Who the hell brought up anality anyway?


<jacquilyn> When idd tie start advertising on brunching?
<zompist> it's a free plug
<zompist> tie doesn't have money
<jacquilyn> Well, that's kind of what I figured.
<SeanQ> lore is trying to lure tieboy to his server
<zompist> and then anally possess him
<SeanQ> :D
<SeanQ> make him his bitch, like back in prison
<jacquilyn> Is that what he did when you moved to his server, Sean?
<zompist> gentlemen don't kiss and tell!
<jacquilyn> I'm not a gentleman.
<zompist> well, we're not asking *you* what happened with lore.
<zompist> lore's side of *that* story was harrowing enough
<Samwise> I think joining #spinnwebe takes away most credibility when claiming that title.
<jacquilyn> I'm simply pointing out htat I don't give a fuck abou the moral stanards fo so-called gentlmen.
<zompist> personally i was just giving sean an out to avoid talking about the anal possession of his anus
<jacquilyn> anal possession of his anus?
<jacquilyn> I'm thinking anus on anus action wouldn't be all that hot, really.
<zompist> that's the worst kind!
<Samwise> *bump* *bump* "that doin anything for you whatsoever?" "Zzzzzzzzzzzz..."
<zompist> oh jeez. who the hell brought up anality anyway? yikes.
<zompist> oh. me.
<jacquilyn> yeah, jeez, zomp, what kidn of rude bastard are you anyway.
<jacquilyn> have some standards, why don't you.
<zompist> why start now?
<Lots42> Because tommorow you may die
<jacquilyn> Well, because you're not getting any younger.
<jacquilyn> Unless you are getting any younger.
<zompist> all the more reason to act up, in my view
<jacquilyn> In which case, should you sell that secret, you could become a multi-millionaire and would no longer be subject to the moral bounds of regular society.
* zompist has no intention of being a ruly, boring old man
<jacquilyn> I've never seen one use teh word ruly before.
<jacquilyn> Is it really a word?
<Lots42> It means 'hormonally deprived'
<zompist> heh. it's what we linguists call a negative-polarity item
<zompist> the new yorker once ran a humor piece consisting almost entirely of them.
<jacquilyn> I know what you must mean by that, but explain more.
<zompist> "i was gruntled... she was truly couth and quieting...."
<jacquilyn> m-w lists 'ruly' as a 'back formation from unruly'
* SeanQ pictures zomp 50 years from now anally violating pigeons in the park
<jacquilyn> The question is not whether she is couth, but whether is is combobulated.
<kaufman> and gusted
* zompist pictures seanq in about ten minutes as a bloody pulp
<SeanQ> and jointed
<zompist> but note its definition of unruly, jac.
<SeanQ> wow... t's been unusually feisty in here today
<SoiledGreen> hrm.
<SoiledGreen> i sense some hostility.
<zompist> no one is showing any ruth, that's for sure
<kaufman> and with any luck, she won't be criminated against
<jacquilyn> Umm, that's bizarrely self-referential.
<jacquilyn> So if unruly comes from ruly but ruly comes from unruly my head hurts.
<SoiledGreen> maybe it's these damn birds outside my window.
<Lots42> Shoot them !
<SoiledGreen> um, i don't own any guns, lots.
<jacquilyn> What kidn of American are you?
<SoiledGreen> anti.
<zompist> unruly comes from what is now "rule", is what it's saying. so the root meaning is unruled, unregulated.
<zompist> it's just that it dates from a time when the original french spelling was used.
<Kyol> with the silent x's?

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