What's the best thing that could happen today?


<spinn> hey, remember that motivational thing on the bulletin board I told you about last week?
<spinn> best thing that could happen today, worst thing that could happen today, etc.
<Samwise> Is it gone?
<spinn> no, but they ripped off my addition
<spinn> finally
<spinn> was up there for a week
<spinn> but fine, I have another one waiting
<spinn> for a refresher, it says: 1) what's the best thing that could happen today 2) what's the worst 3) how can I make the best thing happen 4) how can I keep the worst thing from happening
<spinn> here's my last:
<spinn> 1. A nap
<spinn> 2. Global thermonuclear war
<spinn> 3. Go home for a half-hour nap at lunchtime
<spinn> 4. Outline and enact a twelve-point plan to create an effective enforcement arm of the United Nations, with the worldwide mandate to locate, confiscate, disarm, and destroy the nuclear stockpiles of all countries
<kaufman> 2. Supernovaing sun
<CrazyClimber> 4. Capture the Earth in a gravity field and tow it far enough away from the sun that it's safe
<Samwise> 2. Spinnoffs plunge Earth into cold vastness of space
<kaufman> 2. Contaminated Nori spreads highly toxic virus
<spinn> I was thinking like, construct a space-travelling hydrogen collector to feed hydrogen into the sun and make it stable again
<CrazyClimber> i'm not sure there's time for that. towing is definitely the way to go, i think.
<Samwise> Don't forget to modulate the phase variance.
<kaufman> either that or extract mass so it doesn't internally collapse
<Leth> The problem with a gravoty tow though is the possibility or creating an unstable wormhole, then we'd all be Martin Landau and Barbara Bain
<Samwise> Ewww.
<spinn> well, I figure there'd be a threat of going supernova first
<CrazyClimber> but the alternative is being the ashes of Martin Landau or Barbara Bain.
<spinn> heheheh
<spinn> oh, I know what my next one will be.
<spinn> 1) Fourteen 2) Egg 3) A little to the left 4) Phased approach
<CrazyClimber> snnkkt
<LJ-atwork> Bob missed the meeting on the standardization of "snkkt"
<spinn> well, the bot's not in gear yet
<LJ-atwork> ah, ok
<CrazyClimber> there's going to be a snkktbot?
<CrazyClimber> and why not a snnkktbot?
<CrazyClimber> if bots can parse regexps, one bot could cover them all, even snnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkt
<LJ-atwork> it's been decided that snkkt has one 's', one 'n', one 't' and a variable number of 'k's
<LJ-atwork> depending on the snkktiness
<kaufman> with 2 the minimum?
<CrazyClimber> well, what if i'm the rare nonconformist ruffiani?
* SeanQ also missed that meeting
<kaufman> and given spinn's previous commentary, 14 the optimum?
<Leth> yeah, I would think standardizing it would be contrary to true ruffianism
<SeanQ> after one use of the Nori, it'll sound more like "snnhhhhhhhhpppppt"
<spinn> heheh
<spinn> baha, that got a snkkt out of me, ironically.
<kaufman> It's Happy Happy 5-k Day!
<spinn> besides, it's not like it's going to be enforced or anything
<spinn> mdxi wrote a module to count "heh"s, and he's going to add snkkts
<spinn> and I just decided on the true form of the thing
<raven> You can't conform to standards when you're *snnkt*ing - you're laughing too damn hard.
<spinn> j made it sound all official and carved in stone and like we're allocating funds for an enfocement arm of #spinnwebe or something
<spinn> it's just what I decided the bot should count, when it gets around to counting them
<LJ-atwork> hey, don't blame me
<CrazyClimber> well, she'd be good at that.
<LJ-atwork> i didn't standardize it
<LJ-atwork> you did
<LJ-atwork> you're the man tryin to keep us down, man
<spinn> for the bot, yeah. you're the one telling people they're doing it wrong
<SeanQ> J is jus the enforcer
<LJ-atwork> no, I noted that Bob wasn't at the meeting
<LJ-atwork> scroll up and READ, bubba
<CrazyClimber> it's the whole SYSTEM that's corrupt
<spinn> with the clear implication that he's doing it wrong, yes.
<LJ-atwork> I cannot be responsible for your inferences
<spinn> this conversation woudln't have happened if "you're wrong" wasn't implicit
<CrazyClimber> why are we arguing about snnkkkkts when the sun's about to go supernova, dammit!

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