And lo, did spinn return, and proclaim "dang" upon the masses.


[Ed. -- tie didn't like Gattaca ]
<spinn> you didn't care for it?!
<spinn> oh that's it buddy YOU'RE GOIN DOWN
<tieboy> not really, no
<spinn> <BIFF> <PASH> <POW>
*** Signoff: spinn (Connection reset by peer)
<Leth> tieboy wins....PEERALITY!
<tieboy> Peer fights dirty
<TMR> First Ermac, now Peer.
<tieboy> And Ermac begat Peer, and Peer begat Nori, and Nori...
<Leth> *bloosh*ed Jacob, but Jacob closed his mouth, so the LORD smote Jacob, causing his poopenspigot to relax
*** spinn has joined channel #spinnwebe
<spinn> dang
<TMR> And lo, did spinn return, and proclaim "dang" upon the masses.
<spinn> wonder what the original was on that babel
<spinn> heheh
<spinn> that'd be cool, wouldn't it?
<spinn> the second coming. skies part, God looks down
<spinn> "oh, shit, I forgot all about you things."
<TMR> ...and he sends another Flood. "But you promised not to!" "I did? Damn. Not my problem, anyway."
<spinn> "but you promised not to!" "I don't recall saying that." "but--but--" "who you gonna believe, some rabbi with a pen, or the Lord your God?"
<Leth> "That Bible thing? You guys took that seriously?! Oh my Me, that was a JOKE! We were trying out that cannabis thing! Bahahaha!"
* shil giggles profusely
<Leth> actually, that would explain a lot about the world
<shil> no shit
<TMR> "Heaven? HEAVEN? As *if* I'd let you scum dirty up My floors!"
<shil> that's why I understand the world right now.
<TMR> Ah. Sucked down an idiot stick, did you?
<shil> duuuuude
<spinn> oh, there's a short story idea
<spinn> the bible was written by a bunch of angels while god wasn't looking
<spinn> it was like, one of those continuing story things
<Leth> heheheheh
<mdxi> <Michael> d00dz, check out
<TMR> Then along came God and they got so pissed off they wrote Revelation?
<tieboy> "Holy shit, Gabriel, yer a riot! How do you think this shit up?"
<Raven> "Is someone scribing this?"
<mdxi> I think John the Baptist is...
<tieboy> "s/lots of fucking/no sex until marriage"
<shil> heeheheheh
<Leth> the palace...with the serving tray
<mdxi> "Man, you were *so* on the sweetbus when you wrote that 'firey wheels within wheels' shit. What IS that shit all about?"
<spinn> "hey, how come /you/ get a flaming sword? this isn't /your/ story, you know."
<tieboy> "I think we should change the phrase 'And then God totally fucked with Job's shit' to something a little more profound"
<mdxi> "Hehehe...and then when we're done, we'll run the WHOLE thing through Babelfish!"
<Leth> all I can think of if Metatron's (Alan Rickman) tirade in Dogma about the 10 plagues
<TMR> x loop hebrew...
<LimePi> x loop aramayic
<tieboy> Well, the term "scrollback" would still fit
<TMR> Metatron? Was Sandaphlon there, too?
<tieboy> And Skeletor too!
<TMR> And Scrotor.
<Samwise> And Stinkor.

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