimber> you could do a smaller version to sell in those little racks under tv guide, though
<Lore> That's inferred from a glossary that tells me that "the trade" refers to booksellers.
<Lore> Ooh!
<Lore> I should rate those little books!
<tieboy> the little impulse buy ones?
<Lore> Yeah.
<Lore> "Diet Tips From The Bible" and the like.
<CrazyClimber> w00t! i get royalties!
<zompist> "1001 cat AND dog names"
<zompist> "inspirational thoughts from actual angels"
<Lore> "Word Finds For the Bored and Stupid"
<Lore> "How To Tell Your Cat From Your Dog"
<mdxi> "50 Recipes No One Will Ever Make"
<CrazyClimber> "People Scorpios Shouldn't Date"
<Lore> "Garlic: Nature's Pungent Herb"
<zompist> "the big book of little crosswords"
<Lore> "The Stars Tell Your Future, Eventually"
<mdxi> "Starchart: Your Horoscope (1978 Aquarius Edition)"
<spinn> "Selecting The Right Toothpaste"
<zompist> "games to play while standing in line at the supermarket"
<tieboy> "Kittens"
<Freyja> "Emprove Your Vocabluary and othography"
<Lore> "Relatively Unambiguous Stories From the Bible"
<Lore> "Your Dog's Guardian Angel"
<Lore> There's only so many themes in these books.
<Lore> The permutations are finite.
<mdxi> tangential: was in checkout line the other day and one of the tabloids had the following headline (caps theirs): "ROSIE O'DONNEL'S Baby Taken Away...Because She's GAY"
<Lore> "Cooking With Trademarks"
<tieboy> "Yogi Berra's Favorite National Parks"
<mdxi> i kept expecting to see another one with "RUSSEL CROWE SI A FAG" or "OPRAH WINFREY == FAT BIGTITTY BITCH"
<Lore> "Your Teen's Warning Signs. Yes, Yours."
<zompist> "the 100 funniest jokes, vol. 7"
<Lore> "Keeping Your Cat Off Drugs"
<Lore> I think I'm starting to bleed into Reader's Digest, here.
<Lore> As opposed to onto, which is much more common for me.
<Freyja> well, laughter /is/ the best medicine
<antihero> naah, you're thinking of antibiotics
<CrazyClimber> no, they're less effective every year
<mdxi> "Drama In Real Life Collection, Vol. 3: Inspirational Thresher Accidents"
<ristoril> "Touched by an Angel: In A Bad PLace"
<spinn> quiet, you.
<ristoril> s/In A Bad PLace/Down There"
<Lore> I think I'm building up a laughter tolerance, actually.
<mdxi> "Drama In Real Life Collection, Vol. 2: Lightning Strikes For Jesus"
<Lore> "A Hero With A Fuzzy Tummy: One Ferret's Story"
<mdxi> "Humor In Uniform: Special All-Hooker Edition"
<spinn> "RFC2562: Definitions of Protocol and Managed Objects for TN3270E Response Time Collection Using SMIv2 (TN3270E-RT-MIB)"
<Freyja> "Chicken Soup for the Depressed Housewife's Soul"

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