Lou, servant of Sir Daniels of Tennessee


<spinn> from the plowing-on-despite-the-facts department
<spinn> http://www.angelfire.com/ga/AtlantaHieghts/index.html
<zompist> greg: a web page for women whose heads look like ducks?
<tieboy> nothing adds character like a typo.
* zompist suddenly understands why there is testosterone.
<agtorange> AAAHG! MIDIS!
<jacquilyn> She thanks the people out there who are routing for her.
<jacquilyn> People like cisco and nortel.
<zompist> it's so sweet to thank the people who run the internet backbone.
<CrzyClmbr> "hey, ceesco......"
<spinn> man
<jacquilyn> Hey, can you say that you thank the backbone people on your page?
<spinn> yeah, i was just about to come type that
<jacquilyn> Where would we all be without the backbone?
<Samwise> Ducky sure seems to like that...chair.
<agtorange> "Candace's Fantastic Voyage of Discovery's"
<CrzyClmbr> actually, the possessive is right there, agt, it's just badly broken
<spinn> that actually makes sense
<CrzyClmbr> and incompetently constructed
<spinn> thewebsite is called "candace's fantastic voyage of discovery"
<CrzyClmbr> i had to look twice to parse it, too.
<spinn> it's not a chair. it's a footstool holding up an early victorian dildo
<spinn> so "hieghts" give your page character?
<Elkman> Do I want to look at "Mom's Dark Poems"?
* mdxi wasn't aware there was a section of ATL called "The Hieghts"
<mdxi> or the heights for that matter
<agtorange> lookit! candace has poster her paintshop pro 5 homework! http://members.tripod.com/~cseats/pspwork.html
<mdxi> When you're ready for another site - http://home.earthlink.net/~etharp/Featherstonewood.html <- Top Pic: HEIGHT and WIDTH gone horribly awry. Middle Pics: No intrinsic humor value. Bottom: Bwahahahahahahaa!
<CrzyClmbr> shawn - we can only hope that picture is because tags went awry
<CrzyClmbr> jeezus, she's all but auctioning off her daughters...
<spinn> and that pic wasn't taken at a rnfair, either. that's just him living out the back of his abandoned doublewide
<CrzyClmbr> More than i want to know: "Allie has brought many gifts of herself and her love to the Featherstone Clan. "
<spinn> lou's always looking for fops. yeah.
* zompist lacks whatever gene makes the word "wench" attractive.
<Samwise> Lou, servant of Sir Daniels of Tennessee
<CrzyClmbr> Lou, lacking funds or any kind of job, wore his bathrobe.
<CrzyClmbr> Some IADL possibilities here too.
<Samwise> :) I owe some fealty to sir Daniels myself, on occasion.
<zompist> "simple but nice"... is this the chick you work with, by any chance, greg?
<spinn> do people still pay attention to awards?
<Raven> Aw, man, she has a banana-melon bodice....
<mdxi> "A favored by the most tall of knight"
<mdxi> i'll give a dollar to whoever can parse that
<agtorange> is Lou looking for members of the FOP or fop's members?
<zompist> what's the week #2 assignment? a snake phallus hit by lightning?
<Samwise> The worst part? The top picture was actually stretched *lengthwise*.
<mdxi> damn. am i the only person on earth with no award?
<Elkman> You've never received an award, or never given one out?
<mdxi> neither. or either.
<Raven> "We met some fine wenches and attacked with great vengeance the Rogues, Blokes and certain acceptable male mounts" 'Male mounts'??
<Kyol> I've never received one, either.
<jacquilyn> Well, we'll have to come up with an award to give mdxi.
<jacquilyn> How about 'Most likely to tell us about his pages before he actually gets them on the web'
<Kyol> Well, I was the "execPC Signpost Site of the Day" once, but that was sheer co-inky-dence. I work there, see.
* zompist awards shawn the Woobie for Angelic Home Pages Award
<mdxi> Da_Raven: i can read that in two different ways...
* mdxi votes jacquilyn "Most likely to bite me" :P
* jacquilyn bites mdxi.
<jacquilyn> Hey look, he was right.
<jacquilyn> We should give him an award for that too.
* zompist hates pseudo-medieval talk.
<zompist> people should not be able to use "ye" when they don't know what it means.
<mdxi> apparently you get awards by (1) becoming part of at least 2 webrings, (2) creating an award of your own and (3) having a minimum of 2 guestbooks
<mdxi> i should get cracking
<spinn> make sure your award is impossibly intricate with lots of roses and sparklies
<spinn> and use that black chancery font
<spinn> you'll be a shooin
<Elkman> That's why mine is obviously self-promotional.
<mdxi> and bevel the edges
<spinn> bevels, yes. bevels out the wazoo
<zompist> and if it has some explicit penetration, so much the better!
<jacquilyn> Don't forget that you can only use clip art for all of those things. No cheating and being original.
<agtorange> and angels. what is an award without angels, but a hollow platitude?
<mdxi> yeah. yeah. clipart. obviously stolen.
<spinn> the Link To My Page Disguised As An Award That Says I Give A Damn About Your Site award
<spinn> I should make one of those.
<spinn> The Thinly Disguised Linkback Award
<jacquilyn> I'd proudly display it on my page, spinn.
<jacquilyn> but only if you displayed my award badge on yours.
<Elkman> Hey, my artwork is stolen from U-Haul.

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