It was kinda like Zelda, except you threw fruit at people and they repented.


<rJak> I'm playing the PC version. That's how I got it.
<zompist> the pc version? instead of killing people, you talk them down and bring them to a 12-step program?
<maime> let's not forget prozac and therapy
<rJak> "Easy, Mr. Monster. I can help. Just caaaalm down..."
<zompist> just put the fangs down, nice and easy. tha-a-a-t's right.
<maime> "Tell me about your mother"
<rJak> "Group hug!"
<zompist> "you monsters must lead such interestin' lives."
<rJak> I remember this Christian RPG called "spiritual warfare".
<rJak> It was kinda like Zelda, except you threw fruit at people and they repented.
<maime> For some reason I have this mental image of Pollyanna vs. Big Bad Demons
<zompist> fruit??
<maime> why not holy water?
<rJak> Fruit of the spirit.
<zompist> holy water is catholic, maime.
<rJak> You exorcised demons too.
<zompist> it's not any good for evangelicals.
<rJak> And if you go into bars, you lose some of your armor.
<DarthElk> If you freeze holy water, does it become holy ice?
<maime> maybe crosses the?
<rJak> Holy Tequila?
* maime wonders about holy steam in a sauna
<rJak> But anyway, you fought against these punks and construction workers.
<zompist> catholic theologians worried themselves into a tizzy about this stuff. that's why communion wafers are those melt-in-your-mouth things.
<zompist> so people don't take these bits of jesus out and do something nasty with them.
<rJak> When you hit them with the fruit, they don't die. They become all happy and start praying.
<zompist> whee!
<Raven> So you don't feel compelled to gnaw on Our Lord's Body? :)
<zompist> rave: is that the worst thing you can think of to do with part of jesus?
<zompist> ¡Qué decepción!
<zompist> but wait a sec. construction workers are agents of the devil?
* rJak would like to comment, but he DOES represent the CC element.
<zompist> canadian club?
<rJak> Zomp: These ones are.
<rJak> They build barriers that won't let you by.
<rJak> Sean Baby should do an article on them.
<zompist> i'll check my concordance, but i don't remember "construction worker" in the bible.
* maime looks in her mormon bible.
<rJak> Neither are casino workers, but you fight against them in this game.
<zompist> come to think of it, construction is about 1/3 evil in the bible.
<zompist> babel: bad. ark, walls of jerusalem: good.
<maime> were they union construction workers?
<rJak> No. Unions are evil.
<rJak> Oh yeah! You fight against airport robots.
<maime> the ones that go through your suitcase?
<Trainman> Airport robots? Like the autopilot?
<zompist> moonies?
<rJak> Yeah. And the baggaige claim things.
<maime> and put your underwear on the luggage round?
<rJak> You throw fruit at them too.
<Trainman> And steal your semi-valuable Ozark Airlines luggage tag?
<rJak> You know, I oughta think about that. Next time I fly, I'll bring some grapes to throw at people.
<maime> but You can't transport fruit across state lines.
<maime> everyone knows that.
<rJak> When they complain, I'll just sy "don't worry. I'm converting you to God."
<Trainman> And they'll be happy to get the grapes, considering how little airlines feed you these days.

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