We couldn't be bothered / To find out how you are /
We just assumed your were fine / And sent this bear from afar.


<jacquilyn> A co-worker of mine took it upon heself to make little teddy bears wearing shirts that say 'hope' and send them all to all of our team members in teh US as a gesture of sympathy after teh WTC attacks.
<jacquilyn> She sent them out as coming from the entire team and listing our names.
<CrazyClimber> they'd probably prefer inflatable dolls named "hope"
<jacquilyn> Is it churlish of me to think that maybe next time she decides to send out ridiculously childish gestures of sympathy to people I've never met on my behalf that she should at least mention it to me beforehand?
<CrazyClimber> yeah, i think everyone will understand that it wasn't done on your behalf at all
<Lots42> Not churlish at all
<CrazyClimber> if i were playing this round of "pick yer fights," this one would be down pretty low
<jacquilyn> I have been very carefully in contact with each of teh US colleagues that I worked with and enquired with genuine concern about their safety and that of their families.
<jacquilyn> I don't think a stuffed toy with a pointless expression like 'hope' (as if we're entitled to tell them how they should feel) is appropriate and I'm vaguely irked by it.
<jacquilyn> I suppose it could be worse. The bears could hae said God bless or pray or something.
<zompist> is jacqui getting stuffed toys and we're not?
<Lots42> No, stuffed toys are being sent out in her name and against her knowledge
<Lots42> without her knowledge
* tieboy looks up 'churlish'
<jacquilyn> Bob: would you think it was a more important battle to fight if I told you she sent bad*poetry* along with teh bers?
<zompist> stuffed bears for everyone? what if they prefer twinks?
<jacquilyn> A token of friendship is coming your way,
<jacquilyn> A small Bear called 'Hope' to guide you each day!
<jacquilyn> The America's Team - a small family we are,
<jacquilyn> The miles in between us are certainly not far!
<zompist> famewolf???
<mdxi> oh fucking gag a maggot
<mdxi> i'm with you now. i'd be upset.
<jacquilyn> Not to mention the fact that she mispelled Americas and that her pom doesn't scan.
<zompist> it should have been a haiku
<jacquilyn> It would habve been much better as a haiku, I think.
<tieboy> Sorry your relatives / are buried in rubble / don't let nasty terrorists / burst your bubble!
<jacquilyn> Token of friendship / Coming to guide you each day / A small bear called hope
<zompist> this stuffed bear is yours / it's called hope so you have some / in spring, junebugs chirp
<mdxi> canadian bear / it won't stop bomb but oh well / god bless ameri <- trying to stay close to the spirit and crappiness of the original
<tieboy> sorry if you have to / relocate to tenements / according to falwell / it's the fault of the feminists
<Lots42> this bear called hope / it's origin made of lies / I didn't ask no one
<mdxi> there once was a bear from canadia / who hated terrorists in albania / his lame offer of hope / made recipients choke / and now he's decapitatia
<zompist> terror can't stop us / we are working together / but your part is late
<jacquilyn> Miss deadlines? No prob! / We are all quite pleased to know / You did not explode
<keith> Teddy Bear make happy / your relatives go boom / take this sentiment sappy / and cry in your room
<jacquilyn> We couldn't be bothered / To find out how you are / We just assumed your were fine / And sent this bear from afar.
<CrazyClimber> here is a teddy bear / all stuffed and plush / a pathetic gesture / you may as well flush
<jacquilyn> Of course what we're really missing here is the joy of the fact that she chose rhyming couplets instead of an abab verse structure.
<zompist> and godawful doggerell
<mdxi> one fish two fish / i love you fish / hair fish bear fish / we really care fish / ka fish boom fish / escaping certian doom fish / oh fish well fish / bomb them to hell fish / GOD BLESS AMERICA BOSTON BUTT $7.99/LB
* zompist hates twisting syntax to kind of fit the meter
<mdxi> sorry, i was possessed by agent_orange there at the end
<zompist> if it was certain doom, how did they escape...?
<zompist> actually that was intriguingly strange, shawn
<CrazyClimber> certain doesn't mean unpreventable.
<mdxi> the same way people "control their own destiny"
<jacquilyn> Here is a silly bear / To show you that we really care / To show you that we are a team / And about this mess we want to scream
* jacquilyn thinks that one is almost as bad as the original.
<zompist> this bear is waitin' / to give you a hug / since that bin laden / was such a glum thug
<CrazyClimber> this bear is furry / so don't you worry / you weren't hit by the plane / now get back to work
<keith> They say this bear could cure your woes / send fuzzy warmth down to your toes / and heal your heart where cancer grows / (gee, I hope this poem flows)
<zompist> avec cet ours en peluche nous vous saluons / car le terrorisme c'est absolument con.
<tieboy> this building is too tall / this building is two small! / these two buildings are juuuuust right said terrorist bear / sowwy!
<CrazyClimber> this bear is called hope / but don't be a dope / as long as you're urban / you'll soon wear a turban
<jacquilyn> With this plush bear we salute you, terrorism is absolutely bad?
* jacquilyn guesses what the fucj zomp is talking about.
<zompist> jac: pretty much. saluer = greet; con = stupid
<tieboy> x from fr avec cet ours en peluche nous vous saluons / car le terrorisme c'est absolument con
<jeeb> tieboy: with this teddy bear we greet you / because terrorism it is absolutely idiot
<jacquilyn> How many languages you speak, zomp?
<zompist> half a dozen or so.
<jacquilyn> Damn.
<jacquilyn> So when the chick on Enterprise gets mistaken for a redshirt, you're gonna take over?
<ristoril> no no, non-main character in an away team
<ristoril> like last night during the TNG marathon they beamed an away team down
<ristoril> with one non-main character
<ristoril> boom, she died
<zompist> they had fun with that in "galaxy quest"
<mdxi> Ensign Throwaway
<ristoril> yeah
<keith> Planes sent with hate from Arabia / suck like me on your labia / the towers went boom / city covered with gloom / my faith sits in Vigoda, Abe-ia
<jacquilyn> What's the difference between 'red-shirt' and 'non-main character in an away team' exactly?
<ristoril> "what's my last name!??!"
<tieboy> temps of the future
<keith> I think I ran out of rhymes on the last line
<zompist> heh, tie
<ristoril> well, they aren't always wearing red, jacqui
<ristoril> this one wa wearing yellow
<tieboy> I'm wearing a yellow short today!
<tieboy> but i'm not gay!
<zompist> maybe the redshirts only wear red on tos?
<keith> oh man, it's wear-yellow-you're-gay day again?
<zompist> methinks the queen doth protest too much
<jacquilyn> Well. 'redshirt' is sort of teh sekrit kode werd for 'non main character on an away team'

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