#spinnwebe Logs : All Hail Beaver U.!


<wabewalkr> GLENSIDE, Pa. - It's bad enough that the students at Beaver
<wabewalkr> Women's College get ribbed about their school's name, but
<wabewalkr> it has gone too far when public figures like Letterman and
<wabewalkr> Stern start taking pot shots. Now internet watchdog programs
<wabewalkr> are censoring any web sites using the word "beaver" keeping
<wabewalkr> high school graduates from finding out about the school.
<wabewalkr> Beaver president Bette Landman has had enough. She wants the
<wabewalkr> school name changed to something less controversial. But some
<wabewalkr> alumni and administrators are proud of their Beaver, and want
<wabewalkr> to keep it just the way it is. The controversy still rages
<wabewalkr> and no new name has yet been adopted.
<Mr-Ben> Hahahahahahahahaha!!!
<wabewalkr> Whoops. Meant to drag that to my desktop...
<TMR> I advocate beaver pride.
*** tieboy is now known as Beaver
*** | is now known as WynonasBigBrownBeaver
<Mr-Ben> Was Ward a little hard on you last night, Beav?
<zompist> beaver college, known for the fall beaver days!
<TMR> Ladies, don't keep your beaver hid! Show it to the world!
<Rebeca> hey, i was talking about me, people! Read my column, send me email, i might blow you!
*** WynonasBigBrownBeaver is now known as K-Man
*** agent-Caesar is now known as Razor
* Beaver opens for business
*** Razor is now known as shil
* zompist enrolls.
* Beaver admits men
* Beaver is affordable
*** Beaver is now known as tieboy
<Mr-Ben> I got an idea for that new name: The Snappin' Pussy!
* TMR takes the Beaver Oral Exam
<sol-D> Hmmm
<sol-D> I don't think i could pass that exam
* tieboy snatches a diploma from Beaver
<Rebeca> saddest bit is that "Beardedclam Techinical Institute" is right down the road
<Mr-Ben> Even with a glass di...ssssh!
* sol-D will never get into Beaver
*** Rebeca is now known as mdxi
* TMR throws the Snappin' Pussy a piece of gum
<zompist> not ready for hgot beaver action?
<Mr-Ben> Hot beaver on beaver action.
<zompist> they could merge with the Prick Academy
<TMR> T. Watt Community college
<zompist> or maybe Enormous Genitals University.
* Mr-Ben is a founding member of The Dirty Rotten Pricks of America!
<wabewalkr> I got accepted there.
<zompist> clerical error?
<wabewalkr> Athletic scholarship.
<tieboy> Kind of an Affirmative Action type thing?
<TMR> Athletic Scolarship?
<zompist> tiddlywinks?
<TMR> For the pole vault?
<shil> we do not discriminate against "nice guys"...
<Mr-Ben> Did you bust your ass to get in, or was your ass busted?
<wabewalkr> Yeah, right.
<TMR> Or for the weightlifting events? Like the Snatch, or the Clean and Jerk?
<wabewalkr> Dammit, you people have to stop stepping on my lines!
<shil> type faster :)
<TMR> That's what you get for doing coke on the floor.
<zompist> don't do ... dammit, tmr.
<TMR> :D
<Mr-Ben> Put the coke on a mirror like every other cokehead!
* shil offers her shoe to wabe..
<shil> lick it!
<zompist> er...
<TMR> He didn't get that athletic scholarship by licking *shoes*...
* zompist averts his eyes discreetly.
* Mr-Ben send the TMR puppy to attack the shoe.
* aimee looks to whatever zomp is looking at
<zompist> the closed-circuit monitor, actually...
<wabewalkr> I got over my rubber-leather fetish a full hour ago.
*** TMR is now known as jumps
*** jumps is now known as TMR
*** shil is now known as HeadBeaver
<aimee> rubber-leather? what's that?
* TMR gives the Head Beaver some head.
<aimee> like vinyl?
<mdxi> it's like pleather
<wabewalkr> The most common type of fetish.
<tieboy> a cow that bounces
<zompist> juicy AND smelly!
<HeadBeaver> now, wabe, you must to better on the next oral exam.. improve your technique
<Mr-Ben> Or those guys who have a womens' sneaker fetish...
<wabewalkr> rubber/leather, but it's not written that way.
<wabewalkr> Yes, ma'am.
<HeadBeaver> good.. and remember, practice makes perfect!
<zompist> and don't study power ranger porn to find out where the clit is.
*** HeadBeaver is now known as shil
<aimee> power ranger porn. heh heh.
<tieboy> Power Rangers say: Fight Icliteracy
<wabewalkr> Not to mention learning new theories of topology from it.
<shil> tieboy: e-cliteracy?
<Mr-Ben> There's a new enterprise: E-clits!
<shil> how would one market a clit?
<sol-D> I think my school offers that as a graduate program

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