I'll buy it, if it says "Brunching" or "Lore" on it


<antihero> What book would this be then (If I may ask without being pushy).
<Lots42> Gay animal text porn
<KemloCaesar> anti - you read Brunching?
<antihero> I was trying not to assume it'd be a Brunching book
<jacquilyn> ITs not.
<antihero> I mean, I think a brunching book is a great idea.
<antihero> more brunching for all, i say.
<jacquilyn> Lore's wrting aFor Dummies book for people who want to weave red baskets out of green reeds.
* tieboy holds up a pennant that says BRUNCHING
<Lore> It's sort of a Brunching book.
<Kyol> Brunching: The Book.
<antihero> That's cool
<mdxi> Brunching Paperbacks
<raven> Brunching : Behind the Scenes
<Lots42> Brunching: The Last Of The Mohicans
<kaufman> it's a book of Good or Bads -- you have to mail in your answers.
<Kyol> Our Stupid Brunching
<Kyol> ...or is that _too_ derivative?
<Lore> I can't find my wallet. Dammit.
<Lore> My account is overdrawn, and I havea paycheck but I can't find my wallet.
<antihero> Well. I'll buy it, if it says "Brunching" or "Lore" on it
<KemloCaesar> the Dysfunctional Brunching
<tieboy> Brunching: Have Any Of You Seem My Wallet?
<kaufman> Harry Potter and the Brunching Shuttlecocks
<KemloCaesar> Lore - have you checked your car?
<tieboy> Seen
<Lots42> His car was stolen
<mdxi> Lore Kicks Dilbert's Sorry Ass On General Principle
<antihero> kaufman: wow, that sound slike an actual harry potter title
<Lots42> Brunching: Hell, Dave Barry Is Sold Out
<kaufman> eggzaktly!
<tieboy> Lore, I will now help you find your wallet, as I am helpful
<Lots42> Brunching: We'll See You Over There In The Bargain Bin
<mdxi> Harry Potter and the Skin Mags Under The Mattress
<tieboy> Did you look in your pants? How about on top of the TV?
<antihero> now i will have my revenge against the quesadilla
<jacquilyn> Brunching: Not quite as expensive asThe Onion book.
<kaufman> call it Gideon's Brunching -- you'll have one in every hotel room
<jacquilyn> Did you check under the yellow book on the third shelf of your leftmost bookcase?
<Lore> I have looked in my pants for many reasons, and I have looked on top of the TV.
<Lore> I may have to -- shudder -- clean out the car.
<Lots42> Brunching: God, These Books To The Left And Right Suck
<CrazyClimber> have you climbed the highest mountain and swum the deepest sea?
<Lore> The way I hear it, you're not that crazy, CC.
<mdxi> no, Gideon's Brunching would be about an old man in Florida convicted of copyright infringement/slander/libel without being given a oublic defender
<CrazyClimber> lore: i can neither confirm nor deny.
<Lore> Can you deform?
<CrazyClimber> no, but i can connive.
<kaufman> "Tarnsman of Lore"
<Lots42> "Loregasms: The Book"
<tieboy> Highlander IV: The Brunchening
<Kyol> "Lore's Fetishes: Large Print Edition Vol 1 Aa-Ab"
<CrazyClimber> "That Brunching Show"
<Kyol> s/Aa-Ab/Aaa-Aab/ for more added humor.
<Lore> More A's = funnier.
<Lore> Aaaaaa - Aaaaaab
<tieboy> Succulent Wild Lore: As Told To Sark
<CrazyClimber> not as funny as K, but we only have so many years.
<kaufman> Kkkkkkkka - Kkkkkkkkb
<Lots42> aaaaaardvarks
<Lots42> Lore - by **TOM CLANCY**
<kaufman> "Self-Make Own Critic"
<Lots42> Tom always makes his name giant huge monstrous on his own books
<Lots42> Someday he'll forget the title all together
<Lore> He's not making his name giant monstrous on books he didn't write.
<tieboy> S is for Shuttlecock
<CrazyClimber> Brunching: A Shuttlecock Odyssey
<tieboy> Lore on Lore: by Lore
<Lore> As told to Lore
<Lots42> "Lore Lore Lore Lore Lore Lore Lore Lore Lore Lore"
<Lots42> Um...Lore, This Won't Get Optioned Into A Movie
<keith> A Breakdancing Work of Staggering Genies
<Lots42> Steal The Book Next To This One

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