Fuck you, Tom. How's your day?


<maime> we've already determined none of you are getting any from me.
<CrazyClimber> any ants? fine. keep them.
<maime> the ants are about to die.
<Leth> so they're saluting you
<SeanQ> maybe they're carpenter ants, and they're banging out Morse Code with their hammers
<tieboy> Glantiator
<PinkPanther> Dead ant, Dead ant, Dead ant, dead ant dead ant
<kaufman> They might be die ants.
<tieboy> or great aunts
<Worker335688742> Protect the Queen!
<Elkman> They might be fire ants. Get a fire extinguisher.
<Leth> stomp
<Elkman> Actually, if they were carpenter ants, would they be anorexic?
<tieboy> are they secretly marrying each other? Then they're antelopes
* CrazyClimber just watches the antics
<kaufman> and if they have a slight cold, are they lesser antilles?
<Leth> and stepping on them to kill them would be tough if they were pliants
<tieboy> and if they ask for development money, they're grants
<TomtheFish> look at all you morons
<CrazyClimber> the really big ones are elephants
* Worker63361787 is indignant!
<tieboy> if they smell funny, try deoderant
<SeanQ> these pun threads are all redundant
<Elkman> If they all obey, they're compliant.
<Leth> fuck you Tom. How's your day?
<CrazyClimber> the well-dressed ones, of course, are pairs of pants.
<TomtheFish> pretty shitty
<kaufman> if they have phony red hair, it's their antenna.
<Worker63361787> excremant?
<TomtheFish> give me ops, motherfucker
* CrazyClimber books a flight to Antasy Island
<Leth> well, since you asked nicely
<SeanQ> snnkkkt
<TomtheFish> shut up
<kaufman> he want compliants
<CrazyClimber> i didn't know fish had PMS.
<TomtheFish> now i get to go home and watch the sox lose again
<SeanQ> connection intermitant?
<Leth> well then you won't need that
<TomtheFish> and then i get to go to fenway tomorrow and watch the sox lose again
<Elkman> Sounds like someone's being a pissant.
<TomtheFish> i like ants\
<tieboy> Santa might cross you off his list
<maime> I hate ants.
<TomtheFish> santa can go play pedophile fat man with someone else
<CrazyClimber> In the old west, they point guns at each other's six little feet and yell, "Dants!"
<maime> They must die.
<TomtheFish> you all must die
<TomtheFish> Destroy All #Spinnwebe
<tieboy> sounds a bit penny-anti
<kaufman> and remember, "Oh say can you stomp?" is not the beginning of the national ant-hem
<TomtheFish> especially you
<TomtheFish> the fat one
<tieboy> yeah, really it's the antithesis
<SeanQ> miscreant
* CrazyClimber apologizes for his last joke and recants it
<tieboy> I cant complain, CC
*** TomtheFish has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by Leth (I'm big boned!)
<Elkman> I wonder if all these ant-ics will make it to Raven's log.
<kaufman> as opposed to me, who decants
<TomtheFish> you misspelled "assed"
<Leth> you misspelled "blow me, fucker"
<SeanQ> he spelled /kick right, though
<TomtheFish> oooo, new south park tonight
*** TomtheFish has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by tieboy (I'm assed boned???)
* maime doesn't think she can go back to work knowing the ants are taking over her apt.
<tieboy> oh, it's not that important
<kaufman> oh yeah
*** kaufman is now known as kaufmant
<CrazyClimber> nothing to be pedantic about
<maime> I'm seriously bothered by it.
<tieboy> well, you can rant about it here
<maime> I have to take out the garbage and mop the floor
<Leth> feel antagonized?
<kaufmant> get a fan -- the ants here are blowing in the wind
<Elkman> Don't make a mountain of an anthill.
<CrazyClimber> scant comfort there.
*** kaufmant has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by Leth (OW OW OW OW)
*** Elkman is now known as Elkmant
<tieboy> we've taken an fantsy to kicking today
<kaufmant> ant it the same every day?
<Leth> nice kick tie...looks like you knocked Tom right back to Efnet
<tieboy> great. guilt. i shant feel good about that
<Elkmant> maime, are you anticipating something bad when you get home?
<CrazyClimber> time for the meeting. have a good night, y'all.
<kaufmant> try some antimony on the floor
<auntieboy> i'll pray for penants
<Elkmant> Lesser Antilles
<PJ> how do you like my pennants?
*** PJ is now known as kaufman
<Worker63361787> GREATER Antilles.
<auntieboy> they were good. um. ant ant
<Leth> Wedge Antilles
<PJ> oooh, Uncle Roy, try a little more lubricant.
<aim> I hate you all.
<Leth> yup. We're just a bunch of mendicants
<Elkmant> Everyone? Even the bots
* Elkmant is being pedantic
<Leth> well, gotsta fly... as much as droning on in here would be fun...
*** Elkmant has been kicked off channel #spinnwebe by kaufman (that's your third repeated one)
<SeanQ> next time give him th' racks
<auntieboy> he needs some kickers insurants
<Elkmant> Feh. I don't have the luxury of a scrollback buffer.
<auntieboy> gahhh ha ha
*** Elkmant is now known as Elkman
<kaufman> elk: I suppose you need to scroll upward in the snow?
<auntieboy> good one sean.
*** auntieboy is now known as tieboy
<SeanQ> oh, that was for me?
<SeanQ> does that mean I win?
<Elkman> No, it doesn't snow here in June. Not that often, anyway.
* SeanQ does a happy dants
<kaufman> and gets kicked right in the pants
<tieboy> way to plant your foot
<kaufman> good night everyone
<Elkman> Thanks for antagonizing me.
<SeanQ> have a pleasant evening, ken
*** Signoff: kaufman (exeant)
<aim> spiders and leeches and anything else I could handle.
*** Signoff: Worker63361787 (Left a wife and seventeen children in starving condition with nothing but gingerbread LEFT!)
<Elkman> How about scorpions?
<aim> those aren't scary.
<aim> I just don't date them.
<SeanQ> ants can get into places
<tieboy> i don't know them from Adam
<Elkman> What about Ratt? Or Dokken?
<aim> oh come on. give me some credit.
<Elkman> Oh, wait. We're discussing pests, not 80's hair metal bands.
<tieboy> six of one

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