"He's still alive, fuckwad."


<spinn> hm, and someone's hitting abevigoda.com 580 times a day with lynx
<Drusilla> that's...
<babich> your getting robbed
<wabewalkr> Same IP?
<spinn> yeah
<spinn> using level3.net
<wabewalkr> Somebody's set up a desktop death watch.
<wabewalkr> It's important for our nation's infrastructure.
<spinn> think I'll put a message for them. what would be good?
<Drusilla> "is he dead yet?" "no." "is he dead yet?" "no." "is he dead yet?" "I'LL TURN THIS SITE AROUND!"
<wabewalkr> "He's still alive, fuckwad."
<babich> make sure the mail server is pinged every 5 minutes along with the PDC...oh, and johnson, I want to know the minute abevigoda.com goes down.
<sol-D> RISEN!!!!
<zompist> "600th access from this site. virus activated"
<wabewalkr> Maybe you should have a mailing list, and send out a message every hour with the latest Vigoda status.
<wabewalkr> "Vigoda SMS support coming soon."
<Machival> maybe it's one of his grandchildren waiting to collect on the life insurance policy.
<spinn> yeah, that's the assumption
<spinn> hm, that comes to...every 150 seconds?
<babich> Dear user, Abe Vigoda is still up at port 80. And click here to see how to add 3 inches to your penis, you baby dicked father hater
<Machival> hah... "baby dicked". never heard that one before.
<babich> I bet you have
<spinn> Oh, no, just every 5 minutes
<Machival> "So, howes Abe Vigoda is time of alive?"
<wabewalkr> Well, maybe you should redirect them to a pr0n site. Then they can explain to their boss why they had to access BigJugs.com 580 times a day.
<zompist> maybe they think the secret contest points there.
<spinn> weird
<spinn> 86400 / 576 is 150
<wabewalkr> 2.5 minutes. Makes sense.
<spinn> but the logs looks like they're hitting it every 5 mins
<spinn> and just the page, not the image
<Machival> maybe they've set something up to give them a status update every 5 mins.
<zompist> browser's protocol, maybe?
<babich> you're getting hacked by the commies
<wabewalkr> Might be a HEAD/GET thing.
<babich> how long has this been occuring?
<zompist> i think some browsers don't even ask for an image twice in a 24-hr period
<wabewalkr> It's Lynx, zomp.
<wabewalkr> Text browser.
<spinn> hm, looks like they started friday
<zompist> ah, i didn't recall that.
<spinn> hm.
<wabewalkr> Of course, it's probably something innocuous, like someone trying to keep a leased DHCP address.
<babich> someone trying to keep a website on a DHCP or PPPOE line trying to fool the DSL host not to change his IP
<Drusilla> maybe it's Abe
<babich> am I dead yet?
<sol-D> maybe abe is just curious to know whether he's alive or dead. mmm.. dead..
<wabewalkr> Schroedinger's Abe.
<wabewalkr> "Abe isn't alive or dead unless he's constantly observed."
<sol-D> what if it's like btaf and abe gets stuck in a state of POTENTIAL abe?
<sol-D> neither alive nor dead. wandering the halls...

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